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DIY Valentine's Day Candy Wrappers

Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to hand out wrapped Valentine's day candy bars and treats. Wrap your favorite chocolates and treats with fun Candy Wrappers, Candy Grams, Treat Bag Labels, Lollipop Covers and more. Give these wrapped treates as gifts to family and friends.

Valentine Candy Wrappers 100 gram bars

Valentine Candy Wrappers 1.55 ounce Bars

Treat family and friends with a candy bar wrapped in a Valentine Candy Wrapper with a sweet message or a personal message made by you. DIY candy wrappers to customize for mom or dad. Add some sparkly glitter glue, stickers and gems to make it extra special for Valentine's Day.

Valentine Candy Wrappers Mini bars

Wrap up some mini-bars with these mini Valentine candy wrappers and hand out at school and friends. Parents can add them to lunch bags, school bags and more.

Valentine Candy Wrappers
Color Your Own - 1.55 ounce bars

Kids can color the Valentine candy wrappers to make it extra special to hand out to family and friends.

Valentine Candy Wrappers
Color Your Own - 100 gram bars

Kids can color their very own Valentine candy wrapper to hand out to friends and family.

Valentine Mini Candy Wrappers
Color Your Own

Kids can hand out these adorable mini candy wrapper chocolates to friends to color and then enjoy.

Valentine Gum package Wrapper

Wrap up a 12-piece package of gum or a 15oz candy bar and impress your friends on Valentine's day.

Valentine Treat Labels

Staple Valentine Treat Bag Labels on Candy bags filled with treats. Fits up to 4 inch wide bags. Use these lollipop labels and covers to share with family and friends.

DIY Valentine's Day Candy Grams

More Valentine's Day Treat Labels

Valentine's Day Nut Allergy Treat Toppers and Labels

DIY Valentine's Day Cupcake Wrappers

Send someone a candy gram. Put it in the mail or hand it to classmates or teachers. Place one under the pillow for mom and dad.

Valentine Candy Grams

Kids Activities for Valentine's Day

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