Play Traffic Signs for Kids

Kids will enjoy playing with these play traffic signs. Children can use these signs to attach to sticks or tape around the house or outside in the yard. They they can scoot around on their ride-ons, scooters, bikes or trikes while playing traffic cop or setting up their very own roadways. Lots of signs to choose from such as Stop Signs, Traffic Lights, Gas Station, Car Wash, Yield sign and more!

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Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids

FishJigsawPuzzle page0 Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids
CactusJigsawPuzzle page0 page0 Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids
Fun Jigsaw Puzzle Printables that kids make and color. Kids start by coloring the picture, cutting it up and then pasting it together on cardboard, colored paper or any type of backboard. Kids can challenge themselves by printing more than one puzzle and then combining the pieces together to match the correct pieces to make a puzzle. Find these and more colored puzzles at

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Symmetry Printables for Kids

GirlSymmetry Symmetry Printables for Kids
Kids can learn symmetry the fun way by completing these fun symmetry printable pages. Kids copy the other half of the picture and learn what symmetry is all about. Find these and more under the School Bus Zone at

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Kids Can Draw

DrawGirlFaces Kids Can Draw
Kids can draw faces on these boys or girls heads or even draw their own face and color it. Check out these printables under Drawing Pages in the Crafts area at

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Travel Games to Go

travelbingo page0 Travel Games to Go
Keep the kids from asking how much longer in the car, bus or train. Hand out these Travel Games to Go which is sure to keep them busy for a while. Kids can enjoy Travel Bingo or I Spy games to go. Find them under Games at

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Pizza Fractions

pizzafractions page0 Pizza Fractions
Kids can learn their math fractions with this fun pizza printable. Cut the pizza into slices, have the kids hand the pieces out, and teach then their fractions. These fun printables and more at

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Summer Scrapbook for Kids

SummerScrapbook page0 Summer Scrapbook for Kids
Kids can enjoy printing and completing these summer scrapbook pages. Kids arrange the pages how they like, fill in the blanks with writing, pictures or drawings and add any other special effects to their journal. Kids will love presenting their memories to family, friends or their class. Find these and more fun printables at

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Summer Learning

CountMonkeys Summer Learning
The kids can keep up the learning skills with these fun summer games. Have the kids try counting monkeys or Jelly Beans. Keep them challenged with Summer Clues game where kids decode the summer phrase with pictures and letters. Colorful printable activities are just a few ways to keep kids learning and busy during the summer season. Find these and so much more at

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Kids Summer Activities

JelloPopsicleRecipe Kids Summer Activities
Help keep the kids entertained this summer with Kidscanhavefun Summer Activities for the kids to enjoy. Kids can make cool recipes such as sidewalk chalk, bubbles, sidewalk paint, and popsicle recipes. Enjoy summer crosswords, mazes and garden crafts.

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Mazes and School Activities

SummerClue Mazes and School Activities
Added some Mazes and Summer Activities, use these activities to keep the kids busy during the summer. We’ll be adding some cool summer activities and recipes for the kids to enjoy. You can find the mazes at
and the summer activities at

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