Cut and Paste Activities

Cut and Paste Activities to help kids develop their fine motor skills.

Cut and Paste School

Cut, paste and sort classroom, school yard and school pictures into correct categories.  Start off with a cut and paste activity that matches school pictures with the correct shapes.  Kids can create their own school yard and classroom scenes with Cut and Paste School pictures that are pasted on plain sheets of paper.  Get to know all about your kids classmates with cut and paste classmates activity.  Help the kids learn about school before their first day or when returning back to school with Back to School cut and paste worksheets.


Cut and Paste School Room

Create a classroom with books, teacher, blackboards, desks, clock, apple, school bag, kids playing and classroom decorations.  Great activity for kids just entering school or preschool to help them learn more about classroom settings.   Parents and teachers can talk with the children and explain routines and what it will be like at school.  Kids at school can explain what a typical day is and how their classroom is set up.


Cut and Paste School Classmates

Learn all about the kids classmates with the cut and paste school classmates activity.  Kids cut out all the kids in their class and paste them onto the Classmates Page.  Encourage the kids to paste the classmates in the same order (row seat) that they sit at school.   When the pasting task is complete, they can color each classmate’s hair and print their names.   Kids can show and tell at school or home something about each classmate.  Ask questions such as how many boys and girls?  How many in total? How many with brown hair, blond hair, black hair?


Cut and Paste School Yard

Have the kids cut out the school yard pictures and paste on colored or plain paper to create a school yard scene.  Choose from pictures with playground equipment, school house, kids playing, teacher on duty, school bus and a school yard apple tree.


Cut and Paste School Sorting

Younger children can work with pencil cutouts by pasting pencils into the correct order from smallest to largest.  For kids returning to school there is a cut and paste back to school activity.  Cut out the school pictures and place them into the correct categories that you label with “School Supplies”, “Classroom”, and “Recess”.  Kids can color the pictures when they have completed all the groups.


cut and paste school pictures

Cut and Paste School



Fun Cut and Paste kindergarten worksheets with basic shapes to match colored shapes, fruit shapes, flower shapes and bug shapes.  Cut and paste colored shapes for your little picasso.


Cut and Paste Kindergarten Bug Shapes

Kids find the correct shape to paste into the bug pictures.  Four simple shapes with circle, square, triangle and heart shapes.  Cute bugs with a bee, snail, spider and ladybug.  Each bug has a shape cut out from the middle of the picture that matches the colored shape.  Easy to cut and paste kindergarten bug shapes for the little ones.

cut and paste bug shapes

Cut and Paste Kindergarten Fruit Shapes

Fun fruit pictures with fruit shapes in the middle.  Cut and paste four different fruit shapes into fruit.  Cut out a lemon shape and paste it into a pear or paste a banana shape into a strawberry.  Have the kids name their completed fruit.  How about a lemon pear, a strawberry banana or a pear apple.

cut and paste fruit shapes

Cut and Paste Kindergarten Flower Shapes

Cut and paste kindergarten activities with flowers circle, square, star and heart shapes.   Kids cut and paste the correct shapes that match the shapes inside the flowers.  Easy to recognize shapes for the younger kids.  Cut out all the shapes first before pasting into the correct flowers.  Have the kids match up the shapes first before pasting.

cut and paste flower shapes

Cut and Paste Kindergarten Colored Shapes

Cut and paste these fun shapes onto paper to build beautiful pictures, the possibilities are endless.  Kids learn to work with shapes and use their imagination.  Choose from colored shapes or shapes the kids can color.  Challenge the kids to see whether they know most of the shape names.  Have the children name each shape before pasting.  See some of our template designs to get the kids started.

cut and paste colorful shapes

Food Worksheets with Cut and Paste Activities

Kids Cut and Paste Food Worksheets with a variety of food choices to cut up and paste. The kids can start off by cutting and pasting together a food pyramid with food choices that they think are best.  They can learn about food and ingredients with cut and paste mealtime, cut and paste salads and cut and paste pizza food worksheets.


Cut and Paste Food Pyramid

Teach kids the Food Pyramid with healthy food choices they cut out and paste into the pyramid to make up a balance daily diet.  Kids cut out all the food items and paste them into the correct food groups on the food pyramid diagram.  The food pyramid consists of 7 groups.


Cut and Paste Food Pyramid

Cut and Paste Food Pyramid

Cut and Paste Fruit

There are two cut and paste fruit shapes food worksheets.  Cut out the fruit and paste them into the correct fruit shapes.  A perfect activity for the younger children.  The cut and paste fruit salad worksheet has a fruit bowl and fruit items that can be colored and then cut out to be pasted into the bowl.  When the food worksheets are done the children can display their fruit salad recipe on the fridge.

cut and paste fruit shapes

Cut and Paste Vegetables

Kids can cut up a vegetable salad and paste the items into a salad bowl.  First they will need to color the vegetables before cutting out.  Print more copies if you need more vegetables for your salad.

cut and paste salad

Cut and Paste Pizza

The kids can make their very own pizza with the ingredients they like by cutting and pasting the food ingredients onto the pizza.  Next, challenge the kids with pizza fractions.  Cut and paste the pizza fourths and paste each fourth onto the pizza.  Each time a slice of pizza is pasted onto the pizza ask the children the fraction equivalent, i.e. what is one slice of pizza pasted? Is it  one-fourth of pizza?  Continue until all the pieces of pizza are pasted to make a whole pizza.

cut and paste pizza ingredients

Cut and Paste Mealtime

Cut and paste mealtime is a fun food worksheet activity for the kids.  With this activity worksheet, the kids can list the food items they would like for breakfast, lunch and Supper.  Kids start off by cutting all the food items they wish to paste under the three mealtime categories.  Remind them to choose wise choices that follows the recommended food guide for daily nutrition.  The kids can color the food items with they have completed the worksheet.  This activity can also be used to help with daily mealtime planning.

Help these chefs cook up some yummy deserts or main entrees by cutting out the menu items and pasting them onto the chefs platters to serve to the guests.  What have the chefs cooked up for us today?

cut and paste food worksheets

Cut and Paste Desserts

Why not prepare an ice cream cone by cutting out and pasting the ice cream scoops onto the cones.  Make a super duper ice cream sundae with one of the cut and paste ice cream layers and don’t forget to put the cherry on top.  Use the same ice cream layers and toppings to make a sundae.  You might forget that the donuts are made out of paper, they look so real.  Have the kids cut up a dozen or half-dozen and paste them into the donut box.  Donuts anyone?

Kids can cut and paste a birthday cake for a friend, family member or a cuddly bear.  First, cut out the number of candles for the cake and the correct birthday number topper.  Second, cut out the cake and paste the candles and birthday number on the cake.  Now hold up the cake and sing the “happy birthday” song.


Cut and Paste Ice Cream



These donuts look so yummy that the kids will think they’re real! Kids cut out six donuts and paste them into the donut box. Which donuts will they choose?


Cut and Paste Donuts

Kids will feel like little chefs with these fun cut and paste worksheets and will learn more about good food choices for everyday meals.



Cut and paste alphabet activities are for preschoolers and children learning the alphabet.   Use these activities to help the kids recognize uppercase and lowercase alphabet letters.  With cut and past ABC’s, kids learn how to print letters and spell using the alphabet.  Encourage the kids to sing the alphabet song so they remember all the letters of the alphabet.


Cut and Paste Alphabet Cards

Kids can Cut and Paste Alphabet cards into the correct alphabet order with the Alphabet Cut and Paste Activity.  Each card has the uppercase and lowercase alphabet letter to help kids recognize each case.  Have the child cut out each card and then paste them into the correct sequence box on the next page.  The cut and paste activity can also be used as a game by mixing up the alphabet cards and have the children place them in sequential order on a table.

cut and paste Alphabet


Cut and Paste Alphabet Apple Tree

This fun cut and paste alphabet apple tree activity has all the letters of the alphabet inside the apples.  Children cut out all the alphabet apples and paste them on the apple tree picture.  Paste the apples on the ground and all around the tree to fit all the alphabet apples.  Kids are challenged to spell the word “apple” with the letters and paste them on the tree.

For kids that need more of a challenge and are learning to write their alphabet letters, try the cut and paste alphabet apple printing tree activity.  This cut and paste alphabet activity is the same as the one below except the kids write the letters in the apples.  Kids can be challenged to print all the uppercase letters on the apples and then print all of the lowercase letters.  Don’t forget to print extra pages of apples.

Cut and Paste Alphabet Apple Tree

Cut and Paste Alphabet Apple Tree

cut and paste apples with tree


Cut and Paste Alphabet Animal Letters

Cut and paste the alphabet animals into the correct letter box.  Each letter box shows the uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet.  Encourage the children to cut out each animal and then sound out the name of the animal.  By sounding out the animals name the kids can think of the first sounding letter and then paste that animal into the correct alphabet letter box.  Print the “cut and paste animals by letter sheet” for this activity.  When the children have completed pasting all the animals, you can check their work by printing out the “cut and paste animals by letter completed” page below.

Cut and Paste Alphabet Animals

Cut and Paste Alphabet Animals


Cut and Paste with the Alphabet helps the kids with reading skills, writing skills and with developing their fine motor skills with cutting and pasting activities.


Cut and paste kids into correct categories by sorting the girls from the boys or the color of their hair.  Cut, match and paste the kids at play.  There’s cut and paste kids faces too with boys and girls.  Kids can talk about their family members and pets with cut and paste family worksheets.


Cut and Paste Kids

Cut and paste kids at play at home or outside.  Cut out girls skipping, playing hopscotch or wearing butterfly wings.  Cut and paste boys that are flying a paper airplane, catching butterflies or playing with a paper water boat.

Keep cutting and pasting with Friends Cut and Paste worksheets where kids cut and paste their friends onto the Friends page.  Kids can print their friend’s name above each picture.

Cut and paste babies into their correct group.  Group the babies into the correct categories with happy babies, sleeping babies, scared babies and sad babies.


Cut and Paste Kids

Cut and Paste Kids


Cut and Paste Kids Faces

Cut and Paste Faces with boys and girls heads that you paste eyes and mouth pieces on.  Choose from a variety of eyes and mouths to print from.  There are girls and boys with different hair colors and styles to help create the perfect picture.


Cut and Paste Faces

Cut and Paste Faces


Cut and Paste Kids Family Worksheets

Kids can display their family on paper with these cut and paste family worksheets that can include pets as well.  Start off by printing the family and pets.  Cut out the number of people that are in the family (print more copies if needed) and then paste them onto the family page and color.  Kids can expand the family to relatives or make up their own families during playtime.  Keep the kids engaged by having them talk about each family member while pasting.  Kids can answer questions such as what are their family’s favorite foods, colors, hobbies and sports.  Great activity at school to help kids talk about their families and share with the class.

Cut and Paste Worksheets

Cut and Paste Worksheets


Cut and Paste Activities with robots, clowns, fairground, circus show and smilies activities.  Kids love working with scissors and paste.  With cut and paste activities, kids can develop their fine motor skills when using scissors and pasting items onto paper.  Each activity helps them grow their ability to hold scissors while cutting.  Kids should always have proper supervision when using scissors and should only use child scissors to start with.  Scissors can be purchased for small hands in mind, they also have scissors that are made of plastic only and have no sharp edges.  Glue stick is best when starting kids off with pasting items.  Regular glue in a bottle can be messy while glue stick is in a cylinder container that is easier for the child to hold.  Glue sticks can  be purchased in different sizes to see which one is a better fit for the children’s hands.


Cut and Paste Activities with Robots

Kids can cut and paste robot parts together to make their very own robots.  Cut out the robot parts and paste the parts together to make a robot.  Sample below shows examples of robots that can be pasted together.

cut and paste activities

Cut and paste activities with Robots

Cut and Paste Activities with Clowns, Fairground and Circus Show

Kids can cut out the black and white circus show pictures and paste on plain or colored paper to create a circus show.  Cut out fun colored fairground pictures with clowns, merry-go-rounds, fairground animals and fun rides to paste and create a fairground scene.  Choose from a variety of clowns to add to your cut and paste scenes.  There’s silly clowns, circus clowns, musical clowns and dressup clowns.  Cut out all the pictures and put together a cut and paste scene to show and tell.


Cut and Paste Activities with Smilies

Cut and paste smilies into a square box the same way you would play sudoku.   Cut out smilies and paste a matching smilie beside, below or above each smilie.  Each smilie must have a matching smilie beside it.  Hint: place smilies in boxes first before pasting.  A great cut and paste activity with challenge.  Even the grown ups can play.

Cut and Paste Smilies

Cut and Paste Smilies Activity


Summer worksheets with Cut and Paste Printables for the kids.  Cut and paste a strawberry patch, build a bird’s nest, create a park setting or paste apples onto an apple tree.  Kids can plant a flower garden or start a bug garden with fun cut and paste printables.  Start the summer off right with cut and paste yummy treat posters the kids can make to sell candy or ice cream at the garage sale.


Cut and Paste Printables with Summer Worksheets

Kids can cut out trees, pigeons, the sun and bench pictures from the cut and paste park activity sheet.  Paste the pictures onto a plain sheet of paper to create a park setting.  Help the bird build her nest with this cut and paste bird nest activity.  Cut out eggs, mama bird and her nest to paste in the tree on the next page.  Color the pictures when you are done.  Cut out all the strawberries that were just picked from the strawberry patch and paste them into the basket.  How many strawberries did you paste?  Our cut and paste apple tree has an apple tree that grows different colored apples.  Cut out the apples and paste them onto the tree.  How many apples did you paste?  How many green apples are there?  How many red apples are there?

cut and paste bird nest


Cut and Paste Printables with Gardening Worksheets

Fun Summer Cut and Paste Printables for the little gardener.  Cut out the bugs that love to roam the garden and paste them into a summer garden.  Choose from honey bees, snails, ladybugs and green worms.  Don’t forget to cut out the sun and the flowers to add to your bug garden.  Create the perfect flower garden with the cut and paste flower garden activity.  Kids can add as many flowers as they can fit into their cut and paste printable garden.  With the cut and paste spring planting worksheet, kids paste all the items they will need into the wheelbarrow to get the garden ready for planting.  Challenge the kids to see if they know the planting steps to plant seeds.  Kids paste the planting steps in numbered boxes 1 to 8 in the correct order for planting seeds.

Spring Gardening Cut and Paste Printables

Spring Gardening Cut and Paste Printables

Cut and Paste Printables with Yummy Treats Posters

Make your very own ice cream and candy bar posters with these fun cut and paste activities.  Cut out the candies or lollipops and paste them onto the candy bar poster.  Add different flavors of ice cream to the ice cream poster that can be used to sell at the next garage sale or treat stand. Cut and paste these yummy donuts that look like their ready to eat!

Cut and Paste Donuts

Cut and Paste Donuts

Keep the kids busy this summer with cut and paste printables.



Kids can cut and paste players to make teams or sporting events with a variety of sport scenes.  Choose from hockey, football, cheerleaders, ice-skating or basketball.  Cut out the pictures and paste them onto plain or colored paper.  Add your own pictures and stickers to complete the scenes.  Fun ways for kids to practice their cutting skills.