All About Me Activities

All About Me booklets the kids can complete and help others learn more about them. Kids can start their very own family tree with this simple worksheet. Learn more about healthy food choices with cut and paste activities, food group worksheets and healthy choice place mats. Motiviational calendars are a great way to get the kids encouraged to do required chores and activities. Reward the kids with motivation stickers, punch cards and award money.

All About Me Booklets

It's all about the kids with these fun activities. Boys and girls can use these books to list the many things about themselves. Family and friends will soon know more about them. The kids can create their own family tree with help from their parents and learn more about their ancestors.

Motivational Activities

Want to get the kids motivated, try these motivational calendars to get them on the move with the chores or everyday tasks. Kids and parents can work together to put these calendars together and agree on tasks and awards. There is even one they can create from scratch. The kids will love knowing that they were part of the planning. Give the kids award money for tasks completed in exchange for money or prizes. With these activities everyone is sure to benefit.

Reward Punch Cards

Reward the kids for tasks completed with these Reward Punch Cards. Kids receive a hole punch on their punch cards for chores or tasks completed. When the punch card is filled, reward them with money, prizes or special outings.
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Healthy Eating Activities

Kids can learn about healthy eating habits, good food choices, food groups and meal food portions.

School Lunch Menus

Kids will love finding these School Days Lunch Menus in their lunch bag. Choose from Lunch Menus the kids create, parents create or kids choose from.