Printables mazes for all ages. Everyday mazes, educational mazes, letter-shaped mazes, word mazes, holiday mazes and more.

Christmas Mazes for kids in fun shapes with Christmas characters such as Santa claus, Santa’s Reindeer, Angels, Christmas Tree and more.

Fun Christmas Mazes for Kids

Fun Christmas Mazes for kids with Mrs. Claus and elves.  Mrs. Claus needs help finding Santa’s elves.  Trace a path through the arrow maze to the elves.  Help the wiseman find baby Jesus in the nativity maze.  Can you find the path through the Christmas tree maze to the present that belongs under the tree?  A Christmas bird needs to find his friend through the ornament Christmas maze.  Do you remember the song “A partridge in a Pear Tree”?  One of the Calling Birds needs to find his way through the maze to the Partridge in the Pear Tree.


Christmas Tree Maze

Christmas Santa Mazes

Help Santa with his Christmas Eve Visits by showing him how to get through the mazes.  Trace a path to Santa’s missing friends or help santa down the chimney to the Christmas tree.  Santa Claus needs help finding his countdown clock.  Trace a path through the maze to the missing clock for Santa.

christmas mazes

Christmas Santa Clock Maze



Christmas Snowman Mazes

Find the Snowgirl’s snowman friend by tracing the correct path through the snowball maze.  Trace the path that was made in the snowman’s belly maze.


Christmas Snowman Maze


Christmas Angel Mazes

Can you help the angel find her friend by tracing through the snowball path maze?  Help decorate the Christmas Tree by connecting the path of angels in the Christmas Angel maze.


Christmas Angel Tree Path Maze


Christmas Reindeer Mazes

Help Santa locate his missing reindeer for his sleigh in these fun reindeer mazes.  Color Santa and the reindeer afterwards.


Christmas Santa Reindeer Maze


Holiday Mazes with fun festive characters to keep the kids busy during the holidays.  Mazes are great for teaching kids logic and thinking skills by analyzing which paths are best to take to find the final passage.


Fun Easter Mazes for kids to keep them challenged at Easter time.  Challenge the kids with an Easter Bunny Maze or a Easter Chick Maze.  Use a pencil, marker or crayon to help the Easter bunny or Easter chick find their destination.


Printable Easter Mazes – Bunny Maze

This Easter  bunny needs help through the maze to find the rest of the Easter eggs. Can you guide the Easter bunny to find all the eggs to share before Easter is over?


Easter Mazes

Easter Bunny Maze


Easter Egg Chick Maze

Keep the Easter egg chick happy by helping her find the Easter basket in this Easter Egg Chick maze.  She needs to find her basket before the Easter bunny finds it.

Easter Egg Chick Maze

Easter Egg Chick Maze


Colorful printable Easter Fun Mazes for kids that make Easter fun.



Printable Valentine’s Day Mazes and Puzzles for everyone to enjoy.  Choose from Cupids, Monsters and Sweetheart mazes or Valentine Crosswords and Word Searches.  Kids can be challenged with Bunny, Cupid Pig and Heart jigsaw puzzles.  Free printable mazes and puzzles that are easy to print and fun for the kids.


Cupid Elephant & Monster Maze

Valentine Monster Maze

Kids can learn their alphabet with capital and lowercase letter mazes.  Alphabet shaped mazes with capital and lowercase letters.  Challenge and help the kids recognize their alphabet letters with these fun alphabet mazes.