Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day Wristbands with Special Messages

Valentines Day Wristbands for kids with hearts and cute messages.  Choose from 5 different heart wristbands.  Messages include “Best Friends”, “Sweet”, “Be Mine”, Sweetheart” and “Love Me”.  Print and cut out, wrap around wrist to size, tape and cut off extra length.  Share with friends and family.  Use these Valentines Day wristbands to hand out to classmates, write a special message inside each wristband.

red/pink valentines day wristbands

Kids can surprise a classmate or friend by placing one on their desk. Mom’s can place one inside the child’s lunch or school bag on Valentine’s Day. Print out enough for everyone and use one as a template to make your very own Valentine wristband with a special message. Teachers can hand out red and pink strips of construction paper for the kids to make their own using words from magazines. Have the students cut out hearts to glue on the wristbands. Using a hole punch to make holes for added styles.



Valentine’s Day Coupons for Family, Friends and Teachers

Find fun Valentine’s Day coupons that can be printed and handed out to friends, family and teachers.  Mom and dad will love trading in these coupons with “A Night Out Without the Kids”, or “Breakfast in Bed”.


Teachers can be assured class participation with “We will be good listeners today”, or “I will be a good helper today”.  Kids can hand out to the teachers to use when they want to show the class good participation from everyone. Kids will feel proud that they all can make the teacher happy with good deads. Students will feel empowered when they can spend a little time being the teacher and seeing what hard work it is.


valentine's day couponsFriends will hold on to these coupons that say “A Play date at the Park with Me”, or “I will carry your bag for the day”. Friendships will be sealed with “Best Friends Forever Sealed with a Hug”.

Valentine's coupons for friends

Find these cute Valentine coupons and more in our Valentine Activities section.

Valentines Day Treats

Use lollipops to make colorful Valentines Day Treats.  Cover lollipops with candy wrappers or add labels to lollipop sticks by punching a hole at the top and bottom of the label and weave the stick through.  Search the stores for red heart lollipops to add the labels to or use everyday red lollipops.  Kids can write their name and hand them out at school to classmates.   Make lollipops special this Valentine’s Day with fun covers and labels.


valentines day treats


Valentines Day treats that have special messages for friends and family.  Surprise someone by placing them into school lunches, classmates and teachers desks.




valentine lollipop labels


Easy DIY Valentines Day Lollipops, just print out on card stock or plain paper, cut them out and cover the lollipop or weave them through the stick.  That’s it! Find these and more Treat Ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentines Day!


Send Valentine Candy grams to the special people in your class, teachers or family members on Valentines Day.  Choose from a a variety that are sure to please the sweet tooth.


Valentines Day Candy Grams

Kids can give Valentines Day Candy grams to friends, family and teachers that will put a smile on their face.  Choose from ready-made Valentine grams or ones to color and personalize.

Print candy grams that say:

“I’m Stuck on You” bubblegum gram

“You’re a Lifesaver” lifesavers gram

“From your class of Smarties” smarties gram

“Secret Admirer” gram

“You’re Beary Special” gummy bear gram

“Sweetheart” sweethearts gram

“I’m a Sucker for You” lollipop gram

Print the Candy grams on stock paper, tape candy to the Valentine gram and write a special message.


Candy Gram Ideas

Kids can make these cute Valentine grams for friends, classmates and teachers.  Surprise them by placing one on their desk to keep them guessing who their secret admirer is.  Place a candy gram in mom or dads lunch bag or stick one to the front door before they leave for work.  Mail one to grandma and grandpa and put a smile on their face!

Wrap a Valentines day gift with a candy gram on top instead of a card.  Add a candy gram to a flower bouquet or a stick balloon to make it extra special.


Valentine Gummy Bear Candy Grams


Printable Valentine’s Day Writing Paper, Ruled Paper and Notepads for special messages and notes.  Choose from a variety of designs with Owls, Hearts, Sweetheart Frogs, Teddy Bears and Cupids.  Use these blank or ruled papers for writing, drawing or note keeping.  Print these owl notepads, cut them out and staple them together to make a Valentine Notepad.  Cut out these Valentine Love Notes to place in lunch bags, school bags and more to show someone that you’re thinking of them.

owls and hearts paper

Valentine’s Day Owl Letter Paper

Free Printable Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages with lots of cupids to choose from.  Color cupid girls, boys and animals in a variety of fun pictures.  There’s sweetheart frogs, bunnies, monsters and hearts to color.  Use these valentine coloring pictures to hang on the fridge or roll them up and tie with ribbon to share with family and friends.

sweetheart frogs & flowers

Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Frogs Coloring Page

Printable Valentine’s Day Mazes and Puzzles for everyone to enjoy.  Choose from Cupids, Monsters and Sweetheart mazes or Valentine Crosswords and Word Searches.  Kids can be challenged with Bunny, Cupid Pig and Heart jigsaw puzzles.  Free printable mazes and puzzles that are easy to print and fun for the kids.


Cupid Elephant & Monster Maze

Valentine Monster Maze

Printable Valentine’s Day Games for the whole family.  Play checkers with a pink board using red and pink heart markers.  The little ones can play a Valentine Match Game by turning over the cards face down two at a time to see if they have a match.  If you love playing the snakes and ladders game, you’ll love play the Valentine Hearts Game with Valentine symbols you meet as you climb up the way to the top, be careful not to be shot down by a bow & arrow, try to land on the boy with the flying heart to move closer to the top.  If you are familiar with tic tac toe, then you’ll have to trouble playing our game with hearts and roses as the markers.  Want to play a fun cupid game? try our “Pin the Heart for Cupid” game where each child is handed a red heart and blindfolded to try and stick their heart as close to the heart outline on the wall game sheet.  The red heart closest to the heart outline becomes the winner.

Fun, easy to print and play Valentine’s Day games for everyone.

Hearts, Bows & Arrows Game

Valentine Love Hearts Game


Free Printable Valentine’s Day Peanut/Nut Free Printables with Posters, Labels and Treat Toppers.  Choose from a variety of posters and labels that have allergy aware messages such as “No Peanuts Please”, “Peanut Free”, “No Nuts Please”, “Nut Free”.   Print Valentine’s Day Cupids, Angels, Froggies and Hearts with allergy aware messages for classrooms, homes, daycare and more.  Labels can be used to put on lunchbags, school bags, treat labels and more.



Valentine Cupid No Peanuts Please Label

Valentine’s Day Peanut Free Label

Send someone a Valentine’s Day Candy Gram and put a smile on their face.  Choose from “I’m Stuck on You” bubblegum Candy Gram, “You’re a Lifesaver” Candy Gram, Smarties Candy Grams, Secret Admirer Candy Grams, “You’re Beary Special” gummy bear Gram and Sweetheart Candy Grams.  Print these Candy Grams on stock paper, tape candy to the Candy Gram, and write a special message.

Keep a family member, friend or teacher wondering who their secret admirer is after receiving one of these Valentine Candy Grams.

Valentine Gummy Bear Gram

Valentine Candy Gram