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Back to School List to help record all the school supplies and tools needed for Back to School.  Parents and Teachers as well as Students can use these lists.  Add or choose the items from the following lists to complete the school shopping needed for back to school.  Have the children write out the items that they think is required for school and get them back to practicing their printing skills.

Back to School List with School Checklist

Use this School Supplies Checklist to check off what’s needed for school.  Take along while school shopping to check off the items on the sheet that are needed or check off items purchased.  Everyday school essentials are on the list for most grades to get the kids started for back to school.  Most students will find out what they need the first week of school but having a few items purchased will help beat the rush.

back to school list

Back to School List with School Supplies List

This School Supplies List helps parents and students organize all the items needed for back to school.  Add the items needed for back to school that was supplied by teachers or found at local school supplies stores.  The list is organized by Categories with Everyday Supplies, School Tools, Clothing & Shoes, School Projects, School Snacks & Lunches and a Miscellaneous Category.  Use the Everyday Supplies Category to add pencils, pens, markers, crayons, erasers, paper, ect.  For the School Tools Category add calculator, math sets, electronics, memory stick, ect.  The Clothing & Shoes Category can be used to add gym clothing, outdoor clothing, indoor shoes and gym shoes, ect.  School Projects is where you can record the necessary supplies needed to complete a project such as bristol board, stickers, paint, ect.  Add school approved school snacks and lunches to the School Snacks and Lunches Category.  Anything else that is required for school but does not fit into the above lists can be placed in the Miscellaneous Category.  With all the school supplies listed by category, we hope this year will make school shopping easier with one of our Back to School Lists.


Back to School List

Back to School List

Fun Kids Travel Luggage Tags with Animals, Cars, Planes

Print these fun Travel Luggage Tags and attach to kids travel bags.  Just add name and contact info on back of tag.  Use these tags on luggage, carry-ons, toy bags, diaper bags, ect.  Choose colorful tags with Owls, Cars, Animals and a Plane.  Bright colored labels make it easy to distinguish the bags from the others during baggage handling.  Laminate the labels and use a hole punch to attach cable ties to luggage to make them secure.

Road Trip Travel Luggage Tags


How about luggage tags that kids can color.  Color animal and car travel luggage tags.  Kids color the tags and cut them out.  Parent writes contact name and number on the back.  Laminate with a laminator or cover with clear tape to protect.  Punch a hole using a hole punch and use string or cable tie to attach to luggage, carry-on, toy bag, diaper bag, ect.


Color Animal Luggage Tags


Find these Travel Luggage Tags and more Travel Printables & Activities to keep the kids entertained while traveling.



Summer Camp Activities

Get the kids prepared for Camp this year with Summer Camp Activities to print and bring along to camp.  Start off with printing and completing the Summer Camp Packing Checklist to make sure you have all the items packed for summer camp fun.  Choose from easy to print and play rainy day camp days to keep the kids entertained and when the weather is good, get the kids moving with scavenger hunt games.  Don’t forget to print the Summer Camp Journal for the kids to record all their fun activities to share with family and friends.  Kids can write about fun camping activities in these Summer Campground Journals.  After the kids write about their activities, they can rate them by filling in the little hearts under each activity. Kids can also draw a picture or paste a photo of their new friends to complete the journals.  There’s printable beauty and makeup sketch girls to complete when the girls have idle time.  The Kids can hang up some fun Camp Bed Post Hangers on their bed posts.

The campground instructors can remind the kids about the campground rules with the Campground Rules Poster pinned up.


Camp Journal

Scavenger Hunts

Fun Scavenger Hunt games for the campers.  Start off with the Camp Scavenger Hunt Game where all the campers look around the camp for items that they check off the scavenger list.  Campers can work in groups or as single scavengers.  See who can find all the items first.

Get the kids hunting for bugs and record each bug detail on the Bug Catching Explorer Activity sheet.  Bring the campers on a Bird Watching Expedition and have them record all the details on the birds they saw with the Bird Watching Explorer Activity.   Have the campers admire the wild flowers that grow around the campground and in the forest with the Flower Explorer Activity. Kids will learn so much from just exploring nature and its beautiful surroundings.

Summer Camp Activities



Keep the kids learning and entertained with Summer Camp Activities.


Kids Summer Coloring pages for those rainy days or while traveling abroad.  Keep the kids entertained with a variety of fun summer coloring pages that are free and easy to print.  Summer coloring is a great way to keep the kids busy while mom or dad need a break or the kids need some quiet time after a busy day.   Choose from silly suns, fun at the beach, scuba swimming, tricky skateboarding, summer doodles or just fun in the sun coloring.  Read below for more ways to use summer coloring pages.


Summer Coloring with Sun, Beach and Swimming Pages

Sun Coloring

Can’t head to the beach or go outside during those hot summer days?  Try some fun in the sun coloring pages from kidscanhavefun.com.  Cute and fun sun pictures with many different pictures to choose from. Sun pictures with smiling faces, sad faces, suns with hats,  suns with glasses, sun with rainbow, sun with clouds and just silly suns.  These sunny pictures will make the kids laugh.

summer coloring pages

Sun Coloring Pages


Beach Coloring

Kids can think cool thoughts with these fun beach coloring pictures.  Color pictures of kids playing in the sand, playing on the beach. There’s a beached watermelon enjoying a refreshment while laying in the sun!


Swimming Coloring

Fun swimming coloring pages to add some color to scuba dog, girl with duck swimming ring and boy scuba diver.


Skateboard Coloring

Color some skateboarders this summer performing their tricks. Have you ever seen a gorilla skateboarder?

Boy Skateboarding Coloring

Boy Skateboarding Coloring


Fun in the Sun Coloring

For those everyday fun in the sun coloring days choose from a girl blowing bubbles, picking flowers or watering flowers. This picture has a lazy summer day with a boy laying in a field of flowers.

boy laying in flowers


Doodle Coloring

Keep the kids coloring with these fun Summer Coloring Doodles.  Choose from summer fruit doodles, sunny days, kids summertime fun, summer bugs and weather characters.

Print all the summer doodles and put together as a coloring book for travel or dining out. Fun doodles to color on those hot summer days when you just can’t leave the house.

Doodle Coloring

Doodle Coloring


Fun Ways to Color

Crayons are a great way to color but there are other fun ways too.  Try using paint, watercolors, color pastels as well as colored pencils.  Kids can mix up their paints to make exciting new colors. Print our color wheel activity to help them learn what colors make new colors.

Have the kids color a few pictures and then cut and paste them onto a summer scene that they want to create.

Ask the kids what different ways they think that pictures can be colored.




Celebrate with 4th of July DIY Ideas and Projects

Celebrate this year with 4th of July DIY Ideas that can make it affordable and easy to do with free printables. Make 4th of July T-shirts to wear and celebrate “Independence Day”. Choose one of our designs and then decide what color of t-shirt you will be using. Purchase the correct iron-on transfer paper for the color of t-shirt you will be using. Light colored t-shirts usually require the design to be mirrored before printing on the transfer paper. Always test on a plain white sheet of paper before printing the final design on transfer paper. Print a t-shirt for the whole family to wear!

4th of July DIY Ideas


DIY 4th of July Flags

Make your own 4th of July paper flags to help celebrate. Choose from large paper printable flags or pencil flags that you tape around a pencil. Patriotic flags are easy to make by taping the flags around tree sticks, straws, balloon holder or wooden dowels. To make the pencil flags, print the sheet of flags, cut them out and then tape around a pencil, straw, small wooden dowel.

4th of July USA Flag


4th of July DIY Ideas for the Patriotic Party

Celebrate the 4th of July with DIY party printables. Hang up a party banner around the home with string and printable banners that you can customize. Add some labels to drink bottles to give them that added touch. Wrap some home-baked cupcakes or muffins with 4th of July cupcake wrappers and then top them off with celebration toppers. Print the toppers and then tape them to the back of a straw, popsicle stick or candy stick. Make some patriotic wristbands to hand out at the party and get the kids to make a patriotic paper chain with our printable paper chain craft. Pin up a USA National Anthem poster for everyone to sing along.

4th of july party props


DIY Photo Booth with 4th of July Photo Props

Print and complete these fun 4th of July Photo Props and get family and friends taking selfies or group photos. There’s something for everyone to get involved. Celebrate the 4th of July with fun photos and memories that you can share.

4th of July Photo Props


Free 4th of July Ideas that are fun to do with the kids and to help celebrate “Indepenedence Day”. Happy 4th of July!

4th of July Party Ideas with Decorations

Free 4th of July Party Ideas to decorate the house with. Hang up a Red, Blue and White USA Banner that you print and string together using string or gift ribbon.  Add a “Happy 4th of July” Door Hanger to the front door to greet your guests.  Hand out DIY “Happy 4th of July” candy bar wrappers and treat bags to the guests and impress them.  Choose from a variety of styles to make.  Wrap 4th of July water bottle labels around drinks.

4th of July Party Ideas


4th of July Party Games

Celebrate with 4th of July Party Games for the kids to enjoy.  Kids can play a match game with 4th of July colorful characters, bingo, tic tac toe games, maze games and 4th of July dominoes game.

4th of july bingo game

4th of July Celebration Flags

Make your own 4th of July celebration flags to help celebrate Independence Day.   Start off by printing flags that you cut out and attach to a stick, branch or even a glow stick for nighttime celebrations.  There’s even flags to cut out and tape to pencils or straws.  Makes a great drink decoration.

4th of July pencil flags

Get the party started for July 4th with these easy to make Party Ideas and Decorations and enjoy the day!

Choose one of our printable Last Day of School T-Shirt Designs to wear at school, end of school year parties, or just around home.  There’s one for all students from elementary to high-school.  Teachers can wear a “Farewell Students” t-shirt as well.  Print our t-shirt designs on printable t-shirt transfer paper and follow the instructions enclosed.  Our t-shirt designs print backwards as required by most transfer papers.  T-Shirts designs look best on light colored shirts such as white and light colors.  You can use these iron-ons not just for t-shirts but for cotton bags, pillow-cases, and more.  School staff can make t-shirts or cotton bags as gifts for the whole class with one of our printable t-shirt designs.


Last Day of School Graduate T-Shirts

Print one of our students “Graduate class of 2017” t-shirt designs for the kids to wear.  Choose from “Class of 2017 Graduate”, “Elementary Class of 2017”, “Grade 6 Class of 2017” or “Kindergarden Class of 2017” printable iron-on designs.  Teachers or school staff can make t-shirts for the whole class as a surprise for the last day of school.


graduate 2017 Cap

Last Day of School Teacher T-Shirts

Something for the teachers to wear for the last day of school.  Teachers can wear a shirt that displays “Farewell My Students, BELIEVE, 2017” or make cotton bags with the iron-on for the whole class as a gift to remember.

Words "Farewell My Students 2017"


Last Day of School Student T-shirts

For the students that want to celebrate the end of school and mark the beginning of a summer holiday can wear a “Hooray, Last Day of School 2017” t-shirt design.

words Hooray last day of school 2017


Choose more End of School Year Iron-ons, Student Farewell and Teacher Thank You Ideas.

Graduation Printables for Elementary School

Graduation Printables  are a great way to show the kids that you are proud of them for completing another year of school. For the preschool and kindergarten graduates help celebrate with Graduation Diplomas. Frame a diploma and surprise them with it when they arrive home from their last day school.  Teachers can hand out these diplomas to the students in their class to show mom and dad.


elementary graduation diploma


End of School Year Coloring Pages

Teachers and parents can hand out coloring pages for the little graduates moving on to a new grade.   Don’t forget to include their completed coloring pages into a scrapbook or memory book.

Teachers can use these coloring pages as well to teach the students the different colors. On the bottom of the coloring page make small color circles for the colors that you want the students to use. Beside each circle write down a number. On the picture use a pencil to write down the color number for each part of the picture.  Have the students show you their work.


Girl Graduate with Books

Graduation Party Printables

Congratulate the kids with completing another year of school by decorating the table with graduation party printables.  Bake cupcakes and place the treat toppers on top and wrap the cupcakes wrappers around them. Hang up the Class of 2016 party banner.  Add the graduate Class of 2016 Message poster inside a frame that you can place on the table.


Class of 2017 Cupcake Toppers

Class of 2017 Letterhead, Scrapbook Pages and Cards

We have graduation cards and printable scrapbook pages to print and complete for those memorable moments.  Encourage the kids to write about their school accomplishments with the graduation and class of 2017 letterhead.


class of 2017 blank paper


Countdown Days Graduation Printables

Countdown the Days until graduation or the last day of school with these fun chalkboard posters.  Just print and use chalk to write down the number of days each day until the end of school or the day of graduation. Print the Chalkboard Graduation Grad Cap Countdown or Number of Days until end of School Chalkboard Poster.


Graduation Cap

Head over to kidscanhavefun.com to find more end of school year printables such as party ideas, gift ideas, awards, photo props, teacher gifts and more.


Treat dad with special homemade gifts you print and make from our Fathers Day Crafts ideas.  Wrap up some special treats for dad with Fathers Day candy wrappers and treat labels.  Help dad complete his garden with our printable gardening crafts that are easy to make and do.  Dad will love these Barbecue Recipe cards that you can put together with some special recipes of your own.


Fathers Day Crafts

Make dad a Fathers Day Tie he can clip on his shirt.  Just print, color and wrap it up for dad.  Put some special Tie bottle tags with Fathers day messages that can hang on dads favorite soda bottles.  Print our Fathers Day Barbecue Recipe cards for dad.  Write out some of dad’s favorite recipes or create your own and staple them together with blank recipe cards.  Tie a ribbon around it and give it to dad.

fathers day craft

fathers day craft tie with a message


Fathers Day Crafts with Candy Labels

Give dad a special treat this fathers day with Fathers Day Candy wrappers.  Choose from a variety of  Candy Bar Wrappers such as a Tie Candy Bar Wrapper where you write a special message or draw a picture.  A Special Message Candy Bar Wrapper just for dad or  a Hugs and Kisses Mustache Candy Bar Wrapper.  Put some of dad’s favorite candy or chocolates in a candy bag and seal it with a Fathers day tie candy bag topper.  Print one of our Tie or golf ball treat toppers to place on muffins, cupcakes or special desserts  just for dad.


Fathers Day Crafts, Mustache Candy Wrapper

Fathers Day Crafts, Mustache Candy Wrapper


Fathers Day Crafts with Gardening Ideas

Help dad complete his garden with Garden Stakes and seek packets.  Easy to make gardening crafts with vegetable, fruit and herb stakes as well as vegetable and fruit seed packets.  Print ones ready-made or color your own to make it extra special for dad.

vegetable garden stakes


Make a Fathers Day Craft for dad and surprise him.  It’s something dad will cherish.




Surprise dad with Father’s Day Activities and Printables just for dad. Wrap up Father’s Day Coupons that can only be used by dad and start his day off right with Breakfast in Bed Ideas. Make dad a Shirt and Tie card with a special message from the kids. Play the Tie Wheel Game that the whole family can play.


Fathers Day Activities Breakfast in Bed Ideas

Start the day off right with Fathers Day breakfast in Bed printables.  Choose from placemats, cup wrappers and coasters for dad with golf balls and shirt tie graphics.  Dad will be touched with this special message placemat, cup wrappers and drink coasters with special words for dad.

Fathers Day Activities Message Placemat

Fathers Day Activities Message Placemat


Fathers Day Activities with Dad Games

Dad will enjoy the Tie Wheel Game you put together.  Have dad spin the wheel and find out what activity he can enjoy for the day.  You might be surprised!  Print fun Fathers Day Mazes for Dad in the shape of “Father” or “Dad”.  Learn more about Dads with the Fathers Day Crossword Puzzle and Word Search Puzzle.


Fathers Day Tie Wheel Game

Fathers Day Tie Wheel Game


Fathers Day Activities with Letters to Dad

Write a thought to dad with these Dad writing papers.  Choose from Letter to Dad from Girl or Letter to Dad from Boy.  Give dad some ruled paper he can use everyday to write his thoughts or messages down.


father's day letter

Find DIY Dad Crafts and more fun Father’s Day Activities for Dad.

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