Food Allergy Printables

Print allergy food labels, posters and more to use as stickers, classroom door posters, school and lunch bag tags, and allergy aware notices. Seasonal Food Allergy printables for all year round.

Peanut & Nut Allergy

No Nuts and No Peanuts Allergy Alert Labels that can be used anywhere there is an allergy aware message to be displayed. Use these Peanut/Nut Free Posters to hang up at home, daycare and school.

Student Desk Allergy Signs

Print the students name on these allergy signs and attach them to the front or top of the student's desk.

Allergy-Free Lunch Table

Use these signs to post to walls or tables to indicate an Allergy-Safe food table.

Allergy Alert Labels

Food Allergy Alert Labels for lunch boxes, school bags, allergy alert tags and more.

Allergy Printable Activities

Allergy printables with allergy bookmarks, cut and paste activities, allergy reference posters for babysitters and daycare providers and more.

T-Shirt Allergy Iron-ons

Print these allergy aware t-shirt iron-ons on t-shirt transfer paper and transfer them onto t-shirts for camp activities, field trips or special events like walk-a-thons. Help keep kids safe by having them display an allergy alert.

Food Allergy Luggage Tags

Printable luggage tags with food allergy alerts. Use these luggage tags on kids carry-on bags and luggage.

Dairy Allergy

No Dairy and I'm Allergic to Dairy Stickers and Labels for home, school, daycare and travel.

Egg Allergy

No Eggs Allergy Labels and Stickers to display an egg allergy alert.

Fish & Shelfish Allergy

I'm Allergic to Fish, I'm Allergic to Shellfish Labels to display an allergy warning.

Soy Allergy

No Soy Please Alert Labels for home, school, daycare, school trips and travel.

Latex Allergy

No Latex Please, Latex Free Zone Alert Labels for home, school, daycare, medical clinics.

Corn Allergy

Corn Allergy, Corn Free Labels and Corn Free Treat Toppers.

Multiple Allergies

Multiple Food Allergy Labels for those with more than one food allergy.

Gluten Allergy

Gluten free labels and posters to hang up at home, school, daycare, preschool. Use the labels on lunch bags and school bags.

Seasonal Food Allergy Printables

Seasonal and Holiday Allergy Labels, Posters, Treat Labels and more.
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