Back to School Activities

Back to School Activities to help prepare the kids for school.

Back to School List to help record all the school supplies and tools needed for Back to School.  Parents and Teachers as well as Students can use these lists.  Add or choose the items from the following lists to complete the school shopping needed for back to school.  Have the children write out the items that they think is required for school and get them back to practicing their printing skills.

Back to School List with School Checklist

Use this School Supplies Checklist to check off what’s needed for school.  Take along while school shopping to check off the items on the sheet that are needed or check off items purchased.  Everyday school essentials are on the list for most grades to get the kids started for back to school.  Most students will find out what they need the first week of school but having a few items purchased will help beat the rush.

back to school list

Back to School List with School Supplies List

This School Supplies List helps parents and students organize all the items needed for back to school.  Add the items needed for back to school that was supplied by teachers or found at local school supplies stores.  The list is organized by Categories with Everyday Supplies, School Tools, Clothing & Shoes, School Projects, School Snacks & Lunches and a Miscellaneous Category.  Use the Everyday Supplies Category to add pencils, pens, markers, crayons, erasers, paper, ect.  For the School Tools Category add calculator, math sets, electronics, memory stick, ect.  The Clothing & Shoes Category can be used to add gym clothing, outdoor clothing, indoor shoes and gym shoes, ect.  School Projects is where you can record the necessary supplies needed to complete a project such as bristol board, stickers, paint, ect.  Add school approved school snacks and lunches to the School Snacks and Lunches Category.  Anything else that is required for school but does not fit into the above lists can be placed in the Miscellaneous Category.  With all the school supplies listed by category, we hope this year will make school shopping easier with one of our Back to School Lists.


Back to School List

Back to School List

Back to School Printables with School Paper

Back to School Printables with printable school paper and school labels for the kids.  Easy to print school paper to add to duo-tangs and binders for that first day of school.  Labels to keep the kids organized and supplies labeled with the kids name will help start off the school year right.


Choose from a variety of Back to School Printable paper with school characters.  There’s teachers with blackboards, bookworms, school apples, school bus and blank writing paper with boarders to color.  Print these for home or school and keep some extra for school subjects and art projects.  Printable school paper that is easy to print and always available for free.

Back to School Printables with School Paper

Welcome Back to School Paper


Back to School Labels

School printable labels are great for back to school time.  Print out these fun labels and attach to the kids crayons, pencils, school supplies, duo-tangs, school bags and lunch bags.  Choose from a variety of sizes, colors and styles to fit just about everything.  There’s even labels the kids can color.  Don’t leave home without these labels for the little ones with cute Back to School Left Right Foot Labels.  Print the Back to School Left Right Foot Markers for school and home to stick on the floor for the kids to place their shoes on.   Cut out the Back to School Left Right Foot Labels and laminate to place inside kids shoes before they put their shoes on.  Kids remove the labels from inside the shoes before putting them on.


Back to School Left Right Shoe Labels

Back to School Left Right Shoe Labels


Get the kids ready for school with Back to School Printables for every school day.

Back to School with Fun printables for students, teachers and parents.  Kids can cut and paste school pictures into school theme groups or cut out back to school pencil holders.  Teachers can print a variety of back to school wall hangers or desk cards for the students.  Parents can attach fun back to school lunch box notes on lunch boxes, water bottles, school bags and more.  Find back to school stationery and labels for everyone.

Find a variety of  Back to School Printables for teachers and kids.  Choose from printable school labels for labelling kids items, fun worksheets, printable stationary, name and desk cards, school bus friends activity and more.

Read about school readiness for tips and advice on getting the kids ready for school.

Parents can print a Back to School Checklist to find everday school items and supplies.

Kids can color back to school pages with teachers, school items and fun school characters.

Share with the teacher and classmates all about your summer holiday favorites with this summer vacation printable.

Find these back to school activities and printables and more school activities.

Teachers can print out these handy Back to School Student Name Desk Cards and place on the students desk when they arrive. Desk cards show the name of the student so the teacher can quickly learn the students names. The other side shows the teacher’s name so that the student can learn the teacher’s name. Place these cards on each desk and help make the kids welcome on their first day back to school.

Have the students fill out a student worksheet and present it to the class. Helps students learn about each other and encourages students to feel welcome.

Put a smile on the students face with a back to school lunch note. The student can leave their message back to the one who wrote it.

Find these and more fun back to school printables.

Find Back to School Coloring, Playmats, School Bus Fun, Back to School Resources and more.

Teachers and Parents can find printables for teaching and decorating the classroom or home. Choose from student note stickies to stick on students work or desk, school apples to write words or messages, school calendar to display school reminders, student achievement awards, teacher recognition certificates and so much more!