Fun Jigsaw Puzzle Printables that kids make and color. Kids start by coloring the picture, cutting it up and then pasting it together on cardboard, colored paper or any type of backboard. Kids can challenge themselves by printing more than one puzzle and then combining the pieces together to match the correct pieces to make a puzzle. Find these and more colored puzzles at

The kids can keep up the learning skills with these fun summer games. Have the kids try counting monkeys or Jelly Beans. Keep them challenged with Summer Clues game where kids decode the summer phrase with pictures and letters. Colorful printable activities are just a few ways to keep kids learning and busy during the summer season. Find these and so much more at

Help keep the kids entertained this summer with Kidscanhavefun Summer Activities for the kids to enjoy. Kids can make cool recipes such as sidewalk chalk, bubbles, sidewalk paint, and popsicle recipes. Enjoy summer crosswords, mazes and garden crafts.

Try out our new Fun Motivational Calendars for Kids. Help them with their daily activities and tasks with this simple motivational calendar. Kids can check off each daily task and then sum them up at the end of the week. Goals and awards are given at the end of the week for tasks completed. We also have a motivational calendar that kids and parents help create together. Goals and tasks can be created with awards. Kids can complete their calendars with coloring and stickers. Printable award money can be used for each task completed. The award money can then be exchanged for prizes (you can purchase prizes at the local dollar store) or special activites like the movies, bowling, golf, amusement parks, fun days, ect.

Teachers can also use the blank motivational calendars and award money to help the Kids complete their daily school tasks.

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