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Preschool Worksheets with Tracing Activities

Preschool Worksheets for Valentines Day is a great way to get kids to practice their tracing.  Kids trace Valentine Words and Letters with cute valentine characters that they can color afterwards.  Kids can trace “L is for love”, “C is for cupid”, and “V is for valentine”.  Kids can practice tracing Valentine words with the Valentine’s Day Words tracing worksheet.

Easy to trace letters helps kids develop their fine motor skills.

valentines day preschool tracing


Valentines Day Cut and Paste Worksheets

Kids can cut out the Valentines day pictures and paste them on plain or colored paper to make a Valentines day scene.  Have them count the hearts before they cut them out to practice their counting skills. Color the pictures afterwards.

valentines day preschool worksheets

Challenge the kids to trace these Valentine’s Day words and see if they can write the words on their own. Ask the kids to sound out the words as they trace each word or have them say the letter after each one is traced.


Valentine words tracing


After the kids have completed their Valentine’s Day worksheets, challenge them with writing the words on a plain paper or have them create their own tracing pages with dots in the shape of the letters. Find these and other fun preschool worksheets at www.kidscanhavefun.com.



Valentines Day Wristbands with Special Messages

Valentines Day Wristbands for kids with hearts and cute messages.  Choose from 5 different heart wristbands.  Messages include “Best Friends”, “Sweet”, “Be Mine”, Sweetheart” and “Love Me”.  Print and cut out, wrap around wrist to size, tape and cut off extra length.  Share with friends and family.  Use these Valentines Day wristbands to hand out to classmates, write a special message inside each wristband.

red/pink valentines day wristbands

Kids can surprise a classmate or friend by placing one on their desk. Mom’s can place one inside the child’s lunch or school bag on Valentine’s Day. Print out enough for everyone and use one as a template to make your very own Valentine wristband with a special message. Teachers can hand out red and pink strips of construction paper for the kids to make their own using words from magazines. Have the students cut out hearts to glue on the wristbands. Using a hole punch to make holes for added styles.



New Year’s Games for the Whole Family

Kids and family will enjoy these New Year’s Games.   Play games such as classic BINGO where the caller calls out numbers and you see if they are on your BINGO card.  Fill any straight row and yell BINGO.

New Year's Games with Bingo


Kids can show off their memory skills with the memory match game where you try to find cute holiday characters that are placed face down.  Each player takes a turn by turning over two cards.  If they match, the player gets to keep the cards, if they don’t, they place them faced down.  Try to remember the cards when it is your turn.  The player with the most cards at the end is the Memory champion.

new years day match gameNow here’s a game to get the whole family involved with the Happy New Year Calendar game.  Print and cut out the Calendar Game and Number 1 stickies. Tape up the Happy New Year Game on the wall. Write a child’s name on the back of each Number 1 sticky. Children are blindfolded with a mask or scarf and handed a Number 1 sticky with tape on the back. Place the children in a line one behind the other in front of the Game. Taking turns each child tries to place their Number 1 sticky on the Happy New Year Calendar red square. The child that has the closest placement is the winner.

happy new year calendar game

Find these fun New Year’s Games for Kids and more to enjoy with family during the holiday season!



Kids New Years Puzzles to do over the holidays. Print and cut out these holiday jigsaw puzzle pictures and put them back together again.  Mix up two jigsaw puzzles and challenge the kids.


New Years Puzzles

Challenge the kids during the holidays with New Years Crossword and Word Search Puzzles.  Solve the answers to New Years questions in our holiday crossword puzzle or find the words in our Word Search.

New Year's Crossword Puzzle

New Years Jigsaw Puzzles

Print and cut along the lines to make fun New Years Jigsaw Puzzles.  Choose from a New Year Baby or Bunny to paste together.  Mix up the jigsaw puzzle pieces to both puzzles for a great challenge.  Paste the puzzle pieces on plain or colored paper.



New Years Jigsaw Puzzles


Fun Holiday Puzzles for the kids to keep them busy and challenged.  Print and take them along when travelling by car, air or train.  Great to bring along for the kids when dining out at restaurants or dinner parties.


Start off the New Year Celebration with party printables for the kids.  Choose from a a variety of party stuff to print and put together for New Years.  Print party props to wear and party decorations for the home.  All of the party props and decorations match for that perfect celebration.


New Year Celebration Party Props

Kids New Years Party Printables with fun party masks, hats, and wristbands for everyone to wear.   The kids will love these firecracker half-masks that are easy to make.  Wear a matching party hat and wristband.  Choose from a variety of colorful wristbands in different sizes to place around the wrist.  Kids can put together a money holder to place a special surprise inside for a family member or friend.


new years party hat

DIY New Years Half Masks

New Year Celebration Party Decorations

The kids can help decorate the home with New Years Party Decorations.  Put up a Banner, hang a Happy New Year door hanger on the door, and add table decorations to the table.  Decorate the table with Treat Toppers, Drink Coasters, Water Bottle Labels, Cupcake Wrappers and even some Candy Bar Wrappers for the guests.  Print the decorations on card stock and laminate the coasters to keep them around for a while.  The party decorations are great for kids having their own little New Years Celebration!  Set the kids up with their own table and chairs and let them decorate.  Add streamers to the chairs with balloons.  Parents can add a surprise inside the money holder for the kids at the table.

new years cupcake wrappers

This year the kids can have a New Year Celebration Party with free party printables and props.  Add stickers, streamers, bells, ribbon and balloons to complete the whole party celebration!

Happy New Year!


New Years Noisemakers to Celebrate the New Year

kids can share in the New Years celebrations with these fun New Years Noisemakers.  DIY  megaphone,  paper plate shakers or paper cup shakers.  Just add dried beans, popcorn kernels, beads or anything that can make some noise.  Fun printouts to place around the cups and paper plates.  Kids will have a blast with these simple to make crafty noisemakers!


New Years Paper Cup Shaker Crafts

These New Years paper cup shakers are so easy to make the kids can have these ready in no time.  Just print out the paper cup wrappers, attach the wrappers with glue or tape, add dried beans, popcorn kernels or beads inside the cup and seal the top with strong tape and your done!  Just hold the cup in one hand and shake.  Make one for each hand to create that perfect beat.

New Years Shaker Cup Wrappers

New Years Paper Plate Shaker Crafts

Make some noise with these fun New Years Noisemakers that parents won’t mind hearing. Kids can make a paper plate shaker for New Years that looks like a tambourine.  Print out the paper plate shaker templates for both sides of the paper plate.  Glue the templates on the bottom of the paper plates with pictures facing upwards.  Staple or tape the paper plates together leaving space between the plates to add dried beans, popcorn kernels or beads (add all types if available) inside the plates.  Staple or tape to close the gap to keep the beans from falling out.  Punch holes around the ends of the plates to add streamers, bells and ribbons.  Now go ahead and shake to celebrate the New Year!

New Years Noisemakers Shaker Plate

New Years Megaphone Crafts

Two New Years Megaphones to make for the New Years Celebration.  Choose from one that can be colored or one that is in color.  Print two templates on heavy card stock for each side of the megaphone.  Tape yellow colored paper around a toilet paper roll (or cut a paper towel roll the same size).  If you don’t have yellow paper it can be colored with yellow markers or crayons.  Glue both megaphone templates on each side of the paper roll.  Add 3 buttons or beads to the top of the tube for finger buttons (valves) that can also be played as a trumpet.


New Years Megaphone Craft

This year the kids can join in on the New Years Celebrations with New Years Noisemakers they make themselves.


Christmas Mazes for kids in fun shapes with Christmas characters such as Santa claus, Santa’s Reindeer, Angels, Christmas Tree and more.

Fun Christmas Mazes for Kids

Fun Christmas Mazes for kids with Mrs. Claus and elves.  Mrs. Claus needs help finding Santa’s elves.  Trace a path through the arrow maze to the elves.  Help the wiseman find baby Jesus in the nativity maze.  Can you find the path through the Christmas tree maze to the present that belongs under the tree?  A Christmas bird needs to find his friend through the ornament Christmas maze.  Do you remember the song “A partridge in a Pear Tree”?  One of the Calling Birds needs to find his way through the maze to the Partridge in the Pear Tree.


Christmas Tree Maze

Christmas Santa Mazes

Help Santa with his Christmas Eve Visits by showing him how to get through the mazes.  Trace a path to Santa’s missing friends or help santa down the chimney to the Christmas tree.  Santa Claus needs help finding his countdown clock.  Trace a path through the maze to the missing clock for Santa.

christmas mazes

Christmas Santa Clock Maze



Christmas Snowman Mazes

Find the Snowgirl’s snowman friend by tracing the correct path through the snowball maze.  Trace the path that was made in the snowman’s belly maze.


Christmas Snowman Maze


Christmas Angel Mazes

Can you help the angel find her friend by tracing through the snowball path maze?  Help decorate the Christmas Tree by connecting the path of angels in the Christmas Angel maze.


Christmas Angel Tree Path Maze


Christmas Reindeer Mazes

Help Santa locate his missing reindeer for his sleigh in these fun reindeer mazes.  Color Santa and the reindeer afterwards.


Christmas Santa Reindeer Maze


Holiday Mazes with fun festive characters to keep the kids busy during the holidays.  Mazes are great for teaching kids logic and thinking skills by analyzing which paths are best to take to find the final passage.


FirstFun Christmas Crafts for Kids

Simple Christmas crafts for kids with finger puppets to put on a Christmas show, Christmas reindeer garlands to hang on the wall, a cotton ball snowman to hang on the fridge, Christmas bulbs and ornaments to hang on the tree and candy cane reindeer to hand out.  Easy to print and fun to make for the kids at Christmas time.


Christmas Finger Puppets Craft

Kids can make finger puppets and put on a Christmas show for the family or at school.  Six finger puppets such as Santa Claus, Rudolf the Reindeer, Christmas Angel, Santa Elf, the Gingerbread Man, and a Christmas Tree.  Cut out the finger puppets, wrap and tape around a finger or stick.  Tape or bend the stand to make them stand on their own.

Christmas Finger Puppets Craft

Christmas Finger Puppets Craft

Christmas Garlands Craft

Make a snowman or reindeer garland by printing the garlands and taping together.  Mix and match the garland pieces to make a reindeer snowman garland and use string to hang up around the home.

Christmas Snowman Garland Craft

Christmas Snowman Garland Craft



Christmas Cotton Ball Santa Claus

The kids can make a cotton ball Santa Claus to hang up on a tree, wall, or fridge.  Color Santa Claus before adding cotton balls on his beard, mustache and parts of his hat. Cut him out and hang him up.

Christmas crafts for kids, Cotton Ball Santa Craft

Cotton Ball Santa Craft


Christmas Tree Crafts

Make Christmas Tree Ornaments in the shape of bulbs.  Choose from stockings, reindeer paper colored bulbs and cute snowmen paper ornaments.  There’s even paper bulbs for the kids to color.




Christmas Candy Cane Craft

Kids will have fun making candy cane hearts and candy cane reindeer to hang up on the tree or give as gifts to family and friends.  Easy to make using a glue gun, candy canes, chenille stems, pom poms, wiggly eyes and gift string.


Candy Cane Reindeer Craft

Candy Cane Reindeer Craft


Christmas Candy Cane Heart Craft

Christmas Candy Cane Heart Craft



Keep the kids entertained with these easy to make Christmas Crafts.


Kids will love these Christmas Cut and Paste holiday worksheets that they cut out and paste to complete.  Cut and Paste Bear, Cut and Paste Christmas Tree, Cut and Paste Snowman, Cut and Paste Stickers and gift wrap.


Christmas Cut and Paste Tree

Cut out the Christmas ornaments and decorations and paste them on the Christmas tree.   Kids can choose from two different Christmas trees to cut and paste bulbs onto.  Kids can cut out the Christmas trees when they are done and hang them on the Christmas Tree, door knob, or fridge.  If the kids would like to add more color to their trees they can add stickers, sparkles or add glue stick to areas of the trees before adding confetti.


Cut and Paste Christmas Tree

Cut and Paste Christmas Tree


Christmas Cut and Paste Bear

Cut and paste bear for kids to cut and paste the missing parts.  Can the kids figure out where the pieces go?  Color the picture after all the missing parts are pasted onto the bear.


Christmas Cut and Paste Holiday Bear

Christmas Cut and Paste Holiday Bear



Christmas Cut and Paste Snowman

This snowman is incomplete. Have the kids cut and paste the snowman back together again with the missing parts.   Color the snowman afterwards.


Christmas Cut and Paste Snowman

Christmas Cut and Paste Snowman



Christmas Cut and Paste Stickers

Use these cut and paste stickers to add to holiday art work, cards, projects and writing paper.  They can also be used to make special holiday greeting cards.

Christmas Cut and Paste Stickers

Christmas Cut and Paste Stickers



Christmas Cut and Paste Gift Tags and Wrap

Kids can use these cut and paste gift tags and wrap to complete presents, school projects, art projects and more.  Kids can cut and paste the gift tags to cardboard or heavy stock paper they cut out.  Punch a hole using a hole punch to add string or ribbon to attach to gifts.  Don’t forget to add your name on the back of the gift tags.


Christmas Cut and Paste Gift Wrap, Tags

Christmas Cut and Paste Gift Wrap, Tags


Twelve Days of Christmas Cut and Paste

Print, cut and paste these Twelve days of Christmas characters onto a sheet of paper while singing the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas”.  Challenge the kids to see if they remember the order in which the characters are listed in the song.  Choose colored or black and white characters to color.  Kids can color the picture afterwards while singing the song.


Cut and Paste 12 Days of Christmas


Fun and simple Christmas activities for the kids to do during the festive season. Hang up the pictures at home or school to show the kids what a great job they’ve accomplished with cutting and pasting.

Holiday Christmas Worksheets for Kids

Christmas Worksheets for kids to complete during the Christmas holidays.  Choose from Symmetry, Math, Tracing, Color by Numbers, Find the Letters, Cut & Paste, Spot the Difference, Christmas Match and more.


Christmas Math Worksheets

Kids can show off their math skills by learning fractions the Christmas wreath way, drawing Christmas pictures with skip counting or adding up holiday characters with Christmas Math.


Christmas Math Worksheet

Christmas Math Worksheet


Cut and Paste Activities

Show off your skills with adding Christmas characters to cut and paste holiday themes. Choose from eight different Christmas themes.  Cut and paste Christmas trees, Christmas bulbs and Snowman.


Cut and Paste Santa Claus Worksheet

Cut and Paste Santa Claus Worksheet


Christmas Spot the Difference Activities

Can you spot the difference with these fun worksheet activities?  Spot the difference with Snowmen, Penguins, Bears and Angels.

Christmas Spot the Difference Smowman Worksheet

Christmas Spot the Difference Smowman Worksheet


Christmas Tracing Pages

Trace Christmas holiday words and pictures such as Snowman, Santa Claus, Presents, Wish List and more.

Christmas Tracing Worksheet

Christmas Tracing Worksheet


Christmas Alphabet and Number Activities

Learn to recognize the alphabet and numbers in these holiday picture worksheets. Color by numbers Santa Claus, find the numbers in a Christmas Tree , Boy making a snow ball, or Santa Claus Reindeer picture.  Circle the letters to spell Christmas in this Santa’s Wish List or spell Snowman in this winter picture.

Christmas Santa Color by Numbers

Christmas Santa Color by Numbers


Christmas Worksheets for Kids

Find Christmas Letters Worksheet


Christmas Holiday Letterhead

Kids can use these Christmas Holiday Themed Letterhead to write Santa a letter, send a note to family members or write that special message to the teacher.  Choose from nine designs with holiday pictures such as Holiday Nutcracker, Santa Claus, Angel and Christmas Tree.

Christmas Santa Ruled Paper

Christmas Santa Ruled Paper


Christmas Symmetry Activities

Kids will enjoy their drawing skills with Christmas Symmetry themes. Choose from twelve different characters to complete the other halves.  Have the kids draw the equal side to each picture.


Christmas Bear Symmetry Worksheet

Christmas Bear Symmetry Worksheet


Find these and more fun Holiday Christmas Worksheets for Kids.

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