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Kids can enjoy paper board games like checkers, bingo, balloons and slides. Simple games with TicTacToe, Folded Paper Game. Keep them entertained with travel games for on the go. Seasonal games throughout the year.
Kids can choose from a variety of different themes to color. No crayons or mess with these online coloring games, all you need is a mouse.

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Kids Jigsaw Puzzles

Kids Crossword Puzzles

Word Search Puzzles

Printable Puzzles

Fun puzzles for kids to challenge themselves with Crosswords, Jigsaw and Word Search Puzzles. Find simple and everyday puzzles that kids can learn from. Try our online crosswords for added game play.

More Puzzles for Kids

Sudoku Puzzles

Play Online Crossword Puzzles

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Here you will find educational school worksheets for the kids such as printable school papers, educational puzzles, reading and writing worksheets, tracing worksheets, all about me projects, math activities and certificates.


Free kids printable activities with crafts, coloring pages, playtime activities, games, party planning, educational worksheets, allergy aware printables, parent corner and so much more fun activities the whole family can share.

Kids Party Printables

Party Planning Ideas

The kids party section is where you will find party ideas, party planning printouts, party props and party cards for both the party kid and guests. Adding stickers and drawings can help add that special touch.

Party Card Invites

Party Games

More Party Printables

Party Menus

Party Decorations

Party Hats

Party Letterhead

Girls Sleepover Party

Party Props

Playtime Activities

Kids playtime activities is all about pretend play with cool printables. Here you'll find unique girls printables for their dolls, cool clothes to print and color, and of course some girls to dress. Kids can hang up traffic signs and print a pretend drivers license. Setup a pretend classroom or library. Have fun playing with these fun pretend playtime printables.

More Fun Playtime Activities

Kids Play Signs

Paper Dolls, Clothes, House, Pets

Play Shopping

Play Restaurant

Play Club ID

Play Library

Awards and Certificates

Paper Music

Tooth Fairy Printables

Fun Bucks

Fun Door Hangers

Play Badges and License

Thank You Coach Printables

Kids holding up signs that say crafts, games, playtime, coloring, school, allergy
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Children Story Books

My Fairytale Book

Children love to read and they also love to create their own story books. We created some mini printable books that can be colored and authored by kids. If they haven't mastered the skill of writing yet, they can have someone else write their story for them while they dictate. Kids can create their very own pet books, cookbook, spellbook, storybooks and more.

More Book Activities

My Pet Booklets

My Comic Books

My Story Books

My Cook Books

My Wizard Spell Book

Storybook Felt Friends

Story Sequential Memory Cards

Story Bookmarks

Seasonal Activities

Kids can find activities throughout the seasonal and holidays to keep them busy and entertained.

Halloween Activities

Valentine's Day Activities

Christmas Activities

Canada Day Activities

July 4th Activities

Thanksgiving Activities

More Seasonal Activities

New Year's Activities

Easter Activities

Earth Day Activities

Summer Camp Activities

Chinese New Year Activities

Hanukkah Printables

St. Patrick's Day Activities

Fathers Day Printables

Graduation Printables

Summer Activities

Spring Crafts

Travel Activities

Mardi Gras Printables

Kids eCards

Holiday Cards

Kids can send electronic greeting cards to family and friends. Choose from hundreds of free cards to send for every occasion.

Birthday Cards

Everyday Cards

More eCards

Kids Holiday Crafts

DIY Simple Crafts

Enjoy our simple craft printables where kids can experiment with cool craft recipes, paper crafts, seasonal and holiday crafts and other fun printable crafts. Fun and easy to make craft projects made by little hands is a great gift throughout the year.

Kids Craft Recipes

Paper Crafts for Kids

More Crafts for Kids

Sticker Sheets

Milk Carton Crafts

Puppet Crafts for Kids

Loom Band Organizer Sheet

All About Me Activities

Kids can help others learn more about them with "All About Me" booklets they complete. Children can learn about their Teeth, Community, Skeleton and Healthy Food Choices. Parent can help motivate kids to complete chores and tasks with "Reward Punch Cards" and "Motivational activities".

All About Me Boy Booklet

All About Me Girl Booklet

All About My Family Tree

All About My Teeth

All About My Community

All About My Skeleton

Healthy Eating Choices

Reward Punch Cards

Motivational Activities

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Celtic Coloring Pictures

Tiki Masks Coloring Pictures

Pet Adoption Certificates

Paper Farm Animals

DIY Greeting Cards, Postcards, Holiday Cards

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Candy Wrappers

Cupcake Wrappers

Parents Resources

Movie and Book Reviews

A parent information resource page where parents can find helpful links and information. Learn about kids movie and book reviews, healthy kids, safe sites, parent printables and more fun kids activities.

Parenting Resources and Reviews

Keeping Kids Safe Online Resources

Lunch Box Printables

Printable Calendars

Kids Health

Note To Teacher Letterhead

Student Contact Information Sheet

Multiple Food Allergies Labels

Food Allergies

Use these food allergy labels and posters to attach to school bags, lunches, desks, classrooms and around the home.

Food Allergy Alert Labels

Food Allergy Free Zone Posters

Holiday Food Allergy Posters, Labels

Peanut-Free Travel Labels

Peanut-Free Iron-ons

Lunch Table Food Allergy Signs

More Food Allergy Printables

Peanut/Nut Allergy Labels

Soy Allergy Labels

Gluten Allergy Labels

Egg Allergy Labels

Dairy Allergy Labels

Fish/Seafood Allergy Labels

Latex Allergy Labels

Cut and paste worksheets to help kindergarten and preschoolers develop their fine motor skills. Cut and paste activities with animals, learn alphabet and numbers, learn shapes, cut and paste sports, dressup girls and so many more.

Cut and Paste Activities

More Cut and Paste Worksheets

Cut and Paste Animals

Cut and Paste Preschool Activities

Cut and Paste Alphabet & Numbers

Cut and Paste Shapes

Cut and Paste Food

Cut and Paste Winter

Cut and Paste Faces

Cut and Paste Clock

Movie Night Party

Clown Party

Photo Booth Props

Create some lasting memories with family and friends with photo booth props. Choose from mustache props, lips props, glasses, hats, bowties and more.

Mustache & Lips Photo Props

Glasses & Hats Photo Props

Ties & Bowties Photo Props

Holiday Photo Props

Crowns Photo Props

More Photo Props

DIY Treat Toppers, Labels

DIY Candy Wrappers, Toppers, Treat Bag Labels, Cupcake Wrappers, Candy Grams and other fun treat labels.

Candy Wrappers

Cupcake Wrappers

Treat Toppers

Candy Grams

Treat Bag Labels

No Bullying

No Bullying activities and printables with posters, labels, stickers, certificates, ruled paper, bookmarks and more.

No Bullying Zone Posters

Anti-Bullying Certificates

No Bullying Labels

Anti-Bullying Worksheets

Don't Bully Printables

Food Allergy Luggage Tags

More No Bullying Printables

Seasonal Mazes

Printable Mazes

Animal Mazes

Simple printable mazes the kids will enjoy completing by helping characters find their way through the maze.

Number Mazes

Alphabet Mazes

More Fun Mazes

Travel with Kids Printables

Travel printables for families on the go. Use these for travel trips on planes, trains, cards, boats and hotels. Keep the kids entertained while traveling with games, activities, writing paper, games and more.

Travel Luggage Tags

Travel Games

Road Trip Puzzles

Coloring Pages

More Travel Activities

Travel Postcards

Travel Notepaper

Food Allergy Alert Luggage Tags

Kids Road Trip Goodie Bag Toppers

Kids Road Trip Visit Cards

Kids Travel Checklist

Printable Calendars

Keep organized during the whole year with these monthly and weekly school calendars. Kids can use them too for homework and after school activities.

Monthly Calendars

Weekly Calendars

Coloring Calendars

Motivational Calendars

Teacher Calendars

Fathers Day Activities

Fathers Day Tie Crafts

Print coupons, awards, gardening and barbecue recipes for dad. Let dad play the Fathers day tie wheel to choose a fun activity for the day. Make a Fathers day t-shirt with this iron-on and print an assortment of Fathers day cards.

Fathers Day Games

Coloring Pages to Color for Dad

Fathers Day Printables

Fathers Day Cards

Fathers Day Breakfast in Bed

Fathers Day Awards

Fathers Day Puzzles

Fathers Day Mazes

Peanut/Nut Free Labels for Dad

Candy Wrappers for Dad

Fathers Day Iron-ons

Fathers Day Letters

More Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Last Day of School Printables

Print a variety of Graduation Diplomas, Teacher Gift Ideas and Last Day of School Printables.

Congratulations Graduation Cards

Graduation Diplomas

Graduation Coloring Pages

Graduation Bookmarks and Stickers

Graduation Letterhead

Graduation Tracing Pages

Graduation Photo Booth Props

Teacher & Student Awards

End of School Year T-Shirt Iron-ons

Thank You Candy Wrappers

Farewell Teacher Printables

Farewell Students Printables

Thank You Bus Driver Printables

Thank You School Staff Printables

Teacher Gift Ideas

Congratulations Money Holders

Graduation Party Printables

Graduation Scrapbook Pages

Class of 2016 T-Shirt Iron-ons