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Welcome to KIDSCANHAVEFUN. Our kids Free worksheets and activities help kids learn, play, create, and celebrate through positive learning experiences. We hope that by learning the fun way, kids can be successful at home and school. We believe the unique learning styles of students should be considered when planning and implementing learning activities.  We offer kids printables with worksheets, cut and paste activities, DIY crafts, coloring pages, playtime activities, games, party ideas, allergy aware printables, just for mom and activities the whole family can share.


Educational worksheets with math, reading &  writing, numbers, alphabet, tracing and cut & paste activities. Learn colors, tell the time, STEM and all about me with fun classroom activities.



Kids can experiment with cool craft recipes. Create fun craft projects for everday and school. Free printable templates for cutting and pasting. 



Pretend play activities with fun printables for playroom setup ideas. Imaginary play inside and outside the home for individual or group playdates. 



Celebrate special occasions and holidays with craft projects, party printables, holiday ideas and current events.

Kids Party


Just for mom printables and DIY projects. Enjoy free motivational posters, cards, printable calendars, coloring pages and bordered writing paper. Allergy aware labels, school notes and kids lunch box ideas. 


Kids Celebrate Special Days

Kids can celebrate special days of the year with fun Gift Ideas and DIY projects for mom and dad. Graduation and end of school year printables for students and teachers, spring break activities for staycations, on-the-road and away. Play travel games and print fun activities for the whole family. Get set, get ready and go with free camp checklists and printables. Start off the summer with free craft recipes, fun summer lemonade stand printables and more.

Father's Day

Fathers Day printables and  crafts from the kids. Make dad day even more special with homemade shirt tie cards, gardening crafts, treat labels, 
t-shirt irons, letters to dad, Dad breakfast in bed and more fun  ideas for dad.  

Father's Day Printables


Fun Graduation printables for the kids. Successfual graduate awards for preschool, kindergarten and elementary. Free Grad Party printables and DIY Class of Year Shirts. Free printable grad photo props.

Graduation Printables

Holiday Activities

Holiday printables, crafts, worksheets and more for kids to celebrate special days of the year. Enjoy crafts, coloring pages, games, puzzles, fun printables, worksheets and so much more free fun for the whole family.

Holiday Activities
More Special days

Seasonal Fun for Kids

Seasonal fun for kids with End of School Year printables, travel activities, camp printables and summer fun DIY projects, recipes and activities.

End of School Year

Fun kids Last Day of School Year printables for the kids. Cards, Gifts, Rewards, Congratulations and Farewell printables for students and teachers to share. There's even something for school bus drivers and education assistants.

End of School Year Printables

Travel with Kids

Print fun travel with kids activities to keep them entertained. Whether the family plans are spending it as a staycation, travelling abroad, or just hitting the road. Play road trip games, bring along some photo props, coloring pages, trip visit cards and more.

Travel Games and Printables

Camp Printables

Camp activities for the kids to enjoy with fun camp printables, games, coloring, cards, journals. Try the QR Code scavenger hunt, bug explorer activity or the camp scavenger hunt. Use a handy camp packing list to get the kids started.

Camp Activities

Summer Activities

Summer printable activities that can keep the kids challenged during the summer. Setup lemonade stands, make special outdoor craft recipes and so much more.

Summer Activities
More Seasonal Fun

Kids Learn

Teach kids the fun way with educational worksheets and classroom activities. Challenge the kids with math practice, cut and paste worksheets, reading and writing alphabet activities and so much more. Kids can learn to trace alphabet, numbers, shapes and animals to help with their fine motor skills.

Cut and Paste

Cut and paste worksheets to help kids develop their fine motor skills. Cut and paste activities with animal scenes, robots, chess, faces, clocks, alphabet and numbers. Cut out and paste food items or create beautiful works of art with a variety of shapes.



Learn math the fun way by counting, adding and multiplying. Challenge the kids with pizza fractions, bug math, multiplication tables, skip counting, math squares, symmetry, math BINGO and holiday math activities.



Tracing pages can help kids develop their fine motor skills. Practice tracing animals, shapes and pictures. Trace and print uppercase and lowercase alphabet letters, numbers, paths and lines. Learn colors by tracing these colorful words.



Reading activities for kids with sight words poster, storybook sequential cards, reading log book list, reading awards certificates, reading flash cards and bookmarks.



Printing practice worksheets and activities to help get the kids practice their printing skills. Kids learn the alphabet and numbers with fun letter and game activities. Flash cards that tell a story and interact with the kids with kittens and puppies counting prompts. Letter code busters and write a story booklets. Printing worksheets with missing alphabet letters fill-in the blanks.



Teacher and Learning from home worksheets for Students. Kids can learn all about the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) theme. Classroom readiness wall posters and student welcome activities. Recognition awards for students, monthly school calendars to keep track of important dates and graduation printables to hand out at the end of the school year.  


Kids Create

Fun simple crafts for the kids to create. Make crafts with paper, milk cartons, lunch bags, cotton balls, templates and items around the house. Learn how to make cool crafting supplies like clay, playdough, chalk, paint, slime and frienship dough. Create works of art with coloring and doodle pictures you can frame.

Paper Crafts

Make paper animal and farm scene crafts, fun masks and wristbands, stick and paper bag puppets, paper music instruments, milk carton crafts and hanging crafts.


Craft Recipes

Learn how to make fun craft recipes for indoor and outdoor activities. Find out what supplies you need to make clay, playdough, slime, paint, chalk and bubbles. Make the colors you like and create your own supplies to complete works of art.  



Color a variety of art projects, like tiki masks, bugs, mini books, doodles, wash your hands posters, thank you frontline workers coloring pages, animals, geometric shapes, bible and educational coloring pages.


Sticker Sheets

Create printable sticker sheets for projects, notebooks, school crafts and cards. Print them on sticker paper or cut out and paste with glue stick.


DIY Cards

DIY Homemade cards the kids can make for everyday and special occasions. Be thankful with cute bird greetings or special thoughts chalkboard cards. Print inspirational cards, holiday cards, travel postcards and prank cards. Put a smile on someone's face with a greeting card made by you.

DIY Greeting CARDS

Kids Play

Kids playtime and pretend play activities for indoor and outdoor play. DIY musical instruments, exercise and health printables, fun games, pet printables and more.

Pretend Play

Kids can pretend play with fun printables and DIY projects. Create a library or school scene with fun ID cards. Setup a restaurant to serve family and friends. Be a traffic cop and direct ride-ons inside or outside. Print pet adoption certificate templates or chore charts. Tooth fairy envelopes for special surprises. Motivational rewards bucks are great to motivate the kids. What better are idea than to hold a spelling bee and hand out a best speller award.


Exercise & Health

Get the kids moving with fun motivational exercise & health posters. Cat yoga posters to practice stretching and relaxation. Exercise with DIY paper fitness wristbands. Wash your hands posters and reward bucks to motivate and remind the kids. Stop the spread of germs posters as a friendly reminder for the whole family and school. Sports templates with checklists, fan props, DIY T-shirts and awards for active kids.



Fun everyday games for kids and family. Play board games, I spy, Bingo, Circle time games, family game night and road trip games. Printable games that are educational and for the holidays too.



Challenge the kids with crossword, word search, sudoku, logic and jigsaw puzzles. Educational puzzles that teach about animals, reading and writing, math, body parts, fill-in the blanks and opposites. Seasonal and holiday puzzles for everyone.



Simple and fun printable mazes to keep the kids challenged. Kids will enjoy animal mazes, alphabet mazes in the shape of letters and number mazes in the shape of numbers. Try our seasonal and holiday fun mazes.

Fun Mazes

Kids Party Celebrations

Celebrate the kids birthdays with party planning ideas, printable party name card templates, photo booth props, birthday invitations, thank you cards, party decoration props, treat wrappers and party theme ideas. 

Party Planning

Celebrate kids birthdays with party planning ideas, guess lists, party menus, party agenda and gift ideas list. Get the party started by handing out fun DIY props such as wristbands, headbands, hats and masks the kids can make. Party banners, cup wrappers and games for the kids to play. 


Party Cards and Invites

Birthday Party cards and invites to hand out to the guests. Choose from  wristband invites, fun shaped card invitations, and everyday party card invites. Print name cards, party table cards and gift tags. Add thank you cards to treat bags for the guests before they leave. Fun birthday cards for the birthday child. Cards are blank inside so there's pleny of space to write your thoughts.


Party Theme Ideas

Choose from ready-made party themes or make it your own. Whether it's a Birthday party or an everday party you can use any of these party themes. Print a theme for movie nights, pizza party, clown party, sock monkey party, moustache party, sleepover party or holiday party.


Treat Wrappers

Wrap your favorite chocolates with fun Candy Bar Wrappers and give as gifts to the party guests. Fun and easy to make candy wrappers for everyday fun. Just add stickers, gems and color for a special touch.  

Party Candy Bar Wrappers

Cupcake Wrappers

Wrap your favorite cupcakes with fun party cupcake wrappers. Having a movie night party? Wrap the cupcakes with popcorn wrappers, then add some marshmallows for a special touch. Easy to print  cupcake wrappers for everyday fun.

Party Cupcake Wrappers

Photo Booth Props

Photo booth props for parties, holidays and family fun. Setup a photo booth at home and take some fun pictures with photo props to share with family and friends. Hold a virtual reality party and add some props for a fun time. 


Just for Mom

Just for mom printables with motivational posters and greeting cards, DIY t-shirts, free printable calendars, school note templates, coloring for adults, allergy aware labels, travel printables for the kids and blank bordered writing paper.


Calendars for home, work and school. Choose from calendars to color to fun designs. There's weekly, monthly and school year calendars. Keep everyone at home notified of appointments, work schedules and school projects due. Hang these printable calendars up on the fridge.


Posters & Cards

Motivational posters to hang up on the wall or add to a picture frame for the desk or table. Inspiring Greeting Cards to share with family and friends. Choose from chalkboard designs, bird designs, flower designs and more.


DIY T-Shirts

Mom's can make their own sports fan T-Shirts to support their favorite teams and kids sports games. DIY baseball mom and #1 Fan T-Shirts.


School Notes

Bordered writing note paper for parents to write a note to teachers, school staff and bus drivers. Fill out a student contact information sheet template for the school.


Bordered Paper

Inspirational and design bordered writing paper just for mom. Choose from blank or ruled with fun designs for everyday or holidays.



Allergy awareness labels for home and school. No Peanut/Nut posters and labels, latex allergy, dairy, seafood, soy, egg, corn and gluten allergy labels. Free Allergy-Free lunch table, luggage tags, desk signs, t-shirt iron-ons and allergy awareness worksheets.


Travel with Kids

Kids travel activities for the road and away from home. Printable luggage tags, road trip games, postcards and road trip visit cards to record their favorite memories.

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