Coloring Pages

Kids coloring pages with animals, sports, educational, seasonal, holiday pictures and more

Kids Summer Coloring pages for those rainy days or while traveling abroad.  Keep the kids entertained with a variety of fun summer coloring pages that are free and easy to print.  Summer coloring is a great way to keep the kids busy while mom or dad need a break or the kids need some quiet time after a busy day.   Choose from silly suns, fun at the beach, scuba swimming, tricky skateboarding, summer doodles or just fun in the sun coloring.  Read below for more ways to use summer coloring pages.


Summer Coloring with Sun, Beach and Swimming Pages

Sun Coloring

Can’t head to the beach or go outside during those hot summer days?  Try some fun in the sun coloring pages from  Cute and fun sun pictures with many different pictures to choose from. Sun pictures with smiling faces, sad faces, suns with hats,  suns with glasses, sun with rainbow, sun with clouds and just silly suns.  These sunny pictures will make the kids laugh.

summer coloring pages

Sun Coloring Pages


Beach Coloring

Kids can think cool thoughts with these fun beach coloring pictures.  Color pictures of kids playing in the sand, playing on the beach. There’s a beached watermelon enjoying a refreshment while laying in the sun!


Swimming Coloring

Fun swimming coloring pages to add some color to scuba dog, girl with duck swimming ring and boy scuba diver.


Skateboard Coloring

Color some skateboarders this summer performing their tricks. Have you ever seen a gorilla skateboarder?

Boy Skateboarding Coloring

Boy Skateboarding Coloring


Fun in the Sun Coloring

For those everyday fun in the sun coloring days choose from a girl blowing bubbles, picking flowers or watering flowers. This picture has a lazy summer day with a boy laying in a field of flowers.

boy laying in flowers


Doodle Coloring

Keep the kids coloring with these fun Summer Coloring Doodles.  Choose from summer fruit doodles, sunny days, kids summertime fun, summer bugs and weather characters.

Print all the summer doodles and put together as a coloring book for travel or dining out. Fun doodles to color on those hot summer days when you just can’t leave the house.

Doodle Coloring

Doodle Coloring


Fun Ways to Color

Crayons are a great way to color but there are other fun ways too.  Try using paint, watercolors, color pastels as well as colored pencils.  Kids can mix up their paints to make exciting new colors. Print our color wheel activity to help them learn what colors make new colors.

Have the kids color a few pictures and then cut and paste them onto a summer scene that they want to create.

Ask the kids what different ways they think that pictures can be colored.




Free Printable Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages with lots of cupids to choose from.  Color cupid girls, boys and animals in a variety of fun pictures.  There’s sweetheart frogs, bunnies, monsters and hearts to color.  Use these valentine coloring pictures to hang on the fridge or roll them up and tie with ribbon to share with family and friends.

sweetheart frogs & flowers

Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Frogs Coloring Page

Print fun coloring pages of kids playing at the playground, at the park, or at playschool.  The kids will enjoy coloring these pictures of Kids playing with their pets and their toys.  Choose from a variety of coloring pages of kids just having fun playing everyday games and with their friends.  Hang up these completed colored pictures at playschool, playgroups or at home in the playroom to decorate and ecourage fun play.

Easy to print, cut out and put together mini coloring books. Use these for travel activities or dining out entertainment for the kids.

Kids will enjoy these Find Me Activities with fun pictures and themes to find. Search for Jungle animals, Underwater animals, School items, Transportation pictures and more.

Kids will have fun coloring these cool Celtic and Tattoo designs.  Keeps the kids busy while helping them develop their fine motor skills.  Kids can use them in art or school projects or create colorful binder or project covers.  Find them in our coloring section.

Christmas coloring pages including pictures of angels, santa, Christmas nativity, snowman and so much more the kids will enjoy coloring.

New Christian Bible coloring pages the kids will have fun coloring while learning about Christian history. Kids can put these colored pictures in order to make their very own Christian book. Find these coloring pages and more at Christmas Coloring Pages