Earth Day Activities

Kids can learn more about the earth and how to care for it with these fun Earth Day Activities.

Earth Day Printables

Fun Earth Day Printables for the kids. Choose from earth day ruled paper, bookmarks, stickers and earth day achievement awards.

Earth Day T-Shirts

Wear your support for Earth Hour and Earth Day with these Iron On T-Shirt Transfers. These printables can also be used to print on special paper for puzzles, mouse pads, magnetic paper and any other item that can be printed. T-Shirt transfer paper and all other special project paper can be purchased at local office supply stores. It is recommended to test the printing on plain paper first. Choose Light Colors or Dark Colors Transfer paper.

Earth Day Puzzles

Kids can challenge themselves on Earth Day with these crossword, word search and jigsaw puzzles. Printable Earth Day Cetificate and Award to hand out to eco-kids that participate in eco-friendly activities.

Earth Day Writing Paper

Printable Earth Day blank paper for notes and ideas on what Earth Day is all about.

Earth Day Certificates

Earth Day Cards

Print and hand out these Earth Day cards to show your appreciation of the earth. Printable Earth Day Peanut Free labels with cupcake toppers, labels and poster.

Earth Day Peanut-Free Labels

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Earth Day Coloring Pages

Color Earth Day pictures to hang up around home or school.