Learning with QR Codes

QR Codes is a great way for the kids to interact with worksheets and learn at the same time. Use these QR code worksheets and printables at home or in the classroom. The QR Codes on each worksheet are in the form of a question, answer, information or website link depending on the worksheet.
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QR Code Quick Links

Print these QR Code Quick Links sheets as handy references for using QR Codes, QR Code Software and QR Code Links to our Kids Activities website.

Summer Activities with QR Codes for Kids

Print these Fun Kids Activities with QR Codes. Kids can scan these summer QR code activities with a smartphone or tablet. Don't forget to install the QR Code Scanner app first (see above instructions).
qrcodes-for-kids001007.png QR Code link to Crafts QR Code with link to Kids Games QR Code link to Playtime for Kids QR Code with Link to Coloring Pages qrcodes-for-kids001002.png QR Code Link to Allergy Labels, Awareness

Preschool QR Codes

Educational preschool and elementary QR Codes Worksheets and Flashcards.

Fun QR Codes

Use these Fun QR Codes to hang up around the home.

Not Allowed QR Code Wall Signs

Hang up one of these QR Code Wall Signs to display around the Home and School.

Games with QR Codes

Kids can have fun scanning QR codes with these games.