Give Thanks Bordered Paper

Write a note for someone special on Thanksgiving with “Give Thanks” bordered paper. Kids can write thankful messages to their teachers, parents and friends or write about what they are thankful for.

leaves and owl bordered paper with Give Thanks words


DIY Give Thanks Table Placemats

Use these colorful Placemats to cover the table. Just print and laminate to add color to your Thanksgiving Dinner  Table. Choose a Give Thanks Turkey, owl or pilgrims placemat that is ready-made or have the kids color the black and white owl, mouse or pilgrims placemat.

DIY Give Thanks PlacematsDIY Give Thanks Placemats for Thanksgiving

















DIY Thanksgiving Festive Banner

Hang up a Thanksgiving Festive Banner with a “Give Thanks” message across it. Print and cut out each page and use string to attach. Banner tops fold over the string that you can hang on the wall or across a large doorway.

thanksgiving give thanks banner words



Thanksgiving Candy Bar Wrappers for Someone Special

Wrap up a favorite candy bar with a “Give Thanks” wrapper and give it to someone special to show your appreciation. Kids can hand out these festive wrappers to teachers, family and friends to thank them for all that they do.

give thanks candy bar wrappers with owls


Thanksgiving Bookmarks

Print these fun festive bookmarks for Thanksgiving and hand them out to all your reading buddies. Great for teachers to hand out at school to encourage reading.

give thanks bookmarks with owls



Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Kids can color the Thanksgiving coloring pages and then put them up on the fridge or wall to show their festive spirit. Encourage the kids to use Thanksgiving colors such as brown, yellow, burgundy and green.

give thanks words with pilgrims, owl and mouse coloring pages


Finish the festive holiday with a Give Thanks poster to hang up and remind everyone to “Give Thanks” for all the blessings that are around us!  Happy Thanksgiving and don’t forget to Give Thanks!

thanksgiving give thanks gobble turkey


Enjoy these and more Give Thanks Thanksgiving Activities.

Peanut-Free Thanksgiving

Plan a Peanut-Free Thanksgiving with safe treats that can be labelled Peanut-Free for your guests.  Display Allergy Aware Posters around School and Daycare for a safe Thanksgiving party.  Add Peanut-Free Labels and Stickers to lunch and school bags. Choose from a variety of Thanksgiving themed Treat Toppers and Posters to display at home and school. Choose from “Peanut-free” or “No Peanuts Please” labels.

Make up some peanut-free muffins or cupcakes and decorate them with a Thanksgiving allergy aware treat topper. Let the guests know that the treats are safe to eat for those who have peanut allergies. Use these for sending treats to schools, daycares or wherever there are people with peanut allergies. Help keep kids safe at home and school, read the labels every time, read ingredients when baking and keep utensils, bowls and baking supplies free from peanuts and traces. Learn more about peanut allergies especially when preparing food for others.

Print on card stock paper and cut out the labels. Add a straw between two labels and use tape to fasten. The picture should show on both sides. Cut the straw to length and stick inside a Thanksgiving Treat.



peanut-free thanksgiving treat toppers with turkey, pilgrim, leaves

Use Thanksgiving Posters to display at home and school. Show everyone entering classrooms that No Peanuts are allowed in the classrooms or to be shared with the children. Use Thanksgiving Peanut-Free door hangers at school on classroom doors.


thanksgiving peanut-free poster with autumn leaves


Add a Peanut-Free placemat to your Thanksgiving dinner table for kids to print their name and enjoy a peanut-free meal.


thanksgiving peanut-free placemat with a turkey and a Peanut-free Message


Printable Thanksgiving Peanut-free Labels to display at home and school.


Thanksgiving Printables with a Turkey Craft, Banners, Door Knob Hangers, Coloring Pages, Stickers, Games, Puzzles, Mazes and more.


Thanksgiving Printables

Fun Thanksgiving Printables for the kids on Thanksgiving.  Print Thanksgiving Day Stickers, a door knob hanger or a Thanksgiving Day Turkey Craft.  Use the stickers for home or school projects.  Just cut out the stickers and paste them use glue stick.  Hang up a Happy Thanksgiving Day Door hanger on the kids room door.  Kids can complete a turkey craft by coloring the turkey parts and cutting and pasting the turkey back together onto a sheet of paper.


thanksgiving printables

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft


Thanksgiving Day Banners

Thanksgiving printables with Banners that say “Give Thanks” or “Gobble” with cute Turkeys.  Choose from two Thanksgiving Banners to decorate the house with.  Print as many banner pages as needed and use string to attach.


Thanksgiving Turkey Banner

Thanksgiving Turkey Banner


Thanksgiving Day Bookmarks

Encourage kids to read at Thanksgiving and everyday with Thanksgiving Bookmarks.  Print on card stock works best.   Laminate or cover with clear tape to protect the bookmarks and help them last longer.  Teachers can hand out the bookmarks to students to place in their reading books.  Add the child’s name and year on the back before laminating.


Thanksgiving Give Thanks Bookmarks

Thanksgiving Give Thanks Bookmarks


Thanksgiving Day Games, Puzzles, Mazes

Fun Thanksgiving Day Games, Puzzles and Mazes for the kids.  Play Thanksgiving Match game where all the picture cards are placed faced down and each player takes turns trying to find a match.  Print Thanksgiving Tic Tac Toe for on-the-go or at home.  Cut and Paste Jigsaw puzzles that kids color, cut and paste back together.  Challenge the kids with Thanksgiving mazes with a Scarecrow, Wagon Wheel, Turkey and Pilgrims.

thanksgiving match game

Thanksgiving Match Game


Thanksgiving Day Coloring Pages

Kids can color pilgrims, turkeys and Thanksgiving Day coloring pages.  Have the kids color a picture and display on the fridge or wall to show them your appreciation of their art work.

Thanksgiving Pilgrims Coloring Page

Thanksgiving Pilgrims Coloring Page


Fun Thanksgiving Day Printables to remind kids to be thankful this time of year.

Free printable Thanksgiving Table Decorations with Turkey Table settings.  Print out the table settings and have the kids help put them together.  Choose from decorative turkey napkin holders, placemats, a centrepiece, cup wrappers, treat toppers, place cards and coasters.

thanksgiving table ideas

Thanksgiving Table Decorations with Turkey Cup Wrappers

Choose a green or orange Turkey Chef Cup Wrapper that’s easy to print.  Cut and wrap around disposable cups that can be purchased at dollar stores.  Works best with 9oz cups and the kids can write their names right on the cups.


Thanksgiving Napkin Holders

Easy to print and make Thanksgiving Napkin Holders for that extra touch.  Just roll up a napkin, wrap the napkin holder around, and tape.  As easy as that!


Thanksgiving Centrepiece

Add that special touch to your Thanksgiving Table with a Turkey Chef Centrepiece.  Print both sides of the centrepiece on heavy cardstock.  Cut out and place a paper roll between both turkey centrepieces and glue.  Place centrepiece in the middle of the table.


Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Thanksgiving Coasters

Print and laminate these Turkey Thanksgiving Coasters to place drinks on.  If you don’t own a laminator, use clear tape or cut two round clear plastic page protectors to place the coaster between.  Add fun drinks for the kids.  Place candy through a straw or cotton candy.


Thanksgiving Place Cards

Use these Thanksgiving Place Cards to add each guest’s and family’s name.  Place them on the table to show seating arrangements or they can be placed on the table after the guests have been seated.  Show thanks to your guest’s and make them feel welcomed.


Thanksgiving Placemats

Add some Thanksgiving Turkey Placemats to the table for the kids to color.  These placemats are also great to bring along to restaurants or family dinners to keep the kids entertained.  The rest of the guests can have their personalized placemats right in front of them.  Just add their names or have them write their own.


Thanksgiving Turkey Placemat

Thanksgiving Table Decorations, Turkey Placemat


Thanksgiving Treat Toppers

Complete the Thanksgiving Table Setting with Treat Toppers for everyone.  Cut out and place these treat toppers in muffins, baked goods, cup cakes or candy apples.  When placing on candy apples, cut out a slit to put popsicle stick through.


Complete the Thanksgiving Table with Thanksgiving Decorations and your table will never be the same!  Don’t forget to include the kids when making and adding them to the table.


Printable Thanksgiving Day ruled paper for school, home, and art projects.  Use these Thanksgiving notes to write something special for someone and place a Thanksgiving lunch note in the kids school bag, lunch box or pocket.  The kids can write what they are thankful for with these Turkey cutouts.  Teachers can stick them on the walls and share with the rest of the class. 

Have the kids at home and daycare print their special thoughts down on these note papers and you’ll be surprised with what you read!

turkey cut-out