Encourage the kids to read at home and school by using the Reading Buddy Log Book where they can record the books that they have to family or classmates. This helps build their esteem and allows them to show off all their reading skills. The reading log book can be combined with an award for the amount of books read, i.e. have a reading marathon. Use the Bookmarks as a reminder about the reading buddy program. Parents and teachers will be so proud of the children’s accomplishments not matter how long it takes to fill a log book.

If the children can’t read yet, use the reading buddy log book to record how many books are read to them. Children learn so much when we read to them.

Watch the children grow with their reading and writing!

Read-to-Me and I’ll Read-to-You

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We’ve added a bunch of kids online games that are interactive for the kids. Check out checkers, sudoku, connect, dressup, car racing, hangman and more. We also have a bunch of celeb games under Games for Girls and More Games. If the kids like interactive coloring, puzzles and arcade games, we have that too. Check it out and play!

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Fun Kids Hot Air Balloon

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