Learn to Draw Activities

Drawing pages for kids to complete and learn how to draw. Draw animals, monsters, people, sporting activities, seasonal and Olympic pictures.


Draw Christmas Pictures by Completing the Scenes

Draw Christmas Pictures by completing Christmas Bear, Santa Claus, Snowman and Christmas Tree scenes.  Kids follow the smaller image on the page to complete the scene.  Add other characters to the scene to make it extra special.  Color the pictures afterwards to hang up.  Drawing pictures helps younger kids to improve on their fine motor skills by using a pencil to draw and crayons to color.


Draw Christmas Pictures with Santa Claus

Santa is missing something, can you draw it in the “Draw Santa Claus” drawing page.  Hurry and draw the snow hill for Santa Claus before his sled goes off the edge in the “Santa Sled Drawing Scene” page.

Draw Christmas Pictures with Santa Claus

Draw Santa Claus

Draw Christmas Bear

Complete the Christmas bear by copying the picture.

Draw a Christmas Bear

Draw a Christmas Bear

Draw Christmas Tree Decorations

This Christmas tree needs some presents under it to surprise the kids, draw some presents.

Draw a Christmas Tree

Draw a Christmas Tree

Draw a Snowman

Help Sammy win the snowman building contest by drawing him a great snowman.

Christmas Snowman Drawing

Christmas Snowman Drawing


Fun Christmas Pictures to draw and show off your drawing skills.

How to Draw Animals for Kids

How to Draw Animals for Kids with fun animal faces.  The kids will have no problem drawing these animal faces.  Kids can draw funny, happy, expressive faces on a cat, horse, dog, monkey, pig, mouse and other fun animal faces.

When the kids have completed their drawings, they can cut out the pictures and tape a stick on the back to use them for puppet shows.

The animal drawings can also be used as an expressive picture.  Print out a variety of animal faces for the children to choose from.  Ask the children what animal do they feel like today?  Have the children draw the animal face based on how they are feeling, happy, sad, excited, frustrated, ect. This can be a great exercise for school and daycare.

How to Draw Animals for Kids, Draw a Cat Face

How to Draw Animal Faces


Kids can also complete the animal faces with other animals to make an animal of their own.  What will they call the animal?

After they have completed their artistic designs they can color the animal heads and hang up to display around school or home.

Find more How to Draw Animals for Kids

Kids can show their drawing skills and fun imagination with these drawing sketches. Complete these sketches and color.

Now the kids can bring the driveway and sidewalk to life with these fun summertime chalk drawings. Just print the pictures, and have the kids recreate them on an outdoor surface with chalk or paint. Complete the scenes by adding other colorful characters. Sidewalk Chalk