Easter Activities

Easter activities with crafts, cards, coloring pages, puzzles and games.

Easter Printables for the kids to enjoy and print for Easter.  Choose from a variety of Free Easter Printables that are quick and easy to print with Easter bookmarks that can be colored, lunch notes, Easter straw friends, Bunny booklet to complete and Easter scrapbook pages.


Easter Printables with Pencil Holders

These printable Easter pencil friends can be printed and placed on pencils for school or home.  Round shaped Easter printables with bunnies, Easter eggs and Chicks that you cut out, punch holes and place on pencils.  They can also be placed on straws to decorate drinks.

easter printables

Easter Printable Pencil Friends


Bookmarks to Color

Have the kids color their own Easter printable bookmarks that can be laminated or taped with clear tape.  Easter bookmarks with “Easter Reader” messages.  Choose from “Terrific Reader”, “Fantastic Reader”, “Everyday Reader” and “Keep Reading”.  Easter bookmarks with bunnies, eggs and chicks to print and keep the kids reading.  Have the kids read an Easter story using their new colored Easter bookmarks.

Printable Super Easter Reader bookmarks with “Super Reader” messages.  Bookmarks to encourage reading with “Keep Reading” and “Fantastic Reader” messages.

easter printable bookmarks

Easter Printable Bookmarks


Easter Printables Lunch Notes

Put these printable Easter lunch notes and place them in the kids school lunch bags, school bags or surprise them by placing one in a pocket.

Each lunch note has an Easter message such as “Some Bunny Loves You” with a bunny , “These little chicks just dropped by to say ‘Happy Easter'” with a bunch of chicks, “These Easter eggs have lots of hugs and kisses” with an Easter basket and a Easter chick coming out of its shell with a “Happy Easter” message.  Surprise the kids with Easter lunch notes.


 Printable Easter Pet Bunny Booklet

My Pet Bunny Booklet is for those kids that have a pet bunny.  Print the booklet and have the kids fill out the pages to tell a story about their bunny.  On the front page there is a place to paste a photo of the bunny or draw what the bunny looks like.  Don’t forget to write his name on the front page.  Each page has information to fill out about the bunny, such as color, special things the bunny does, favorite toys, when the bunny was brought home and it even has a special bunny adoption certificate at the back.  Each page has a special bunny on it to color.  The bunny booklet can make a special memorable item to keep and share with family and friends.

Easter Printable Pet Bunny Booklet

Easter Printable Pet Bunny Booklet


Find these and other fun Easter Activities for the kids and keep them entertained at Easter time.



Easter Crafts for Kids to make with Easter puppets, Egg decorating stencils and egg holders, paper lantern, a pinwheel, Easter dice for games, candy wrappers and more.


Easter Crafts with Bunny Paper Bag Puppets

Make fun Easter Crafts with Bunny puppets.  Attach cute bunny faces to paper lunch bags to make Easter bag puppets that can be used to fill with treats or pack a lunch.  Choose from girl or boy bunnies to make.   This bouncing bunny just can’t stop bouncing.  Just print the bunny’s ears, arms and feet with paper fasteners and watch him bounce.

easter bunny paper bag

Easter pinwheel

Easter crafts that are easy to make for the little ones.  Kids can make an Easter pinwheel by cutting out the pinwheel and fastening together with a paper fastener and stick.  Bring it outside and watch it spin.


Easter Egg Decorating Stencils and Egg Holder Stands

Use these Easter egg stencils for easter crafts projects or decorating easter eggs.  Make fun Easter  egg stands to hold decorated easter eggs to display around the home.  Choose from rainbow Easter egg Stands, colored egg stands or Easter egg stands to color.  Print and wrap the stand around a decorated easter egg and tape.


Easter Crafts with Egg Decorating Stands

Easter Egg Decorating Stands

Easter Envelope

Make an Easter Envelope to put Easter surprises and treats inside or insert a special Easter card to share with family and friends.

Easter egg envelope

Easter Cube Dice

Have the kids make their very own Easter Cube Dice to play Easter games that require dice.  This large dice is fun to make and the kids will love throwing it around.  Make two for twice the fun.

Easter cube dice

Easter Hanging Paper Lantern

Make Easter hanging paper lanterns to decorate the house for the Easter holidays.  Colorful lanterns with Easter eggs and bunnies.  Hang these lanterns around the house for this Easter.


Easter Hanging Mobile

Make a Easter Hanging mobile with bunnies, chicks and easter eggs.  Cut out the pictures, stick a duplicate picture front and back, tie a string to each hanging picture, use a dowel or tree branch to attach them to and voila you have a easter hanging mobile.


Easter Candy Wrappers

Wrap a candy bar with these colorful Easter candy wrappers to share at Easter.  These candy wrappers come in different sizes to wrap your favorite candy bar with.  Makes a special treat for Easter.  Hide them around the house for the kids.

Easter Chick Candy Bar Wrapper

Easter Chick Candy Bar Wrapper


Find these and more fun and easy to make Easter craft Ideas.


Easter Egg Hunt Game Ideas

Change up the traditional Easter Egg Hunt this year by using Bunny Money and Easter Egg Hunt Game Ideas.  Instead of filling eggs with chocolate, you can fill them with Bunny Money that have dollar amounts.  Kids search the house looking for  Bunny Money filled eggs and use them to purchase Easter gifts that you put together.  This Easter Egg Hunt Game works great for all ages and if you have teens that are still doing the hunt, it will make their searching worthwhile 🙂


Start with the Setup

Fill plastic Easter eggs (large ones work best) with Bunny Money you print and cut out.

Print the Easter Gift Tags that you will attach to Easter Gifts that you put together.  Prepare Easter gift baskets, Candy, Chocolate Bunnies, Clothing, Gift Cards (teens will love this!), ect.  Have big and small gifts to attach different bunny dollar amounts.  Attach the Bunny Money Gift Tags to the gifts.  Place the gifts with the attached Easter Tags on a table.

Hide the eggs around the house and/or outside.


The Easter Hunt

When the kids come downstairs they will be surprised to learn that the traditional Easter Egg Hunt has a new twist.  Explain to them the rules below and then have them search for the eggs.


The Easter Hunt Game Rules

Kids search the area where the eggs are hidden inside/outside.

When they find an egg they open it to see how much Bunny Money is inside.

At the end of the Hunt, they add their Bunny Money up to see how much they have in total.

With each child taking a turn, the youngest one first, they purchase the Easter gifts with their money. They take turns purchasing one gift each to make it fair.

Kids can trade their gifts with each other.


Easter Egg Hunting the Fun Way to Learn Math

This Easter Egg Hunt Game is a fun way to teach the kids adding skills, counting skills and money skills.  The kids will be learning and not even know it!

Keep the Bunny Money for next year and use it to play more Easter games that involve math and money.

Print the Easter Egg Hunt Gift Ideas Tags and Money and have fun Hunting!


Happy Easter!


Easter Egg Hunt Game Ideas with Bunny Money

Easter Egg Hunt Game Gift Tags


Choose from a variety of Printable Easter Cards for friends and family.  Print folding or double-sided cards on card stock.  Color Easter cards or hand out ready-made cards.  Colorful cards with bunnies, Easter eggs, chicks, storks and more.  There are printable Easter cards for family, friends and teachers.


Four-sided Printable Easter Cards

Print these easy to print four-sided Easter cards on plain paper and fold in half twice.  Choose from bunnies, Easter egg baskets, Easter greetings and cards for mom and dad.

printable four-sided easter card

Printable Four-Sided Easter Card for Everyone


Double-sided Printable Easter Cards

Double-sided printable Easter cards with two cards per sheet.  These Cards can be printed on a double-sided printer or inserted in the printer twice.   Choose from an assortment of cards with Happy Easter greetings, Twitter birds, yellow Easter chicks, Easter stork and bunny message cards, Happy Owl Easter cards and Easter cards for school.  Use card stock or heavyweight paper to print these cards works best.  All printable Easter cards come with printing instructions for double-sided printing.


Easter Chick Greeting Cards

Easter Chick Greeting Cards


Guess What’s in the Egg Printable Easter Cards

Can you guess what’s in the egg with these printable easter cards?  Fun Easter Egg greeting cards with a surprise in every egg.  Each card has a hint at what might be lurking inside the egg, open the card to find out.  Kids will love these cards to hand out to friends at home and school.  These easter egg cards are printed using double-sided printing or choose to feed the paper in the printer twice.


printable easter egg card

Guess Who’s in the Egg Greeting Card


Color Printable Easter Cards

These printable Easter cards are great for the picaso at heart.  Kids can color the Easter cards before they hand them out or have their friends color them.  These cards will look great with Easter pastel colors and to make these cards extra special, tape some crayons to the front or back so their ready to color anywhere or anytime.  Color happy bunnies, egg baskets, springtime and Easter stork message cards.

color printable easter cards

Color Printable Easter Cards


Printable Easter Egg Cards

These printable Easter egg cards open up like a cracked egg.  Follow the Easter egg card printing instructions on how to print and fold the cards.  Easy to print and make Easter egg greeting cards that can be shared with family and friends.  Choose the color of egg you want to print, fold the card, cut the egg and voila, you have an egg card that can be opened to reveal what’s waiting inside.

Easter Egg Folding Cards

Easter Egg Folding Cards


Choose from a variety of these Kids Easter Cards and share with family and friends.

Happy Easter Greetings!


Fun Easter Mazes for kids to keep them challenged at Easter time.  Challenge the kids with an Easter Bunny Maze or a Easter Chick Maze.  Use a pencil, marker or crayon to help the Easter bunny or Easter chick find their destination.


Printable Easter Mazes – Bunny Maze

This Easter  bunny needs help through the maze to find the rest of the Easter eggs. Can you guide the Easter bunny to find all the eggs to share before Easter is over?


Easter Mazes

Easter Bunny Maze


Easter Egg Chick Maze

Keep the Easter egg chick happy by helping her find the Easter basket in this Easter Egg Chick maze.  She needs to find her basket before the Easter bunny finds it.

Easter Egg Chick Maze

Easter Egg Chick Maze


Colorful printable Easter Fun Mazes for kids that make Easter fun.



Get hopping this Easter with Cut and Paste Easter Activities for the kids.


Cut and Paste Easter Activities with Easter Chicks

Cut and Paste Easter Activities with Hatching Chicks to complete.  Color and cut out this hatching chick and then paste the chick back into the egg.  Paste on colored paper and hang it on the fridge.  The kids will be challenged cutting and pasting this Easter chick puzzle back together again.  This Cut and Paste Easter Activity has lines in the shape of a jigsaw puzzle so careful attention to cutting will help the kids with their fine motor skills.


Cut and Paste Easter Activities

Cut and Paste Easter Chick


Cut and Paste Easter Bunnies

This bunny needs someone to paste his face, ears, eyes, nose, mouth and ears back onto him.  Have the kids cut and paste the bunny back together again to complete him.  Print out the Cut and Paste Easter Bunny Puzzle that resembles a jigsaw puzzle.  Cut out the pieces following along the lines carefully and paste it back like you would a jigsaw puzzle.


Cut and Paste Easter Bunny

Cut and Paste Easter Activities


Cut and Paste Easter Basket and Decorated Egg

This Easter basket needs some colored eggs, cut out these Easter eggs and paste them into the basket.  Cut out the decorated Easter egg by following the jigsaw puzzle lines and paste it back onto colorful paper.


Cut and Paste Easter Basket

Cut and Paste Easter Basket


Fun Cut and Paste Activities for the kids at Easter Time.


Kids can make Simple Easter Crafts with these fun printables such as an Easter goody bag and envelopes to put those special treats in for the kids or send Easter cards in.

Make an Easter paper lantern to hang in front of the window or ceiling.

Play Easter games with Easter Cube Dice to make the games extra fun.

Fun Easter crafts that are simple to make even for the little ones.

Make your own Easter stick puppets or Easter paper bag bunnies. Create your own Easter cards with these cut-outs. Find them under Easter Crafts.

Kids will enjoy these simple puzzles that you print, cut out and paste. Try the Easter puzzle match, where you match the Easter character to their shadow, or try the Easter jigsaw puzzles that you print, color, cut up and then put back together. Find these and more at Easter Puzzles.

Hand out these reader achievement awards and bookmarks to the kids to help motivate their reading. Find them at Easter Awards.