St. Patrick’s Day Activities

St. Patrick’s Day Activities with crafts, games, puzzles, worksheets, printables, coloring and so much more.

St. Patrick’s Tracing Sheets with Coloring Pages

St. Patrick’s Tracing Sheets can help kids learn how to trace St. Patrick’s day words. kids can trace leprechaun characters with words.  Can they trace all the St. Patrick’s Day words and write them again on their own.  Use a practice sheet to write the words over and help build fine motor skills.  Find tracing worksheets with common words such as Shamrock, Clover, Lucky, Irish, Luck, Rainbow and Gold.  Trace words with pictures and color them afterwards.  Choose from a Leprechaun Frog, St. Patrick’s Day Cow, Dragon and Luck Leprechaun with words and pictures.

St. Patrick's Day Tracing Page

Lucky Leprechaun with Pot of Gold Tracing Page


Find these fun St. Patrick’s Day Tracing Worksheets and more fun St. Patrick’s Day Activities.


Challenge the kids with our St. Patricks Day Puzzles for kids.  Print our word search or crossword puzzles and see if they can find all the St. Patty’s themed words.  Try our jigsaw puzzles, just print, cut up and paste back together again.


St. Patricks Day Puzzles for Kids with Word Search

How many St. Patrick’s Day words do you think the kids can find?  Challenge them with the St. Patty’s Cow Word Search puzzle.  These words can be a bit tricky to find for any little leprechaun, but if they search hard enough they will find a pot of gold word.


st. patricks day puzzles for kids

St. Patricks Day Crossword Puzzle

The kids will no doubt find the answers to this St. Patrick’s Day Crossword.  Familiar words that are used during this green time of year.  Find the answers here.

st patrick's day crossword puzzle

St. Patrick’s Day Jigsaw Puzzles with Fun Green Characters

Print these fun Jigsaw Puzzles for St. Patrick’s day.  Just print on card stock or plain paper, kids cut out the jigsaw by following the lines and paste on the pieces on colored or plain paper.

Choose from Leprechaun with Pot of Gold Jigsaw, St. Patrick’s day Cow or Dragon Jigsaw Puzzles.


leprechaun running with pot of gold jigsaw puzzle

Keep the kids busy with fun St. Patricks Day Word Puzzles for kids.  Mark your calendar on March 17th.



St. Patrick’s Day Flash Cards with Pictures and Words

Challenge the kids with St. Patrick’s Day Flash Cards and have fun teaching them the words and pictures that are commonly used on St. Patrick’s Day.  Kids will discover the difference between a shamrock and a clover.   A shamrock is a symbol of Ireland that represents a three-leafed clover.  If you find a four-leafed clover, you are considered lucky!  See what a Leprechaun looks like.  What are Leprechaun’s always looking for?  Is it gold coins and a pot of gold?  What do you usually find on a Leprechaun?  Is it a hat?  Where can you find a pot of gold if you look really hard?  Is it at the end of a rainbow?  What colors are in a rainbow?  What month does St. Patrick’s Day fall on? and what day?  Print out the flash cards on card stock and cut them out.  Laminate the cards to preserve them for next year and see how much they know and learned.

St. Patrick's Day Flash Cards

St. Patrick’s Day Flash Cards

Fun questions and storytelling you can use with the kids while displaying these fun DIY St. Patricks Day Flash Cards. Challenge the kids by helping them make their own St. Patrick’s Day Flash cards with pictures and words.




St. Patricks Day Printables – Easy to Print & Fun For All

St. Patricks Day Fun for the kids with Leprechaun Door Hangers, St. Patricks Day Flash Cards, Green Math, Leprechaun Door Hangers, Green & Gold Stickers, Holiday paper and more.

Print some St. Patrick’s Day Holiday paper in blank or ruled form.  Kids can add it to their notebooks, school binders and activity folders for that holiday spirit.

Fun Leprechaun door hangers for anywhere in the home.  Hang up a Leprechaun Toad with a Pot of Gold or a Lucky Leprechaun door hanger that has the message “Beware Leprechaun Inside”.

Teach the kids St. Patricks Day words with pictures and see how many they can remember with these St. Patrick’s Day flash cards.

Challenge the kids with Multiplication Math where they multiply shamrocks, Irish hats and pots of gold.

Reward the kids with a Best Reader Leprechaun Award for the most books read in a week.  Big or Small readers can challenge themselves to all kinds of St. Patrick’s Day books.

Place a Shamrock or Leprechaun to any straw and make a green milkshake the kids will love.  Add a fun character straw inside the drink and watch it disappear.

Print some fun sticker sheets and let the kids paste them to art projects.  Choose from fun green characters and leprechauns.

St. Patricks Day Printables

St. Patricks Day Printables

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Party Printables.  Decorate the house with leprechaun cup wrappers, banners and drink coasters.  Wear shamrock masks and green hats that are easy to print and make.  Add Luck of the Irish treats to clear plastic bags and top them off with St. Patrick’s Day bag Labels.  Add Treat Toppers to your favorite leprechaun deserts.  Use a Green Candy Bar Wrapper to wrap a special candy bar that says “Love You” or “Happy St. Patrick’s Day”.  Add chocolate gold coins inside a Rainbow Treat Box and hide it under someone’s pillow.

Fun St. Patricks Printables for the holiday season that the whole family can share.

St. Patrick’s Day Photo Booth Props will have the whole family having fun for picture day. Ensemble the whole family for some fun pictures with leprechaun hats, glasses, ties, beard, pipe, pot of gold and some shamrocks.


Leprechaun Glasses Photo Booth Props

Put on some green glasses to look like a leprechaun.  Choose from two green styles.  Cut out the glasses from the template and don’t forget to cut out the insides of the glasses so that everyone can see your beautiful eyes.

green glasses

Leprechaun Mustaches Photo Booth Props

No leprechaun picture would be complete without a mustache. Choose from two shades of green and an orange one.  What color makes you look more like a leprechaun?

green and orange mustaches

St. Patrick’s Day Hats and Ties

Dress yourself up with some “Luck of the Irish” ties.  Choose from two green bows and one green tie.  If you wear these leprechaun hats you just might find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  There’s two styles to choose from.



green tiesgreen hats

Fun St. Patrick’s Day Photo Booth Props

Wear an orange leprechaun beard and pipe to look like a wise leprechaun.  Hold a shamrock for good luck in one hand and a pot of gold in the other while you say “cheese”!


St. Patrick's Day Photo Booth Props

DIY St. Patrick’s Day Photo Booth Props


Print these fun St. Patrick’s day photo props and then stick a dowel or any stick to the back with tape.  Now hold them up for the camera while you pose with the whole family.  Makes a great family keepsake picture for St. Patrick’s Day.  You can use the picture to make greeting cards as well to send to family and friends.

Smile you’re on Camera!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Cards with Leprechauns, Shamrocks, Sock Monkey & Luck of the Irish Messages

Surprise someone with a Happy St. Patrick’s Day Greeting Card you can print and send.  Choose from a variety of DIY St. Patrick’s Day greeting card messages from Sock Monkeys, Leprechauns, Shamrocks, Luck of the Irish and more.

There’s a variety of St. Patrick’s Day cards with different folding instructions included.  Pick from 4-sided cards you fold,  double-sided cards and cards to print in black and white for the kids to color.  Printing on cardstock works best for double-sided cards and you get two cards on one sheet.  Kids will enjoy sending the St. Patrick’s Day Sock Monkey cards to family and friends.  Ever see a leprechaun sock monkey?

Happy St. Patrick's Day Cards

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Cards


Fun cards to send to family and friends and wish them a Happy St. Patty’s Day, easy to print, easy to fold, easy to send.  Kids can hand out the cards to classmates and teachers as well and wish them Luck!

For those that prefer to send a St. Patrick’s Day card online, head over to our e-greetings and choose from a wide variety of cards to send.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Family Game Day with St. Patrick’s Day Games

Have a game day and enjoy playing St. Patrick’s Day Games with the whole family. Wear green and play St. Patrick’s Day games that will only cost you the ink and paper.  Games can be fun and don’t have to cost a lot to play and spending time with family and friends is the added bonus!

St Patrick's Day Games


Start off with a family favorite and play Green Bingo with leprechaun’s, clovers, rainbows, hats and everything green.   There’s four game cards to pass out and there’s one for everyone.  Choose from two Pictures and Words Cards for children that are learning their words but like pictures as well.  One card has more pictures for the younger one.  There’s a card with just pictures for the youngest child that can’t read yet and there’s a card with just words for the bigger kids that are good readers.  Mom or dad can cut out the calling cards and read them to the players.  First one to get a straight line yells BINGO.


Kids can play I Spy a Leprechaun game to see if they can find all the hidden treasures.  Challenge the kids by saying I SPY a color that is green, blue, red….

Can you line up all the leprechauns or St. Patrick’s Day characters in these Green Dominoes games? Cute leprechaun’s in different scenes that will challenge the kids.  Print all 32 domino cards and line up the matching pictures.  Choose from St. Patrick’s Day or Leprechaun dominoes games.

Print both domino game sets and mix them together to take turns matching up the correct characters.  Easy game for the little ones to play and stay challenged.  Print on heavy cardstock or plain paper and laminate.

Use it as a cut and paste activity for the younger kids and glue on colored or plain paper.

Play a Leprechaun match game and see if you can find all of the matched cards that are facing down, don’t forget to take turns.  Set up the match game cards on a table or floor faced down.  Each player takes turn choosing two cards to see if they have a match.

Use Green Leprechaun Tic Tac Toe cards to play this classic game.  Choose from two different Leprechaun’s to use as tokens.

One of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day Games is the new St. Patrick’s Gold Coin game.  Get the kids moving and active and challenge them to hunt for the gold coin at the end of the rainbow.  Start off by printing and cutting out all the pieces of the game.  Fill a St. Patrick’s Treat Bag with chocolate coins.  Use a clear plastic sandwich bag to add chocolate coins inside and then staple the top of the bag with one of the St. Patrick’s Gold Coin Bag Toppers.  You can make one for each child playing the game.  Hide the printable coins around the house and make sure to hide the gold coin in a good hiding spot that is not too easy to find.  Set off the kids to start searching for the gold coin and the one who finds the gold coin gets to keep the chocolate coins at the end of the rainbow!  Play the game again until all the kids find the gold coin.

Now ask the kids what was one of their favorite St. Patrick’s Day Games and remember this for next year.

Play St. Patrick’s Games with family and friends and see if you have the luck of the Irish!




Kids St. Patrick’s Day Activities

Choose from a variety of St. Patrick’s Day Activities with crafts, coloring pages, games, printables and more for the family to enjoy.  Start off with printing St. Patrick’s Day Cards with leprechaun’s, rainbows, Luck of the Irish, Pot of Gold and even green sock monkey cards.  More fun Cards

St. Patrick's Day Teddy Bear

St. Patrick’s Day Teddy Bear Cards


Play St. Patrick’s Day Games with a gold coin gain to get the kids moving, the traditional Bingo game in Green with Lepreachaun’s and Shamrocks, Match up some St. Patty’s day characters in this match game, play Leprechaun dominoes or St. Patrick’s dominoes with the kids.  These fun St. Patrick’s Day Activities help the little leprechaun’s stay entertained while learning.


Leprechaun dominoes

Leprechaun Dominoes Game

See more about our games:


Challenge the kids with St. Patrick’s Day Tracing Worksheets .  Trace leprechaun steps, shamrocks and words for St. Patrick’s day.  Color the pictures afterwards.  These St. Patrick’s Day Activities help kids learn familiar words that are used during St. Patrick’s Day time.

st. patrick's lucky leprechaun words tracing

See more worksheets:


Have fun with St. Patrick’s Day Photo Booth Props and say “Cheese” like the leprechaun’s do.  Put on a leprechaun mustache and beard, or a green tie or hat.  You’ll look funky in these green glasses and if you wear glasses you can tape them on and still see green!

st. patrick's day photo props

St. Patrick’s Day Photo Props


Read more about our Photo Booth Props:


Cut and Paste these fun St. Patrick’s Day Jigsaw Puzzles with Leprechaun’s and Pot of Gold pictures.  Challenge the kids and mix up the puzzles and see if they can paste these characters back together again.  See more  Try our St. Patrick’s day crossword and word search puzzles as well.

leprechaun with pot of gold

St. Patrick’s Day Jigsaw Puzzles


Print St. Patrick’s Day Party printables for the home or school.  Hang up a St. Patty’s Day banner or garland.  Place green drink coasters under drinks or water bottles, wrap bottles, cups and candy bars with St. Patrick’s Day leprechaun’s.  Hand out St. Patrick’s green treats in bags with Green Leprechaun treat toppers.  Hand out shamrock hats and masks to help celebrate.  Read more about our St. Patrick’s party

leprechaun on banner

St. Patrick’s Day Banner


These St. Patrick’s day mazes won’t be hard to pass through if you have the patience and skill.  Choose from our pot of gold maze and help the leprechaun find his way to the treasure or help the St. Patty’s day cow find the last shamrock hidden inside the circled maze.


St. Patrick's Day Activities with pot of gold maze

St. Patrick’s Day Pot of Gold Maze


Find a variety of St. Patrick’s Day Activities with printable leprechaun door hangers, ruled paper, leprechaun best reader award and St. Patrick’s straw friends

leprechaun inside door hanger

Leprechaun Door Hanger


Use our simple shamrock template or pinwheel to make fun St. Patrick’s Day crafts


Large Shamrock Template


Choose from a variety of St. Patrick’s Day Coloring Pages for the kids to color and decorate the house or school.

leprechaun with coin

Leprechaun with gold coin coloring page


We even have St. Patrick’s Day Peanut/Nut Free labels, posters, stickers, treat labels and more for allergy awareness.


peanut-free leprechaun

St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Peanut Free Poster


Find these and more St. Patrick’s Day Fun Activities.  You never know maybe you’ll find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!