Summer Coloring Pages

Coloring pages for the Holidays are a great time for kids to show their talent and create beautiful works of art for the fridge, walls, friends and family.

Sun Coloring Pages

Color sunny days with these fun sun pictures. Color a sunset or a sunrise. Ever see a sun wearing a sombrero hat? This sun needs sunglasses.

Beach Coloring Pages

Fun Beach coloring pages with kids at the beach. Ever see a beached watermelon?

Swimming Coloring Pages

Kids love to swim and they will enjoy coloring swimming children.

Skateboarding Coloring Pages

Skateboarding pictures to color with kids skateboarders. Ever see a gorilla skateboard?

Summer Fun Coloring Pages

Fun in the sun summer coloring with blowing bubbles. Color a summer night with the moon and stars. This summer storm needs some color.

Summer Flowers Coloring Pages

Flowers to color for summer with kids playing and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

More Summer Coloring

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