Photo Booth Props

Photo Booth Props for everyday and holiday fun. Choose from a variety of fun props for the whole family. Great party pictures.

St. Patrick’s Day Photo Booth Props will have the whole family having fun for picture day. Ensemble the whole family for some fun pictures with leprechaun hats, glasses, ties, beard, pipe, pot of gold and some shamrocks.


Leprechaun Glasses Photo Booth Props

Put on some green glasses to look like a leprechaun.  Choose from two green styles.  Cut out the glasses from the template and don’t forget to cut out the insides of the glasses so that everyone can see your beautiful eyes.


Leprechaun Mustaches Photo Booth Props

No leprechaun picture would be complete without a mustache. Choose from two shades of green and an orange one.  What color makes you look more like a leprechaun?


St. Patrick’s Day Hats and Ties

Dress yourself up with some “Luck of the Irish” ties.  Choose from two green bows and one green tie.  If you wear these leprechaun hats you just might find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  There’s two styles to choose from.


 Fun St. Patrick’s Day Photo Booth Props

Wear an orange leprechaun beard and pipe to look like a wise leprechaun.  Hold a shamrock for good luck in one hand and a pot of gold in the other while you say “cheese”!


St. Patrick's Day Photo Booth Props

DIY St. Patrick’s Day Photo Booth Props


Print these fun St. Patrick’s day photo props and then stick a dowel or any stick to the back with tape.  Now hold them up for the camera while you pose with the whole family.  Makes a great family keepsake picture for St. Patrick’s Day.  You can use the picture to make greeting cards as well to send to family and friends.

Smile you’re on Camera!