Valentine’s Day is a great time of the year to wrap candies, chocolate bars, cupcakes and lollipops for someone special.  Wrap homemade cupcakes with heart-shapped wrappers or “Happy Valentine’s Day” heart wrappers that will surely make your baking look special.  Spice up some lollipops with colorful labels and sweet messages that you can wrap around the lollipop or stick.  Choose from a variety of treat bag labels that you staple to the top of any clear plastic bag and fill with treats.  There’s one for teachers, parents, friends and even a special treat bag for pets you can fill with doggy or kitty treats.  Color your own treat bag labels or candy bar wrappers to make it that more special.  Give someone a Valentine’s Day covered gum package you wrap with sweetheart frogs. 

Wrap up a variety of candy bars, cupcakes, lollipops and treats for family, friends, teachers, classmates and pets for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Hearts Treat Labels

Valentine Treat Bag Labels