Printable Thank You Teacher, School Bus Driver and School Staff Printable gifts.  Don’t forget to thank all the school staff that has helped out with student achievements and successes throughout the school year.   Thank Teachers, School Staff and School Bus Drivers with “Thank You” printable candy bars and cupcake wrappers.  These printable candy bar wrappers make great gifts for all school staff and shows them they are appreciated for all their hard work and dedication.  On the back of each candy bar wrapper you can write a little message on what you remember best about them.  Choose from gift pillow boxes just for teachers, note to teacher letterhead, thank you teacher bottle labels and more.


Thank You Teacher Printable Gift Ideas

Say “Thank You” to the teacher with Owl and Apples “Thank You” and “Best Teacher” Candy Bar Wrappers.  Put some special treats in a bag and seal it with a Teacher Treat Bag Topper or Pillow Box just for teachers.  Teachers will feel heartfelt with a special letter to the teacher on one or our “Note To Teacher” Letterheads.  Fill a small bottle or vase with treats and wrap a “Thank You Teacher” bottle label around it with ribbon.

Thank You Teacher Pillow Box

Thank You Teacher, Pillow Box Gift Idea


Thank You School Bus Driver Printable Gift Ideas

Don’t forget to thank the School Bus Driver for getting you to school and back safe and sound.  Wrap a yummy candy bar with a “Thank You Bus Driver” label or make some special cupcakes and wrap them up with “Thank You Bus Driver” Cupcake Wrappers.

Thank You Bus Driver Cupcake Wrappers

Thank You Bus Driver Gift Idea


Thank You School Staff Printable Gift Ideas

Everyone at school plays an important part in student success.  Thank the school staff with “Thank You” candy bar wrappers and show them your appreciation for their hard work.

Thank You School Staff Candy Bar Wrapper

Thank You School Staff Gift Idea