Kids Writing Books

Kids love to read and they also love to create their own books. We created some mini printable books that can be colored and authored by kids. If they haven't masterd the skill of writing yet, they can have someone else write their story for them while they dictate.

My Story Books

Kids E-Books

The kids can create their very own storybooks with these booklet pages. Choose the topic to print, place the pages in the correct order, color the pages and write the stories. Now the kids are ready to read-a-loud their newly created stories to family, friends or classmates. Kids can enjoy these free online e-books and audio books. Kids that don't read as much may find these reading materials fun and interactive.

My Pet Booklets

Kids can create their very own All About My Pet Booklets. Write out what your pet loves to do, loves to eat and what it looks like. Record your pets birthday. Tell us when you brought it home. How long did it took to train and where does it sleep. Fill out the adoption certificate. When your all finished, present it to the class, family or friends. Add stickers and pictures to make it special.

My Comics

Comic Creator Online

Kids can create and color their very own comic strips with these cute cartoon comics. Kids print out the comics, put them in order, add the lines and color. Kids will enjoy these online comic creators.

Seasonal Storybooks

Kids complete these seasonal storybooks with their own stories and coloring.

My Fairytale Books

Kids will have fun creating their very own fairytale books such as tales about vampires, monsters, fairies, the little girl and the wolf, superheroes and more.

My Cookbooks

Kids can print and complete their very own cookbook with their own recipes or favorite recipes they gather up.

My Wizard Spellbook

Kids can print and fill out their spells in this wizardry spell book with spells to get you started.

Kids Books

Explore these online book sites where kids can create their own books or play storybook activities.

Storybook Felt Friends

Fun storybook felt characters and scenes to print and make. Use these characters to stick to felt boards.

Book Printables

Fun book printables with bookmarks, reading logs and watch the bookworm grow as you add your read books to it.

Story Sequential Memory Cards

Use these sequential memory cards for kids to place in the order that they remember the story.
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