Crossword Puzzles for Kids

Seasonal Crosswords

Crosswords can be great challenging games for the kids, helps them with thinking and spelling. You will find simple and everyday crosswords that kids can learn from. Try online crosswords for added game play.

Online Crosswords

Educational Crosswords

Seasonal and everyday crosswords kids can complete. These educational crosswords are learning fun for kids. Kids can learn about animals, sports, reading, math and so much more. Crosswords the kids can do online. Get hints online to help them get solved faster.

Christmas Crosswords

Fun Christmas crossword puzzles with Santa, Snowman, Nativity and more.

Food Crosswords

Kids can learn about different types of food, vegetables and fruit with these food crossword puzzles.

Animal Crosswords

Learn about baby animals, underwater animals and alligators. Fun animal crossword puzzles for kids.
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