Food Allergies Awareness

Food Allergy Aware posters, labels, treat toppers, signs for peanut/nut allergy, milk allergy, egg allergy and more.

Peanut-Free Thanksgiving

Plan a Peanut-Free Thanksgiving with safe treats that can be labelled Peanut-Free for your guests.  Display Allergy Aware Posters around School and Daycare for a safe Thanksgiving party.  Add Peanut-Free Labels and Stickers to lunch and school bags. Choose from a variety of Thanksgiving themed Treat Toppers and Posters to display at home and school. Choose from “Peanut-free” or “No Peanuts Please” labels.

Make up some peanut-free muffins or cupcakes and decorate them with a Thanksgiving allergy aware treat topper. Let the guests know that the treats are safe to eat for those who have peanut allergies. Use these for sending treats to schools, daycares or wherever there are people with peanut allergies. Help keep kids safe at home and school, read the labels every time, read ingredients when baking and keep utensils, bowls and baking supplies free from peanuts and traces. Learn more about peanut allergies especially when preparing food for others.

Print on card stock paper and cut out the labels. Add a straw between two labels and use tape to fasten. The picture should show on both sides. Cut the straw to length and stick inside a Thanksgiving Treat.



peanut-free thanksgiving treat toppers with turkey, pilgrim, leaves

Use Thanksgiving Posters to display at home and school. Show everyone entering classrooms that No Peanuts are allowed in the classrooms or to be shared with the children. Use Thanksgiving Peanut-Free door hangers at school on classroom doors.


thanksgiving peanut-free poster with autumn leaves


Add a Peanut-Free placemat to your Thanksgiving dinner table for kids to print their name and enjoy a peanut-free meal.


thanksgiving peanut-free placemat with a turkey and a Peanut-free Message


Printable Thanksgiving Peanut-free Labels to display at home and school.


Nut Allergies can be a challenge with Halloween Trick or Treaters. Choose from Nut-free posters, labels, treat-toppers and Halloween party printables. Display posters to show Trick or Treaters that Peanut/Nut Free Candy is available. Alert the trick or treaters with an “Out of Peanut/Nut Free Candy” poster. Print on cardstock paper and tape a stick to the back. Stick it in the ground or place in a window.


halloween no nuts poster with a ghost and large nut

 out of peanut-free candy halloween poster

Halloween Party Printables for Nut Allergies

For parties with nut allergies, hand out Halloween Peanut-Free Party Invites to friends and family to let them know the party details.  Print out the “Food Free Party Poster” and include it with the invites if you are having a party without food and want it to just be about costumes and games.  If you are having a party with peanut-free food we have a poster for that as well.  Fun Peanut-Free Halloween Treat Toppers with pumpkins, witches and goblins that can be placed on top of muffins and cupcakes.


Nut Allergies Party Poster

Halloween Peanut-Free Party Poster for Nut Allergies



Halloween Nut Allergies Posters and Labels

Place these Halloween Nut Allergies posters around the home and school to help keep kids safe for Halloween.  These posters can be used to display on windows and doors that peanut and nut free candy is available for kids with nut allergies.  Choose from a variety of peanut and nut allergies posters with Ghosts, Witches, Pumpkins, Bats and Spiders.  There’s even a Peanut and Nut Free Mustache Poster.  Hang up the “We Have Peanut-Fee Treats for Halloween” door hanger on the outside door knob.

Kids can wear Halloween peanut free badges to display their nut allergies when trick-or-treating.  Use these Halloween peanut and nut free labels to stick to trick-or-treat bags, candy bowls, pumpkins, candy and more.


Halloween Peanut-Free Ghost Poster

Halloween Peanut-Free Ghost Poster


As a precaution, advise the kids to not eat any trick or treat candy until their parents check all the candy first!

Have a safe and fun Halloween with Nut Allergy Posters, Labels and a Nut Free Halloween Party!

Help celebrate Earth Day with Peanut Free labels, posters and cupcakes toppers made especially for earth day.  These cute green Earth Day frogs want to show support for a safe and friendly Earth Day celebration with safe snacks and food.  Place the posters on walls, doors or tables.  Use the labels for home and school.  Display safe snacks with cupcake toppers.


Peanut Free Posters

Hang up these Peanut Free posters around the home, daycare and school on Earth Day to show your support for Earth Day Activities especially when food is involved.  Help keep kids safe by displaying Peanut Allergy Aware signs wherever there are children with peanut allergies.  These posters can also be used as signs to tape on a child’s desk on Earth Day or on a a nut free lunch table.


No Peanuts Please Poster

No Peanuts Please Poster


Peanut Free Labels

Peanut Free labels for Earth Day that can be printed as stickers or cut and paste labels.  Choose labels with “peanut free” or no “peanuts please” messages.  Use the labels on lunch bags, school bags, notepaper and more.  Cover with clear tape or laminate to keep the labels longer.


earth day peanut-free labels

Peanut Free Cupcake Toppers

Celebrate Earth Day with Peanut Allergy Aware cupcake toppers.  Print and tape a candy stick or popsicle stick to the back and stick it into a peanut free cupcake or use it on a cake pop stick.  Just place the cake pop stick through the top and botton of the label and center it on the stick.  Making a Earth Day Celebration Cake?   Stick a few in the center.  Try this idea, fill up a sandwich bag with safe treats and staple a cupcake topper to the top of the bag.  Great for safe school snacks and home.

earth day peanut free cupcake toppers

Display allergy aware signs on Earth Day and have a safe and fun Earth Day event.


Free Printable Valentine’s Day Peanut/Nut Free Printables with Posters, Labels and Treat Toppers.  Choose from a variety of posters and labels that have allergy aware messages such as “No Peanuts Please”, “Peanut Free”, “No Nuts Please”, “Nut Free”.   Print Valentine’s Day Cupids, Angels, Froggies and Hearts with allergy aware messages for classrooms, homes, daycare and more.  Labels can be used to put on lunchbags, school bags, treat labels and more.



Valentine Cupid No Peanuts Please Label

Valentine’s Day Peanut Free Label

Valentine Peanut-free Labels to print and stick on school bags, daycare bags and everyday items.  Use these labels on peanut-free treats you make or purchase.  Labels can also be attached to zippers on school bags by laminating and using a hole punch to attach with string or cable ties.  Let the school bus drivers know about peanut allergies by sticking the label on school bus badges.

Print Food Allergy Printables  for Back to School and everyday use.  Print labels in a variety of formats such as “Peanut & Nut Free”, “No Nuts Please”, “No Nuts, No Peanuts”, “Peanut Allergy Alert” and more.  Use these labels to print on sticker sheets to stick to baked goods, school bags, lunch bags and more.  Laminate labels, use a hole-punch and attach to school bags with tie cables to let everyone know about the allergy.

Find Peanut & Nut Free Zone posters to hang up at school or home.