Summer worksheets with Cut and Paste Printables for the kids.  Cut and paste a strawberry patch, build a bird’s nest, create a park setting or paste apples onto an apple tree.  Kids can plant a flower garden or start a bug garden with fun cut and paste printables.  Start the summer off right with cut and paste yummy treat posters the kids can make to sell candy or ice cream at the garage sale.


Cut and Paste Printables with Summer Worksheets

Kids can cut out trees, pigeons, the sun and bench pictures from the cut and paste park activity sheet.  Paste the pictures onto a plain sheet of paper to create a park setting.  Help the bird build her nest with this cut and paste bird nest activity.  Cut out eggs, mama bird and her nest to paste in the tree on the next page.  Color the pictures when you are done.  Cut out all the strawberries that were just picked from the strawberry patch and paste them into the basket.  How many strawberries did you paste?  Our cut and paste apple tree has an apple tree that grows different colored apples.  Cut out the apples and paste them onto the tree.  How many apples did you paste?  How many green apples are there?  How many red apples are there?


Cut and Paste Printables

Strawberry Patch Cut and Paste Printables


Cut and Paste Printables with Gardening Worksheets

Fun Summer Cut and Paste Printables for the little gardener.  Cut out the bugs that love to roam the garden and paste them into a summer garden.  Choose from honey bees, snails, ladybugs and green worms.  Don’t forget to cut out the sun and the flowers to add to your bug garden.  Create the perfect flower garden with the cut and paste flower garden activity.  Kids can add as many flowers as they can fit into their cut and paste printable garden.  With the cut and paste spring planting worksheet, kids paste all the items they will need into the wheelbarrow to get the garden ready for planting.  Challenge the kids to see if they know the planting steps to plant seeds.  Kids paste the planting steps in numbered boxes 1 to 8 in the correct order for planting seeds.

Spring Planting Cut and Paste Printables

Spring Planting Cut and Paste Printables


Cut and Paste Printables with Yummy Treats Posters

Make your very own ice cream and candy bar posters with these fun cut and paste activities.  Cut out the candies or lollipops and paste them onto the candy bar poster.  Add different flavors of ice cream to the ice cream poster that can be used to sell at the next garage sale or treat stand.


Keep the kids busy this summer with cut and paste printables.