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Summer Camp Activities

Get the kids prepared for Camp this year with Summer Camp Activities to print and bring along to camp.  Start off with printing and completing the Summer Camp Packing Checklist to make sure you have all the items packed for summer camp fun.  Choose from easy to print and play rainy day camp days to keep the kids entertained and when the weather is good, get the kids moving with scavenger hunt games.  Don’t forget to print the Summer Camp Journal for the kids to record all their fun activities to share with family and friends.  Kids can write about fun camping activities in these Summer Campground Journals.  After the kids write about their activities, they can rate them by filling in the little hearts under each activity. Kids can also draw a picture or paste a photo of their new friends to complete the journals.  There’s printable beauty and makeup sketch girls to complete when the girls have idle time.  The Kids can hang up some fun Camp Bed Post Hangers on their bed posts.

The campground instructors can remind the kids about the campground rules with the Campground Rules Poster pinned up.


campground journal 816x1024 Summer Camp Activities with Camp Games, Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger Hunts

Fun Scavenger Hunt games for the campers.  Start off with the Camp Scavenger Hunt Game where all the campers look around the camp for items that they check off the scavenger list.  Campers can work in groups or as single scavengers.  See who can find all the items first.

Get the kids hunting for bugs and record each bug detail on the Bug Catching Explorer Activity sheet.  Bring the campers on a Bird Watching Expedition and have them record all the details on the birds they saw with the Bird Watching Explorer Activity.   Have the campers admire the wild flowers that grow around the campground and in the forest with the Flower Explorer Activity. Kids will learn so much from just exploring nature and its beautiful surroundings.

bird watching explorer activity 791x1024 Summer Camp Activities with Camp Games, Scavenger Hunts



Keep the kids learning and entertained with Summer Camp Activities.


4th of July Party Ideas with Decorations

Decorate the house with a Red, Blue and White USA Banner that you print and string together with string or gift ribbon.  Add a “Happy 4th of July” Door Hanger to the front door to greet your guests.  Hand out DIY “Happy 4th of July” candy bar wrappers and treat bags to the guests and impress them.  Choose from a variety of styles to make.  Wrap 4th of July water bottle labels around drinks.

4th of july party banner 818x1024 4th of July Party Ideas, Decorations, Fun Games, Celebration Flags


4th of July Party Games

Celebrate with 4th of July Party Games for the kids to enjoy.  Kids can play a match game with 4th of July colorful characters, bingo, tic tac toe games, maze games and 4th of July dominoes game.

4th of july bingo game 789x1024 4th of July Party Ideas, Decorations, Fun Games, Celebration Flags

4th of July Celebration Flags

Make your own 4th of July celebration flags to help celebrate Independence Day.   Start off by printing flags that you cut out and attach to a stick, branch or even a glow stick for nighttime celebrations.  There’s even flags to cut out and tape to pencils or straws.  Makes a great drink decoration.

4th of july pencil flags 1024x782 4th of July Party Ideas, Decorations, Fun Games, Celebration Flags

Get the party started for July 4th with these easy to make 4th of July Party Ideas and Decorations and enjoy the day!

DIY Farm Animals Craft that are Easy to Make

Kids can enjoy setting up their very own paper farm with our Farm Animals Craft project.  Make farm animals, farmers, farm scenery and equipment.  Place all the farm animals and friends on a table and create a show or storyline.  Talk about the animals on the farm and what they eat.  Teach the kids all about farm life and how important it is to keep good care of animals and their homes.

Print on heavy cardstock or thick paper for easy bending and to help the animals and characters stand up tall.  Print the animals more than once to have a full herd of sheep or cattle.  Great craft activity to keep the kids busy and entertained while learning about animals.

paper farm animals page0 791x1024 Farm Animals Craft, Easy Paper Crafts for Kids

Kids will love their Farm Animals Craft that they can setup and play anytime anywhere!


Farewell Teacher Poster

Students can print and complete an end of school year Farewell Teacher poster activity to share with the class.  Each student writes their name on an apple.  Use the extra space to write messages to the teacher.  Hang up and surprise the teacher.  This is one poster she will treasure.


students farewell teacher 791x1024 Farewell Teacher Gift Ideas, Thank You Teacher, Last Day of School

Farewell Teacher Poster


Farewell Teacher Candy Bar Wrappers

Teachers will have a sweet tooth after receiving one of these teacher candy bars.  Choose from “Best Teacher” apple candy bar wrappers or an apple treat bag topper that you can fill with sweets or school supplies.


best teacher apple candy bar wrapper 727x1024 Farewell Teacher Gift Ideas, Thank You Teacher, Last Day of School

Farewell Teacher Special Messages

Write a special message for the teacher in our apple message printable.  A great activity for the whole class to share.  Each student can complete the activity and stick it to the school wall or door for the teacher to read.   Students can write a letter to their teachers with our “why my teacher is special” apple letterhead.  Roll up the letter and tie it with ribbon.


teacher special message apple Farewell Teacher Gift Ideas, Thank You Teacher, Last Day of School

Teacher Special Message Apple



Farewell Teacher Awards

Teachers will feel proud receiving one of these farewell teacher awards.  Choose from many awards such as “World’s Best Teacher”, “Best Teacher”, “Coolest Teacher”, “Teacher of the Year”, and “Top Marks Teacher”.

teacher of the year award Farewell Teacher Gift Ideas, Thank You Teacher, Last Day of School

Teacher of the Year Award


Teacher Pillow Box Gift Idea

Add something special to the teacher pillow box that you can print and fold.  Teacher gift ideas such as gift cards, candy, erasers, small pencils or a special note.


thank you teacher pillow box Farewell Teacher Gift Ideas, Thank You Teacher, Last Day of School

Thank you Teacher Pillow Box



Show the teacher how much they are appreciated with farewell teacher gifts for end of school year.



Graduation Printables for Preschool and Kindergarten

Graduation Printables for that time of year again when the children finish another year of school.  For the preschool and kindergarten graduates help celebrate with graduation printables.  Teachers and parents can hand out coloring pages and stickers for the little graduates.  There’s even kindergarten graduation awards you can print.  Don’t forget to include their completed coloring pages into a scrapbook or memory book.

successful graduate award 791x1024 Graduation Printables, End of School Students and Teachers

Successful Graduate Award



Graduation Printables for Elementary and High School

Congratulate the older kids that graduate from elementary school or high school with graduate candy bar wrappers.  Choose from a variety of graduation printables for the older kids.

We have graduation cards and printable scrapbook pages to print and complete for those memorable moments.  Encourage the kids to write about their graduation and how they feel about moving on to the next grade with our graduation stationery.  Show the kids how proud you are with printable graduation awards.


congratulations graduate frame 789x1024 Graduation Printables, End of School Students and Teachers


Choose one of our printable Last Day of School T-Shirt Designs to wear at school, end of school year parties, or just around home.  There’s one for all students from elementary to high-school.  Teachers can wear a “Farewell Students” t-shirt as well.  Print our t-shirt designs on printable t-shirt transfer paper and follow the instructions enclosed.  Our t-shirt designs print backwards as required by most transfer papers.  T-Shirts designs look best on light colored shirts such as white and light colors.  You can use these iron-ons not just for t-shirts but for cotton bags, pillow-cases, and more.  School staff can make t-shirts or cotton bags as gifts for the whole class with one of our printable t-shirt designs.


Last Day of School Graduate T-Shirts

Print one of our students “Graduate class of 2013″ t-shirt designs for the kids to wear.  Choose from “Class of 2013 Graduate”, “Elementary Class of 2013″, “Grade 6 Class of 2013″ or “Kindergarden Class of 2013″ printable iron-on designs.  Teachers or school staff can make t-shirts for the whole class as a surprise for the last day of school.


graduation class of 2014 iron on 720x1024 Last Day of School, Student Ideas, School T Shirts

Class of 2014 Iron-on

Last Day of School Teacher T-Shirts

Something for the teachers to wear for the last day of school.  Teachers can wear a shirt that displays “Farewell My Students, BELIEVE, 2013″ or make cotton bags with the iron-on for the whole class as a gift to remember.


farewell students 2014 iron on 878x1024 Last Day of School, Student Ideas, School T Shirts

Farewell Students 2014 Iron-on


Last Day of School Student T-shirts

For the students that want to celebrate the last day of school and mark the beginning of a summer holiday can wear a “Hooray, Last Day of School 2013″ t-shirt design.


last day school 2014 iron on 880x1024 Last Day of School, Student Ideas, School T Shirts

Hooray Last Day of School Iron-on


Choose more Last Day of School Iron-ons, Student Farewell and Teacher Thank You Ideas.

Fathers Day Printables with homemade coupons for dad, Best Dad Awards, t-shirt designs just for dad that can be ironed on shirts, bags, pillow-cases and more.  We have a variety of fun door hangers for dad.  Show dad how proud you are with “Best Dad” Awards you print and frame.  Dad will love these stickers you print and post around the home, tape on mugs, pencils, lunch bags and whatever you can find to show dad how much you appreciate him on Fathers Day.


Fathers Day Printables with Dad Coupons

Dad will love receiving these special homemade coupons.  The kids can reward dad with a variety of coupons they print and staple for Fathers Day.  Dad can choose from a variety of coupons such as a “Night Without the Kids”, “A Day of  Golf “, “Helping Hand for any Chore”, “You and Me Time”, “A Day of Fishing”, “A Special Surprise” and more fun coupons the kids will enjoy sharing with dad.


Fathers Day Printables with T-Shirts for Dad

Print one of our Fathers Day Iron-on Designs and make a shirt for dad.  Choose from mustache designs, “Dad I Mustache You a Question” and “Happy Fathers Day Mustache Dad”.  Print dad a Tie iron-on design that resembles a t-shirt and tie.


dad mustache iron on 768x1024 Fathers Day Printables, Dad Coupons, Dad Awards, T Shirts for Dad

Fathers Day Printables T-Shirt Iron-ons


Fathers Day Printables with Dad Awards

Show dad how proud you are of him with “Best Dad” Certificate and “No 1 Dad” Award.  Put them in a frame and wrap them up for dad.  Don’t forget to sign and date them.

number one dad award 791x1024 Fathers Day Printables, Dad Coupons, Dad Awards, T Shirts for Dad


Fathers Day Printables with Fun Door Hangers

Fun Fathers Day door hangers to print and share with dad.  Choose from a variety of door hangers such as “Out Golfing for Fathers Day!”, “Dad’s Day Out, Fathers Day!”, “Dad at Work, Do Not Disturb!” and “Do Not Disturb!, Dads Sleeping”.


fathers day golfing door hanger 791x1024 Fathers Day Printables, Dad Coupons, Dad Awards, T Shirts for Dad

Fathers Day Golfing Door Hanger


Fathers Day Printables for the kids to share with dad!

Treat dad with special homemade gifts you print and make from our Fathers Day Crafts ideas.  Wrap up some special treats for dad with Fathers Day candy wrappers and treat labels.  Help dad complete his garden with our printable gardening crafts that are easy to make and do.  Dad will love these Barbecue Recipe cards that you can put together with some special recipes of your own.


Fathers Day Crafts

Make dad a Fathers Day Tie he can clip on his shirt.  Just print, color and wrap it up for dad.  Put some special Tie bottle tags with Fathers day messages that can hang on dads favorite soda bottles.  Print our Fathers Day Barbecue Recipe cards for dad.  Write out some of dad’s favorite recipes or create your own and staple them together with blank recipe cards.  Tie a ribbon around it and give it to dad.

fathers day tie message Fathers Day Crafts, Homemade Gift Ideas, Gardening Crafts

fathers day craft tie with a message


Fathers Day Crafts with Candy Labels

Give dad a special treat this fathers day with Fathers Day Candy wrappers.  Choose from a variety of  Candy Bar Wrappers such as a Tie Candy Bar Wrapper where you write a special message or draw a picture.  A Special Message Candy Bar Wrapper just for dad or  a Hugs and Kisses Mustache Candy Bar Wrapper.  Put some of dad’s favorite candy or chocolates in a candy bag and seal it with a Fathers day tie candy bag topper.  Print one of our Tie or golf ball treat toppers to place on muffins, cupcakes or special desserts  just for dad.


Hugs kisses fathers day mustache candy wrapper 1024x799 Fathers Day Crafts, Homemade Gift Ideas, Gardening Crafts

Fathers Day Crafts, Mustache Candy Wrapper


Fathers Day Crafts with Gardening Ideas

Help dad complete his garden with garden stakes and seek packets.  Easy to make gardening crafts with vegetable, fruit and herb stakes as well as vegetable and fruit seed packets.  Print ones ready-made or color your own to make it extra special for dad.

Make a Fathers Day Craft for dad and surprise him.  It’s something dad will cherish.




Breakfast in Bed for Mothers Day

Mom’s will love the surprise of Breakfast in Bed on Mothers Day.  Kids can print all the Breakfast in Bed printables the night before and prepare all the breakfast items for mom in the morning.  Younger and older kids can help each other with the preparations.  Mom will appreciate home prepared muffins and breakfast made especially from the children.  Breakfast ideas can include biscuits, cereal, toast, muffins, coffee, tea, milk and juice.

diy mothers day ideas2 808x1024 Breakfast in Bed for Mothers Day   Ideas to Surprise Mom

Mothers Day Breakfast in Bed Ideas

Setup mom with a light breakfast and use the Place Mat to set her biscuits or muffins on that you make yourself.

Print Treat Toppers that say “Happy Mother’s Day” and tape to a candy stick to place on top of a special treat, insert into a muffin or place inside a small vase.

Make Mothers Day extra special with a handmade gift you place inside a matching Gift box and don’t forget to sign one of our Mothers Day cards for mom.

Place a special Note Card on the Breakfast Bed tray to add that special thought for mom.  Cut out the card that is best for mom and sign the back.

Place a single rose beside a Place Card and write a special message inside to show mom how special she is.

Tape a Cup Wrapper around her glass of juice or cup of coffee to make the setup complete.


Now watch how mom is impressed with your Mothers Day Breakfast in Bed Ideas and how grateful she will be to enjoy her delicious breakfast in bed!



Mothers Day Printables for the Kids to share with mom.   Special Mom certificates and coupons, Happy Mothers Day bookmarks, word search puzzle, owl stationery, door hanger, best mom stickers, and more.



Mothers Day Printables with Stationery for Mom

Print stationery for mom and wrap it with some ribbon.  Mom will enjoy having pretty flower swirl ruled paper, owl letterhead or notepads.  Use one of these letterheads to write mom a special letter or thank you for all she has done.


mothers day owl letter to mom 233x300 Mothers Day Printables, What to Give Mom

Mothers Day Printables Letter to Mom


Mothers Day Printables with Coupons

kids can hand out special mom coupons this year for Mothers Day.  Each coupon has a different reward for mom such as “A Night Without the Kids”, “Helping Hand for any Chore”, “Foot Message”, “Best Hug and Kiss”, “You and Me Time”.  Mom can use these coupons any time of the year, they don’t expire!


Mothers Day Printables with Mom Awards

Mom will feel special this Mothers Day after receiving a Mom award from the kids.  Choose from “Best Mom Award”, “Special Mom Award” and “Mom of the Year Award”.  Frame an award for mom and have all the kids sign it, then hang it up.


Mothers Day Printables with Mom Stickers

Surprise mom this Mothers Day with a Best Mom Sticker Star you can color or our heart love stickies that you can hang all around the house. Choose from mom stickies that say “Fabulous Mom!”, “Love You Mom!”, “Caring Mom!”, “Best Mom!”, “Mom Knows Best!” and “Smart Mom!”.  Won’t mom be surprised when she wakes up to find these stickers everywhere.

Hang up “Happy Mothers Day” door hangers around the house for mom.  Learn what Mothers Day is all about with a word search puzzle.  Complete one of three storybooks just for mom, there’s a storybook from son, daughter and best mom.


Surprise Mom for Mothers Day with Printables for Mom.  There’s something for all moms that she will enjoy and cherish.  Don’t forget mom this Mothers day!


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