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Flashcards for kids with a variety of animal groups to choose from.  Kids can learn all about farm animals, pets, birds, reptiles and insects.  These colorful and easy to print Animal Cards can help teach kids about the different types of animal groups.  Kids can discover where we typically find these animals whether they are at the zoo or in the wild, on a farm, outside the home or moving around in our very backyard.  Kids love to explore different creatures and they can be easy to find most of the time such as around the house, in a forest or in the water.


Zoo Animals

Cut zoo animal flashcards with a lion, peacock, elephant, panda bear, penguin, gorilla, zebra, seal, kangaroo, ostrich and giraffe.  Ask the kids what other zoo animals they would see at a zoo.

flashcards with zoo animals

Zoo Animal Flashcards


Farm Animals

How many farm animals do the kids recognize with these farm animal flashcards?  Included are a chicken, rooster, horse, goat, duck, goose, bull, cow, pig, sheep, turkey, rabbit.



Bird flashcards with a penguin, swan, ostrich, duck, flamingo, pelican, hummingbird and seagull.  Have the kids name birds that they see outside of the house.



Reptile flashcards with a lizard, cobra snake, turtle and frog.  Ask the kids what reptile do you commonly see in a forest?



Insects with a snail, ladybug, dragonfly and spider.  Have the kids catch a few insects outside to discover how many legs, wings and antennas they have.



Pet flashcards with a dog, cat, goldfish and bunny.  Find out from the kids what other animals make good pets?


Ideas for Flashcards

All the cards can be printed and laminated, glue on cardboard, heavy paper or on a bristle board.  Use as a game and print all the animal cards and place them on the floor or table and have the kids group them together into their proper groupings, i.e. insects, zoo, farm.  Ask the kids about the animals habitat, where they live, what they eat, etc.

Kids can make their own Paper Instruments and put together an air band for the whole family or class.  Easy to print and make paper guitar, saxophone, microphone and trumpet Templates.  Paper instruments you paste onto cardboard and cut out the shaped pieces.


How to make your Paper Instruments


Paper Guitar

Print out the pages required to make a paper guitar and glue onto a cardboard cutout using the paper guitar template.  Add string to your guitar with fishing line or other type of string.


paper instruments

Paper Guitar

Paper Saxophone

Glue on some buttons or beads for keys to your saxophone after you have completed the steps to making your paper saxophone.  Start by printing the saxophone template and glue it onto a cardboard cutout using the paper saxophone template.


paper saxophone

paper saxophone

Paper Trumpet

Make some cool tunes with this paper trumpet you put together.  Use the trumpet template to cut out and paste onto a cardboard shape using the trumpet template.  Finish it off with buttons or beads you can stick on as keys.


paper trumpet

Paper Trumpet


Paper Microphone

Put on some music and sing along to your favorite tunes with this paper microphone you put together.  Just paste the microphone onto the same shape cardboard using the template.  Use a paper towel or toilet roll for the bottom to use as a handle.  Wrap the template around the paper roll.


paper microphone

Paper Microphone

Cut and paste alphabet activities are for preschoolers and children learning the alphabet.   Use these activities to help the kids recognize uppercase and lowercase alphabet letters.  With cut and past ABC’s, kids learn how to print letters and spell using the alphabet.  Encourage the kids to sing the alphabet song so they remember all the letters of the alphabet.


Cut and Paste Alphabet Cards

Kids can Cut and Paste Alphabet cards into the correct alphabet order with the Alphabet Cut and Paste Activity.  Each card has the uppercase and lowercase alphabet letter to help kids recognize each case.  Have the child cut out each card and then paste them into the correct sequence box on the next page.  The cut and paste activity can also be used as a game by mixing up the alphabet cards and have the children place them in sequential order on a table.

cut and paste Alphabet


Cut and Paste Alphabet Apple Tree

This fun cut and paste alphabet apple tree activity has all the letters of the alphabet inside the apples.  Children cut out all the alphabet apples and paste them on the apple tree picture.  Paste the apples on the ground and all around the tree to fit all the alphabet apples.  Kids are challenged to spell the word “apple” with the letters and paste them on the tree.

For kids that need more of a challenge and are learning to write their alphabet letters, try the cut and paste alphabet apple printing tree activity.  This cut and paste alphabet activity is the same as the one below except the kids write the letters in the apples.  Kids can be challenged to print all the uppercase letters on the apples and then print all of the lowercase letters.  Don’t forget to print extra pages of apples.

Cut and Paste Alphabet Apple Tree

Cut and Paste Alphabet Apple Tree

cut and paste apples with tree


Cut and Paste Alphabet Animal Letters

Cut and paste the alphabet animals into the correct letter box.  Each letter box shows the uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet.  Encourage the children to cut out each animal and then sound out the name of the animal.  By sounding out the animals name the kids can think of the first sounding letter and then paste that animal into the correct alphabet letter box.  Print the “cut and paste animals by letter sheet” for this activity.  When the children have completed pasting all the animals, you can check their work by printing out the “cut and paste animals by letter completed” page below.

Cut and Paste Alphabet Animals

Cut and Paste Alphabet Animals


Cut and Paste with the Alphabet helps the kids with reading skills, writing skills and with developing their fine motor skills with cutting and pasting activities.


No Bullying Worksheets and Surveys

No Bullying worksheet activities to help educate kids about bullying. Worksheets include “What is Bullying”, “How to Prevent Bullying”, “Bullying Survey”, and “Kids with Food Allergies Survey”. Kids fill out the worksheets and discover how much they really know about bullying. The no-bullying worksheets help kids write down their thoughts and expressions on bullying.

Bullying Survey Worksheet

Stop Bullying Posters and Labels

Stop Bullying Posters to hang up on walls at home, school or Child Care Centres.  Have kids can wear no-bullying badges to show their support of no-bully policies.

Hand on Stop Sign with Stop Bullying Letters

No-Bullying Wristbands, Badges, Letterhead, Bookmarks

Kids can wear these No-Bully-Zone Wristbands to show their support against Bullying. Just print, cut out, and wrap around the wrist, then tape. Print “No-Bullying” letterhead and have kids write about what bullying means and how to stop it.  Print don’t bully stickers and paste them on books, school projects and school supplies.  Hand out “Stand Up and Speak Out” and “Stay Friendly” badges to kids that want to show their support for no-bullying around the school. Use the No Bullying bookmarks for everyday reading at home or school.

No Bullying Wristbands


No Bullying Certificates

Teachers and parents can hand out no-bullying certificates to participants that support no-bullying activities.  Use the certificates for class participation as well.



no bully zone class

No bullying activities and printables to stop bullying at school and on social media.


Back to School List to help record all the school supplies and tools needed for Back to School.  Parents and Teachers as well as Students can use these lists.  Add or choose the items from the following lists to complete the school shopping needed for back to school.  Have the children write out the items that they think is required for school and get them back to practicing their printing skills.

Back to School List with School Checklist

Use this School Supplies Checklist to check off what’s needed for school.  Take along while school shopping to check off the items on the sheet that are needed or check off items purchased.  Everyday school essentials are on the list for most grades to get the kids started for back to school.  Most students will find out what they need the first week of school but having a few items purchased will help beat the rush.

back to school list

Back to School List with School Supplies List

This School Supplies List helps parents and students organize all the items needed for back to school.  Add the items needed for back to school that was supplied by teachers or found at local school supplies stores.  The list is organized by Categories with Everyday Supplies, School Tools, Clothing & Shoes, School Projects, School Snacks & Lunches and a Miscellaneous Category.  Use the Everyday Supplies Category to add pencils, pens, markers, crayons, erasers, paper, ect.  For the School Tools Category add calculator, math sets, electronics, memory stick, ect.  The Clothing & Shoes Category can be used to add gym clothing, outdoor clothing, indoor shoes and gym shoes, ect.  School Projects is where you can record the necessary supplies needed to complete a project such as bristol board, stickers, paint, ect.  Add school approved school snacks and lunches to the School Snacks and Lunches Category.  Anything else that is required for school but does not fit into the above lists can be placed in the Miscellaneous Category.  With all the school supplies listed by category, we hope this year will make school shopping easier with one of our Back to School Lists.


Back to School List

Back to School List

Back to School Printables with School Paper

Back to School Printables with printable school paper and school labels for the kids.  Easy to print school paper to add to duo-tangs and binders for that first day of school.  Labels to keep the kids organized and supplies labeled with the kids name will help start off the school year right.


Choose from a variety of Back to School Printable paper with school characters.  There’s teachers with blackboards, bookworms, school apples, school bus and blank writing paper with boarders to color.  Print these for home or school and keep some extra for school subjects and art projects.  Printable school paper that is easy to print and always available for free.

Back to School Printables with School Paper

Welcome Back to School Paper


Back to School Labels

School printable labels are great for back to school time.  Print out these fun labels and attach to the kids crayons, pencils, school supplies, duo-tangs, school bags and lunch bags.  Choose from a variety of sizes, colors and styles to fit just about everything.  There’s even labels the kids can color.  Don’t leave home without these labels for the little ones with cute Back to School Left Right Foot Labels.  Print the Back to School Left Right Foot Markers for school and home to stick on the floor for the kids to place their shoes on.   Cut out the Back to School Left Right Foot Labels and laminate to place inside kids shoes before they put their shoes on.  Kids remove the labels from inside the shoes before putting them on.


Back to School Left Right Shoe Labels

Back to School Left Right Shoe Labels


Get the kids ready for school with Back to School Printables for every school day.

Summer Camp Activities

Get the kids prepared for Camp this year with Summer Camp Activities to print and bring along to camp.  Start off with printing and completing the Summer Camp Packing Checklist to make sure you have all the items packed for summer camp fun.  Choose from easy to print and play rainy day camp days to keep the kids entertained and when the weather is good, get the kids moving with scavenger hunt games.  Don’t forget to print the Summer Camp Journal for the kids to record all their fun activities to share with family and friends.  Kids can write about fun camping activities in these Summer Campground Journals.  After the kids write about their activities, they can rate them by filling in the little hearts under each activity. Kids can also draw a picture or paste a photo of their new friends to complete the journals.  There’s printable beauty and makeup sketch girls to complete when the girls have idle time.  The Kids can hang up some fun Camp Bed Post Hangers on their bed posts.

The campground instructors can remind the kids about the campground rules with the Campground Rules Poster pinned up.


Camp Journal

Scavenger Hunts

Fun Scavenger Hunt games for the campers.  Start off with the Camp Scavenger Hunt Game where all the campers look around the camp for items that they check off the scavenger list.  Campers can work in groups or as single scavengers.  See who can find all the items first.

Get the kids hunting for bugs and record each bug detail on the Bug Catching Explorer Activity sheet.  Bring the campers on a Bird Watching Expedition and have them record all the details on the birds they saw with the Bird Watching Explorer Activity.   Have the campers admire the wild flowers that grow around the campground and in the forest with the Flower Explorer Activity. Kids will learn so much from just exploring nature and its beautiful surroundings.

Summer Camp Activities



Keep the kids learning and entertained with Summer Camp Activities.


4th of July Party Ideas with Decorations

Free 4th of July Party Ideas to decorate the house with. Hang up a Red, Blue and White USA Banner that you print and string together using string or gift ribbon.  Add a “Happy 4th of July” Door Hanger to the front door to greet your guests.  Hand out DIY “Happy 4th of July” candy bar wrappers and treat bags to the guests and impress them.  Choose from a variety of styles to make.  Wrap 4th of July water bottle labels around drinks.

4th of July Party Ideas


4th of July Party Games

Celebrate with 4th of July Party Games for the kids to enjoy.  Kids can play a match game with 4th of July colorful characters, bingo, tic tac toe games, maze games and 4th of July dominoes game.

4th of july bingo game

4th of July Celebration Flags

Make your own 4th of July celebration flags to help celebrate Independence Day.   Start off by printing flags that you cut out and attach to a stick, branch or even a glow stick for nighttime celebrations.  There’s even flags to cut out and tape to pencils or straws.  Makes a great drink decoration.

4th of July pencil flags

Get the party started for July 4th with these easy to make Party Ideas and Decorations and enjoy the day!

Graduation Printables for Elementary School

Graduation Printables  are a great way to show the kids that you are proud of them for completing another year of school. For the preschool and kindergarten graduates help celebrate with Graduation Diplomas. Frame a diploma and surprise them with it when they arrive home from their last day school.  Teachers can hand out these diplomas to the students in their class to show mom and dad.


kindergarten school diploma


End of School Year Coloring Pages

Teachers and parents can hand out coloring pages for the little graduates moving on to a new grade.   Don’t forget to include their completed coloring pages into a scrapbook or memory book.

Teachers can use these coloring pages as well to teach the students the different colors. On the bottom of the coloring page make small color circles for the colors that you want the students to use. Beside each circle write down a number. On the picture use a pencil to write down the color number for each part of the picture.  Have the students show you their work.


Girl Graduate with Books

Graduation Party Printables

Congratulate the kids with completing another year of school by decorating the table with graduation party printables.  Bake cupcakes and place the treat toppers on top and wrap the cupcakes wrappers around them. Hang up the Class of 2016 party banner.  Add the graduate Class of 2016 Message poster inside a frame that you can place on the table.


graduation printables with class of 2016 cupcake toppers

Class of 2016 Treat Toppers

congratulations graduate poster

Class of 2016 Letterhead, Scrapbook Pages and Cards

We have graduation cards and printable scrapbook pages to print and complete for those memorable moments.  Encourage the kids to write about their school accomplishments with the graduation and class of 2016 letterhead.


class of 2016 letterhead


Countdown Days Graduation Printables

Countdown the Days until graduation or the last day of school with these fun chalkboard posters.  Just print and use chalk to write down the number of days each day until the end of school or the day of graduation. Print the Chalkboard Graduation Grad Cap Countdown or Number of Days until end of School Chalkboard Poster.


days left until graduation coundown grad cap

Head over to kidscanhavefun.com to find more end of school year printables such as party ideas, gift ideas, awards, photo props, teacher gifts and more.


Kids Summer Coloring pages for those rainy days or while traveling abroad.  Keep the kids entertained with a variety of fun summer coloring pages that are free and easy to print.  Summer coloring is a great way to keep the kids busy while mom or dad need a break or the kids need some quiet time after a busy day.   Choose from silly suns, fun at the beach, scuba swimming, tricky skateboarding, summer doodles or just fun in the sun coloring.  Read below for more ways to use summer coloring pages.


Summer Coloring with Sun, Beach and Swimming Pages

Sun Coloring

Can’t head to the beach or go outside during those hot summer days?  Try some fun in the sun coloring pages from kidscanhavefun.com.  Cute and fun sun pictures with many different pictures to choose from. Sun pictures with smiling faces, sad faces, suns with hats,  suns with glasses, sun with rainbow, sun with clouds and just silly suns.  These sunny pictures will make the kids laugh.

summer coloring pages

Sun Coloring Pages


Beach Coloring

Kids can think cool thoughts with these fun beach coloring pictures.  Color pictures of kids playing in the sand, playing on the beach. There’s a beached watermelon enjoying a refreshment while laying in the sun!


Swimming Coloring

Fun swimming coloring pages to add some color to scuba dog, girl with duck swimming ring and boy scuba diver.


Skateboard Coloring

Color some skateboarders this summer performing their tricks. Have you ever seen a gorilla skateboarder?

Boy Skateboarding Coloring

Boy Skateboarding Coloring


Fun in the Sun Coloring

For those everyday fun in the sun coloring days choose from a girl blowing bubbles, picking flowers or watering flowers. This picture has a lazy summer day with a boy laying in a field of flowers.

boy laying in flowers


Doodle Coloring

Keep the kids coloring with these fun Summer Coloring Doodles.  Choose from summer fruit doodles, sunny days, kids summertime fun, summer bugs and weather characters.

Print all the summer doodles and put together as a coloring book for travel or dining out. Fun doodles to color on those hot summer days when you just can’t leave the house.

Doodle Coloring

Doodle Coloring


Fun Ways to Color

Crayons are a great way to color but there are other fun ways too.  Try using paint, watercolors, color pastels as well as colored pencils.  Kids can mix up their paints to make exciting new colors. Print our color wheel activity to help them learn what colors make new colors.

Have the kids color a few pictures and then cut and paste them onto a summer scene that they want to create.

Ask the kids what different ways they think that pictures can be colored.




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