Play Activities

Play Activities for kids with playtime games, play school, play library, sport checklists, play signs, paper dolls, paper fashions, club id cards, printable awards, play shopping, play restaurant, tooth fairy printables, paper music crafts and printable fun money and credit cards.

Kids can make their own Paper Instruments and put together an air band for the whole family or class.  Easy to print and make paper guitar, saxophone, microphone and trumpet Templates.  Paper instruments you paste onto cardboard and cut out the shaped pieces.


How to make your Paper Instruments


Paper Guitar

Print out the pages required to make a paper guitar and glue onto a cardboard cutout using the paper guitar template.  Add string to your guitar with fishing line or other type of string.


paper instruments

Paper Guitar

Paper Saxophone

Glue on some buttons or beads for keys to your saxophone after you have completed the steps to making your paper saxophone.  Start by printing the saxophone template and glue it onto a cardboard cutout using the paper saxophone template.


paper saxophone

paper saxophone

Paper Trumpet

Make some cool tunes with this paper trumpet you put together.  Use the trumpet template to cut out and paste onto a cardboard shape using the trumpet template.  Finish it off with buttons or beads you can stick on as keys.


paper trumpet

Paper Trumpet


Paper Microphone

Put on some music and sing along to your favorite tunes with this paper microphone you put together.  Just paste the microphone onto the same shape cardboard using the template.  Use a paper towel or toilet roll for the bottom to use as a handle.  Wrap the template around the paper roll.


paper microphone

Paper Microphone

Reward the kids with Printable Fun Money in an assortment of Reward Bucks.  Choose Dad Bucks, Mom Bucks, Kid Bucks and School Bucks each for use with a different purpose in mind.


Reward Bucks with Dad Bucks and Mom Bucks

Hand out Mom Bucks and Dad Bucks when kids complete chores, perform good deeds, help around the house and whenever you feel they deserve a reward buck.  Exchange the reward bucks for real money, surprises, or for a kids day out. Mom can hand out Mom Bucks and Dad can hand out Dad Bucks for each little helper reward.


reward bucks

Reward Bucks with Mom Bucks


Reward Bucks with Kid Bucks

Use the Kid Bucks for family and friends or how about the babysitter.  Grandparents can hand out kid bucks as well.  There’s always work to do and things to help out with at grandma’s house.  An older brother or sister may want to hand out kid bucks to encourage their siblings to help them with chores or tasks.  They can clean their siblings room or help them with chores in return for reward bucks.


kid bucks

Kid Bucks


Reward Bucks with School Bucks

The kids can continue to feel rewarded at school with School Bucks the teachers can hand out.   These school bucks can be used for homework completed,  job well done, or teacher’s helper.   Teachers can exchange these school bucks for school supplies they place in a treasure chest or allow the student to sit in the teachers chair or reward them as teachers helper for a day.

school bucks

School Bucks


Choose the right Reward Buck for you to reward kids when they complete a specific task or chore.


Great rewards for great kids!


This summer the kids can start up their very own club with these fun Kids Club ID Cards.  Kids can print their club name, ID name, age and photo on the club card.  Gather up the kids and help them with Club ideas and games they can share with siblings and friends.  Why not have a daycare club and challenge the kids to make up a club name.  The older kids will get a kick out of being helpful partners with these Babysitters Club Cards. 

Find these and other fun playtime for kids activities.

Kids will love these Tooth Fairy Printables with tooth envelopes for the kids to put their tooth in and place under the pillow.  Older kids can use the tooth envelopes to store the tooth if the tooth fairy didn’t take it away!  Parents can remove the tooth from the envelope and use it to store a special surprise and place under the pillow.  Tooth Fairy cards can be placed on kids night table or dresser to show them that the Tooth Fairy has arrived.  Use the Tooth Fairy hangers to place on kids door knobs or bed posts to alert them about the special surprise hiding under their pillow.

Fun Tooth Fairy printables are just another way to have fun with the kids.  Surprise the kids with Tooth Fairy cards.

Kids will have fun playing with these paper dolls and paper bedroom. Place the paper dolls into the bedroom you furnish or a bedroom that is already completed for you. Pick your favorite paper toys and paper pets to place in them. Fun playtime printables for kids at Playtime Activities.

Print these fun awards that kids can hand out to each other. Let the kids have fun by awarding each other awards for the Champion cheerleader, hopscotch player, jump rump skipper and more. Gets the kids out and get active. Find these fun awards and more at Playtime Activities.

Kids will enjoy playing with these play traffic signs. Children can use these signs to attach to sticks or tape around the house or outside in the yard. They they can scoot around on their ride-ons, scooters, bikes or trikes while playing traffic cop or setting up their very own roadways. Lots of signs to choose from such as Stop Signs, Traffic Lights, Gas Station, Car Wash, Yield sign and more!