4th of July Activities

4th of July (Independence Day) Fun Printables for the Kids

Celebrate with 4th of July DIY Ideas and Projects

Celebrate this year with 4th of July DIY Ideas that can make it affordable and easy to do with free printables. Make 4th of July T-shirts to wear and celebrate “Independence Day”. Choose one of our designs and then decide what color of t-shirt you will be using. Purchase the correct iron-on transfer paper for the color of t-shirt you will be using. Light colored t-shirts usually require the design to be mirrored before printing on the transfer paper. Always test on a plain white sheet of paper before printing the final design on transfer paper. Print a t-shirt for the whole family to wear!

4th of July DIY Ideas


DIY 4th of July Flags

Make your own 4th of July paper flags to help celebrate. Choose from large paper printable flags or pencil flags that you tape around a pencil. Patriotic flags are easy to make by taping the flags around tree sticks, straws, balloon holder or wooden dowels. To make the pencil flags, print the sheet of flags, cut them out and then tape around a pencil, straw, small wooden dowel.

4th of July USA Flag


4th of July DIY Ideas for the Patriotic Party

Celebrate the 4th of July with DIY party printables. Hang up a party banner around the home with string and printable banners that you can customize. Add some labels to drink bottles to give them that added touch. Wrap some home-baked cupcakes or muffins with 4th of July cupcake wrappers and then top them off with celebration toppers. Print the toppers and then tape them to the back of a straw, popsicle stick or candy stick. Make some patriotic wristbands to hand out at the party and get the kids to make a patriotic paper chain with our printable paper chain craft. Pin up a USA National Anthem poster for everyone to sing along.

4th of july party props


DIY Photo Booth with 4th of July Photo Props

Print and complete these fun 4th of July Photo Props and get family and friends taking selfies or group photos. There’s something for everyone to get involved. Celebrate the 4th of July with fun photos and memories that you can share.

4th of July Photo Props


Free 4th of July Ideas that are fun to do with the kids and to help celebrate “Indepenedence Day”. Happy 4th of July!

4th of July Party Ideas with Decorations

Free 4th of July Party Ideas to decorate the house with. Hang up a Red, Blue and White USA Banner that you print and string together using string or gift ribbon.  Add a “Happy 4th of July” Door Hanger to the front door to greet your guests.  Hand out DIY “Happy 4th of July” candy bar wrappers and treat bags to the guests and impress them.  Choose from a variety of styles to make.  Wrap 4th of July water bottle labels around drinks.

4th of July Party Ideas


4th of July Party Games

Celebrate with 4th of July Party Games for the kids to enjoy.  Kids can play a match game with 4th of July colorful characters, bingo, tic tac toe games, maze games and 4th of July dominoes game.

4th of july bingo game

4th of July Celebration Flags

Make your own 4th of July celebration flags to help celebrate Independence Day.   Start off by printing flags that you cut out and attach to a stick, branch or even a glow stick for nighttime celebrations.  There’s even flags to cut out and tape to pencils or straws.  Makes a great drink decoration.

4th of July pencil flags

Get the party started for July 4th with these easy to make Party Ideas and Decorations and enjoy the day!