Flashcards for kids with a variety of animal groups to choose from.  Kids can learn all about farm animals, pets, birds, reptiles and insects.  These colorful and easy to print Animal Cards can help teach kids about the different types of animal groups.  Kids can discover where we typically find these animals whether they are at the zoo or in the wild, on a farm, outside the home or moving around in our very backyard.  Kids love to explore different creatures and they can be easy to find most of the time such as around the house, in a forest or in the water.


Zoo Animals

Cut zoo animal flashcards with a lion, peacock, elephant, panda bear, penguin, gorilla, zebra, seal, kangaroo, ostrich and giraffe.  Ask the kids what other zoo animals they would see at a zoo.

flashcards with zoo animals

Zoo Animal Flashcards


Farm Animals

How many farm animals do the kids recognize with these farm animal flashcards?  Included are a chicken, rooster, horse, goat, duck, goose, bull, cow, pig, sheep, turkey, rabbit.



Bird flashcards with a penguin, swan, ostrich, duck, flamingo, pelican, hummingbird and seagull.  Have the kids name birds that they see outside of the house.



Reptile flashcards with a lizard, cobra snake, turtle and frog.  Ask the kids what reptile do you commonly see in a forest?



Insects with a snail, ladybug, dragonfly and spider.  Have the kids catch a few insects outside to discover how many legs, wings and antennas they have.



Pet flashcards with a dog, cat, goldfish and bunny.  Find out from the kids what other animals make good pets?


Ideas for Flashcards

All the cards can be printed and laminated, glue on cardboard, heavy paper or on a bristle board.  Use as a game and print all the animal cards and place them on the floor or table and have the kids group them together into their proper groupings, i.e. insects, zoo, farm.  Ask the kids about the animals habitat, where they live, what they eat, etc.