Book Activities

Book Activities for kids where they can make their own storybooks and complete them by coloring the pictures.

Kids can enjoy hearing some of their favorite stories with these fun Storybook Felt Board characters.   Storytellers can tell the story while placing the characters on the scene.  Great for parents and teachers to interact with the kids during storytime.  Ask the kids about the story, the characters and what they think might happen next.  What have they learned about the story and what do they think the story is trying to teach.

Have the kids take turns telling parts of the story so that they can be a storyteller too.  Fun ways to get the kids involved in reading and books.

To set up the storytelling stage, print and cut out the characters and scenes.  Glue velcro tape or coarse sandpaper to the back of the characters and place them onto the felt board you purchase or create.  You can use the story scenes to glue onto cardboard or hard surface and stick velcro tape to areas of the scene.  This will allow children or storytellers to attach the characters to the scene.   Laminate the scene and characters for longer life play.  You can then use tape at the back of the characters to attach to the laminated storyboard scene.

little red riding hood forest scene

Print a variety of School Activities for the kids.  Help the kids with their reading by printing bookmarks, flashcards, storybooks, sight words, awards and other fun reading printables.   Brush up their printing skills with Writing Activities.  Here you can find fun activities for learning the alphabet and numbers with bookworm buddy – write me a story workbooks, letter and number code busters, games, flash cards, coloring, cut and paste, and more.  Kids can use our printable school ruled papers to practice their writing with everyday and seasonal writing papers.  Visit our Books Activities to print out a variety of storybooks the kids complete, ebooks they read, or cartoon comic books they create.  Tracing Activities with a variety to choose from with alphabet, numbers, words, colors, shapes and picture tracing worksheets.  Trace the pictures then color them.  Trace seasonal, sports and educational words with everyday and holiday themes.

We offer printables for teachers and parents to help with student achievement.  Decorate the classroom or house with these teaching resource stickups, hand out student achievement awards, graduation printables, teacher and recognition awards.  Use these school scrapbook pages to tell a story or add to school memory books.  Kids can use these fun cards to role play teacher or student.  Math is fun with these Printable Math Activities.  Kids can learn to add, count and multiply.  Understanding fractions and symmetry with pizzas, pictures and seasonal activities will be easier with these worksheets.  Learn the time with these fun clock time activities.  Print these character clocks and write down the correct time in quarter, half and hour times.  Kids will learn their primary and secondary colors with these colorful activities.  Color and trace pictures the right colors with color match.  Print and color school pictures and a variety of other themed pictures.  Get out the crayons and markers with these Learning Colors for Kids Activities.  Learn your cutting and pasting skills with Cut and Past Activities.  Use your scissors to cut and gluestick to paste these fun characters into their scenes.  Kids can improve their fine motor skills and learn their alphabet and numbers.  Let family, friends and classmates know all about you with these All About Me Activities.  Get to know me booklets, my community, my body, my family and my country.  Print off some motivational calendars and activities for everyday tasks.  Find these and so much more fun school activities in the School Zone.

Find a variety of Fun Reading Activities.  Kids can print out a variety of fun bookmarks and a bookworm door hanger to show that they are reading (do not disturb).  Printable Sight words to help kids recognize their words and a variety of flash cards with different themed words.  Reward the kids with reading awards to help boost their confidence in reading.  Visit our Books Activities where kids can print and write their own storybooks with cartoons, fairytales, animals and pets.  Print your pet certificate and add their paw print to seal of approval.  Seasonal books with Christmas and Nativity scenes.  And don’t forget to give mom this book for mother’s day.  Kids can have their very own Wizard Spell Book, or become a chef with their cool recipe cookbook.  Try these comic on-line creators, and visit some cool e-book sites. 

Kids can now have their very own wizard spell book. Print the wizard book, complete the spells, add your own spells, decorate it with stickers and pictures and then test your spells on family and friends. Find it under Books.

Kids can create their very own cookbook, add pictures and stickers, color and add their very own favorite recipes. Helps kids understand what’s needed to create a recipe, utensils, instructions, ingredients, safety tips and more. Find it here under Books.

Check out these storybooks for kids to create their very own books. Kids can print and complete these Christmas and Bible storybooks with coloring and stories they write themselves.

Encourage the kids to read at home and school by using the Reading Buddy Log Book where they can record the books that they have to family or classmates. This helps build their esteem and allows them to show off all their reading skills. The reading log book can be combined with an award for the amount of books read, i.e. have a reading marathon. Use the Bookmarks as a reminder about the reading buddy program. Parents and teachers will be so proud of the children’s accomplishments not matter how long it takes to fill a log book.

If the children can’t read yet, use the reading buddy log book to record how many books are read to them. Children learn so much when we read to them.

Watch the children grow with their reading and writing!

Read-to-Me and I’ll Read-to-You

Find the printables at under School Bus Zone.