Recipes for the kids to share with the whole family. Simple and easy recipes to follow.

Summertime fun with the kids outdoors is what summer is all about.  Try our outdoor summer fun recipes with bubbles, chalk and paint recipes you can make with the kids. 

Kids can learn the science behind making sidewalk chalk and paint.  Make multi-colored chalk that’s cool to use.  Create different colored paints and use paint brushes and rollers to help paint the driveway with works of art.

Can’t get enough of bubbles during the summer with kids.  Make easy bubbles that will last with this fun bubble recipe.  Make different colors for fun bubbles and use things around the house to create your own bubble blowers.

Kids can’t get enough of the taste of popsicles, so try our cool summer recipes with jello popsicles, yogurt popsicles and yummy lemonade. 

Use real lemons or lemon juice for our lemonade recipe and add a splash of grenadine for a fruity taste and the color pink.

Our popsicles use real jello mixes and fruit juices to add that extra flavor.  Taste a unique blend of yogurt and juices for a cool nutritious snack.

This year let the kids set up a Lemonade stand and help teach them money. Agree on a price for each glass and add it to the sign. Print the simple lemonade recipe and have the kids make the lemonade. Other sale ideas are a vegetable stand, car wash stand or toys and games sale with toys that they have outgrown.

Make fun summer treat recipes, fun summer crafts, color summer pictures, complete summer mazes or print summer activity worksheets. Just a few ways to keep the kids busy during the summer fun. Kids Summer Activities.