Spring Break Activities

Find fun Spring Break Printable Activities for the kids.  Choose from Spring Break Games with a March Break Scavenger Hunt Game to get the kids active.   Challenge the kids with I SPY and Find Me printable games.  If you are traveling during the Spring Break there are lots of Travel Printable Activities to choose from with Games To Go, Travel Notepaper, Postcards, Travel Puzzles, Coloring Pages, Road Trip Activities and Travel Bag Tags.  Kids can make Paper Crafts, Milk Carton Crafts, Craft Recipes, Spring Crafts, Candy Wrappers and so much more.  During the Spring Break kids need some winding down time as well, check out our Book Activities with make your own cartoon book, pet booklets, fairytale booklets, my own cookbook activity, my wizard spellbook, and printable bookmarks.

Whether at home or on the road for Spring Break, there’s lots of free printable activities to keep the kids busy.

Word Hunt Game

Spring Break Scavenger Hunt



Find lots of fun March Break Activities for kids to do during the school break.  Start off with a March Break Scavenger Hunt  or Tic Tac Toe game.  Choose from the Book section where kids can create their own storytime or cartoon books.   Print out pet booklets and pet adoption certificates for the kids to write about their pets.  Kids can create their very own cookbooks and wizard spell books.  Put on a storytelling show for the kids and friends with Storyboard Felt Charactes and Scenes.  Choose from a variety of paper crafts and craft recipes for you and the kids to make.  Lots of Coloring pages to print or Color online.  Play your favorite board games or paper games such as rock, paper, scissors and checkers.  Lots of games to play online and keep the kids challenged.  Have fun with printable puzzles and mazes or try your luck with online puzzles.  Keep the kids entertained with playtime activities which includes paper dolls and fashions, play traffic signs and driver’s license, play shopping cards and money, play restaurant menu and food cutouts, play library cards and play school time cards.  Kids can play with their very own paper music instrument printables.  Check out the School Zone and find lots of fun learning activities the kids will find fun to do.  With St. Patrick’s Day approaching we have lots of printables for the kids to make and do.

Don’t forget to print our travel games if they need something to do in the car, train, bus or on the plane.  We also have fun travel printables.