Fun Cut and Paste kindergarten worksheets with basic shapes to match colored shapes, fruit shapes, flower shapes and bug shapes.  Cut and paste colored shapes for your little picasso.


Cut and Paste Kindergarten Bug Shapes

Kids find the correct shape to paste into the bug pictures.  Four simple shapes with circle, square, triangle and heart shapes.  Cute bugs with a bee, snail, spider and ladybug.  Each bug has a shape cut out from the middle of the picture that matches the colored shape.  Easy to cut and paste kindergarten bug shapes for the little ones.

cut and paste bug shapes

Cut and Paste Kindergarten Fruit Shapes

Fun fruit pictures with fruit shapes in the middle.  Cut and paste four different fruit shapes into fruit.  Cut out a lemon shape and paste it into a pear or paste a banana shape into a strawberry.  Have the kids name their completed fruit.  How about a lemon pear, a strawberry banana or a pear apple.

cut and paste fruit shapes

Cut and Paste Kindergarten Flower Shapes

Cut and paste kindergarten activities with flowers circle, square, star and heart shapes.   Kids cut and paste the correct shapes that match the shapes inside the flowers.  Easy to recognize shapes for the younger kids.  Cut out all the shapes first before pasting into the correct flowers.  Have the kids match up the shapes first before pasting.

cut and paste flower shapes

Cut and Paste Kindergarten Colored Shapes

Cut and paste these fun shapes onto paper to build beautiful pictures, the possibilities are endless.  Kids learn to work with shapes and use their imagination.  Choose from colored shapes or shapes the kids can color.  Challenge the kids to see whether they know most of the shape names.  Have the children name each shape before pasting.  See some of our template designs to get the kids started.

cut and paste colorful shapes