Pretend Play Ideas

Kids will have fun with these pretend play ideas and activities that can setup up at home or daycare. Use these fun activities for the kids to play pretend traffic cop, start a paper music band, play restaurant host, play pet adoption clinic for pets,stuffies, or pets they wish they had, kids can pretend to be a fitness trainer, play shopping guru, play school teacher or librarian. Keep the kids' imagination working with these fun pretend play activities that are easy to setup.

Pretend Play Mommy & Doll Play

Paper Dolls

Paper Doll Fashions

Girls love playing with dolls and will enjoy playing with these fun doll play money, play signs and doll babysitters list. Now they can pretend that they have all they need to play dolls. Dress up the paper dolls with designer clothing. Cut out the designer tops and bottons to place on the paper dolls or tape them on. Print one of the paper dolls to print and dress up. Cut the dolls out or keep them intact and place the clothes on top. These paper dolls are best friends, so they don't mind sharing clothes.

Pretend Play Traffic Signs

These traffic signs will be great at keeping the traffic in line. Kids can place them around the house, the driveway or backyard when they ride their toys or when they want to play traffic cop.

Pretend Play Driver License

Kids can pretend play with their very own driver's license. Kids can play police officer, firefighter, pilot, ambulance or sheriff with these fun play badges. Choose from colored badges or badges the kids color. Use these pretend play police tickets to hand out during play. Print paper bedrooms for paper babies and kids. Decorate the rooms with stickers or add paper baby items. Print paper pets, bikes and scooters for the dolls.

Paper Doll Fashions

Paper Bedrooms

Use these fun pet adoption certificates for real pets, stuffed animal pets or for pets they wish they had. Print these pet adoption certificates and fill them out for all the pets to adopt. There are adoption certificates for pets from shelters and pet stores. Place inside a frame and hang up to display.

Pretend Play Music Band

Print these fun paper music instruments for the kids to put on an air band performance.

Pretend Play Kids Club

With these Club ID Cards, kids can start up their very own clubs with their friends. Just give the club a name, stick your photo to the card, add your name and age, laminate and your done. Now think of some good ideas and games the club can participate in.

Kids Play Signs

Add these signs around the home or yard when the kids ride their toys. Don't forget to print the pretend play drivers license for the kids.

Sports Checklists

Print these sports checklists to add all the important items you need for each sporting event. Keep these lists handy on the fridge or in your sports bag.

Coach Printables

Show appreciation to the coaches that helped you make it through a sports season with these Coach Printables.
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Pet Adoption Certificates

Kids holding up activity signs

Pet Posters

Kids can hang up their favorite pet posters to display how much they love their pets.

Pet Printables

Fun Weekly Pet Chore charts to reminder the family who's in charge in keeping the pets happy and healthy.

Sports T-Shirt Iron-ons

DIY T-Shirt designs to wear and show your pride at the game!

Football T-Shirt Design

T-Shirt Iron-on Instructions

Basketball T-Shirt Design

No 1 Fan Blue Jersey T-Shirt Design

No 1 Fan Red Jersey T-Shirt Design

Kids Awards

Print awards and certificates for various sporting and outdoor play events.

Fun Door Hangers

Print and hangup these fun door hangers and let them know what you're up to.

Reward Bucks

Reward the kids for tasks completed, good deeds and helping hands with these reward bucks. Choose from Mom Bucks, Dad Bucks, Kid Bucks and School Bucks.

No 1 Fan Red Hand Sports Prop

No 1 Fan Blue Hand Sports Prop

Sports Props

DIY Sports Props to display at the sports field. Print on cardstock paper and laminate using a laminator or clear plastic tape. Tape a stick to the back and wave it at the game to show the team they are number one.

Play Restaurant Host

Now girls can play restaurant with Menu's, Placemat's, Paper plates and Food Cutouts. Have the kids learn all they need to know to be at a restaurant with these fun restaurant printables.

Pretend Play Librarian

Kids can play library and setup their own play library area. Print and laminate these play library cards and hand them out. Have the library card holders come to your library and take out books. Make sure they return the books on time.

Pretend Play School Teacher

Kids can play school at home with these teacher and student cards.

Play Shopping

The girls can do some real shopping at home with these play shopping credit cards and play money. Kids can use their math skills at checkout.

Pet Awards

Print these fun pet awards and fill them out for your cat or dog.

DIY Fitness Wristands for Kids

Get the kids moving with these fun Fitness Wrisbands for Kids. Choose from a variety of sports. Just print and laminate (use clear tape or a lamination device). Cut each wristband out and let the kids decide on which one to wear each day or each week. When they are done with an activity they can record their workouts with an erasable marker or permanent one. At the end of the week they can record all their activities on the "Fitness Activity Tracking Weekly Workout Achievements Sheet". Reward the kids with a special surprise or outing.

Fidget Spinner Acitivites

DIY fidget spinner crafts, cut and paste worksheets, coloring pages and more for kids that love fidget spinners.