Mardi Gras Activities

Mardi Gras Activities for kids with fun crafts to make colorful masks, hats, banners, treat toppers, cards and more.

Celebrate Mardi Gras a New Orleans yearly celebration also known as Fat Tuesday.  Print masquerade masks, colorful party hats, banners, poster, door hanger and flags.


Mardi Gras Party Hats

Colorful Party Hats to choose from with Purple & Green, Rainbow colors or hot pink.  Fun and easy to make Mardi Gras hats that you print, glue and add feathers, beads and string to.  Print these hats on heavy card stock and fit to the size of your head before gluing together.  Add the finishing touches with a variety of sequins, beads and feathers after attaching the string.  Print enough for the whole family or class to help celebrate Mardi Gras.


Mardi Gras Party Hat


Mardi Gras Masquerade Masks

Fun party masquerade masks in a variety of styles.  Choose from masks with handles, full masks or half masks.  These colorful masks come in different colors to match your style and clothing.  If you can’t find the color you like then choose the mask that you color yourself.  These masks are easy to make.  Just print on cardstock, cut out, punch holes for the string and add string, rubber band or lace to wear.  Add feathers, beads or sequins to add your style.

Mardi Gras Masquerade Masks



Mardi Gras Banner, Door Hanger, Poster

Add some Mardi Gras decorations to the house with a purple, green and yellow banner that you make as long as you want.  Print as many of the banner pages you need, cut out both styles, add string to attach and hang up.  Place a door hanger on the front door knob to let everyone know where the party is or hang up a Celebrate Mardi Gras Poster.

Celebrate Mardi Gras Poster



Mardi Gras Party Flags

Celebrate with party flags you carry or hang up around the house.  Print, add a stick, glue and your done.  Wave a flag to celebrate Mardi Gras.

Mardi Gras Party Flags



Mardi Gras is a time a year to celebrate with masquerade masks, party hats and flags!



The kids will enjoy making these Free Mardi Gras Masks.   Color your own Mardi Gras mask and finish it off with beads and feathers or print one in color and add beads and feathers to complete.  Choose from half masks, half masks with handles or full tiki mask.  Add holes and string to keep your half-mask or full mask on your head.  Can’t find a stick for your mask with handle?  Just find a small tree branch to make it unique.  These masks work best when printed on card stock or heavyweight paper.  Laminate the mask to keep it for next year. 

Mardi Gras masks can also be used to decorate the home and school room.  Have the students color their own masks and hang them on the wall to display.


Mardi Gras Purple & Green Half Mask with Handle

Mardi Gras Purple & Green Half Mask with Handle