Cut and Paste School

Cut, paste and sort classroom, school yard and school pictures into correct categories.  Start off with a cut and paste activity that matches school pictures with the correct shapes.  Kids can create their own school yard and classroom scenes with Cut and Paste School pictures that are pasted on plain sheets of paper.  Get to know all about your kids classmates with cut and paste classmates activity.  Help the kids learn about school before their first day or when returning back to school with Back to School cut and paste worksheets.


Cut and Paste School Room

Create a classroom with books, teacher, blackboards, desks, clock, apple, school bag, kids playing and classroom decorations.  Great activity for kids just entering school or preschool to help them learn more about classroom settings.   Parents and teachers can talk with the children and explain routines and what it will be like at school.  Kids at school can explain what a typical day is and how their classroom is set up.


Cut and Paste School Classmates

Learn all about the kids classmates with the cut and paste school classmates activity.  Kids cut out all the kids in their class and paste them onto the Classmates Page.  Encourage the kids to paste the classmates in the same order (row seat) that they sit at school.   When the pasting task is complete, they can color each classmate’s hair and print their names.   Kids can show and tell at school or home something about each classmate.  Ask questions such as how many boys and girls?  How many in total? How many with brown hair, blond hair, black hair?


Cut and Paste School Yard

Have the kids cut out the school yard pictures and paste on colored or plain paper to create a school yard scene.  Choose from pictures with playground equipment, school house, kids playing, teacher on duty, school bus and a school yard apple tree.


Cut and Paste School Sorting

Younger children can work with pencil cutouts by pasting pencils into the correct order from smallest to largest.  For kids returning to school there is a cut and paste back to school activity.  Cut out the school pictures and place them into the correct categories that you label with “School Supplies”, “Classroom”, and “Recess”.  Kids can color the pictures when they have completed all the groups.


cut and paste school pictures

Cut and Paste School