Reward the kids with Printable Fun Money in an assortment of Reward Bucks.  Choose Dad Bucks, Mom Bucks, Kid Bucks and School Bucks each for use with a different purpose in mind.


Reward Bucks with Dad Bucks and Mom Bucks

Hand out Mom Bucks and Dad Bucks when kids complete chores, perform good deeds, help around the house and whenever you feel they deserve a reward buck.  Exchange the reward bucks for real money, surprises, or for a kids day out. Mom can hand out Mom Bucks and Dad can hand out Dad Bucks for each little helper reward.


reward bucks

Reward Bucks with Mom Bucks


Reward Bucks with Kid Bucks

Use the Kid Bucks for family and friends or how about the babysitter.  Grandparents can hand out kid bucks as well.  There’s always work to do and things to help out with at grandma’s house.  An older brother or sister may want to hand out kid bucks to encourage their siblings to help them with chores or tasks.  They can clean their siblings room or help them with chores in return for reward bucks.


kid bucks

Kid Bucks


Reward Bucks with School Bucks

The kids can continue to feel rewarded at school with School Bucks the teachers can hand out.   These school bucks can be used for homework completed,  job well done, or teacher’s helper.   Teachers can exchange these school bucks for school supplies they place in a treasure chest or allow the student to sit in the teachers chair or reward them as teachers helper for a day.

school bucks

School Bucks


Choose the right Reward Buck for you to reward kids when they complete a specific task or chore.


Great rewards for great kids!