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Mothers Day Crafts with Seed Packets

Mothers Day crafts just for mom are always special when it made with loving care from the kids. Give mom a special seed packet for Mothers Day. Add mom’s special flower seeds to the packet for her garden or for a special planting pot that you can wrap up. If mom loves vegetables gardens, she will love receiving her favorite vegetable seeds in a special seed packet that you put together. Fun Mother’s Day Crafts for the kids to wrap up and give to mom.

mothers day crafts flower seeds packetSurprise mom with something she will never expect. Add some tree seeds to the Money Tree Seed Pocket and tell her that money really does grow on trees! (well money does comes from trees, the paper that its printed on).  Mom will love the idea and of course will know that she probably will not have money growing on it anytime soon, but its the thought that counts.


money tree mothers day pillow-box


Mothers Day Flower Garden Stakes

Make mom some Flower Pot Stakes that she can add to Flower Pots or gardens. Just print, add your name and laminate with clear tape. To make them extra durable, they can be laminated with a laminator (as a parent to do this for you).

mothers day flower stakes craftCandy Flower Pot Craft

This is a special flower pot just for mom.  Print and add the special poem to the pot to make it a memorable gift. Start off by printing the tempate of leaves and flowers. Cut out the leaves and flower you will use and tape it to the back of a candy stick.  The candy stick will be the stem. Place the stem in a small flower pot and use decorate stones or gems to hold the flower in place. Print out the poem and roll it up like a cylinder.  Tape the top of the poem to the front of the pot so that mom can roll down the poem to read.

mothers day candy flower pot craft

Have fun making these DIY Mothers Day Crafts for mom’s that love everything handmade.



Grocery List Template

Print our Grocery List Template for mother’s day and package it with a ribbon.  Choose from our colored grocery lists that are ready to be stapled and packaged or print a grocery list template that can be colored just for mom.  Print the amount of pages you want to add together and staple on top.  Make the grocery list easy to find by sticking a magnet to the back to add to the fridge.  Kids can make these grocery lists special by adding a few grocery list items for mom to get a head start.  Mom may be surprised to see what items are added!

Grocery List Template

Grocery List Template


Find these Mothers Day Grocery List Pads and more at kidscanhavefun.com






Mothers Day Printables for the Kids to share with mom.   Special Mom certificates and coupons, Happy Mothers Day bookmarks, word search puzzle, owl stationery, door hanger, best mom stickers, and more.



Mothers Day Printables with Stationery for Mom

Print stationery for mom and wrap it with some ribbon.  Mom will enjoy having pretty flower swirl ruled paper, owl letterhead or notepads.  Use one of these letterheads to write mom a special letter or thank you for all she has done.


Mothers Day Printables

Mothers Day Printables Letter to Mom


Mothers Day Printables with Coupons

kids can hand out special mom coupons this year for Mothers Day.  Each coupon has a different reward for mom such as “A Night Without the Kids”, “Helping Hand for any Chore”, “Money Tree Seeds”, “Best Hug and Kiss”, “You and Me Time”.  Mom can use these coupons any time of the year, they don’t expire!

happy mothers day coupons

Mothers Day Printables with Mom Awards

Mom will feel special this Mothers Day after receiving a Mom award from the kids.  Choose from “Best Mom Award”, “Special Mom Award” and “Mom of the Year Award”.  Frame an award for mom and have all the kids sign it, then hang it up.


Mothers Day Printables with Mom Stickers

Surprise mom this Mothers Day with a Best Mom Sticker Star you can color or our heart love stickies that you can hang all around the house. Choose from mom stickies that say “Fabulous Mom!”, “Love You Mom!”, “Caring Mom!”, “Best Mom!”, “Mom Knows Best!” and “Smart Mom!”.  Won’t mom be surprised when she wakes up to find these stickers everywhere.

Hang up “Happy Mothers Day” door hangers around the house for mom.  Learn what Mothers Day is all about with a word search puzzle.  Complete one of three storybooks just for mom, there’s a storybook from son, daughter and best mom.


Surprise Mom for Mothers Day with Printables for Mom.  There’s something for all moms that she will enjoy and cherish.  Don’t forget mom this Mothers day!


Breakfast in Bed for Mothers Day

Mom’s will love the surprise of Breakfast in Bed on Mothers Day.  Kids can print all the Breakfast in Bed printables the night before and prepare all the breakfast items for mom in the morning.  Younger and older kids can help each other with the preparations.  Mom will appreciate home prepared muffins and breakfast made especially from the children.  Breakfast ideas can include biscuits, cereal, toast, muffins, coffee, tea, milk and juice.

Mothers Day Breakfast in Bed Ideas

Mothers Day Breakfast in Bed Ideas

Setup mom with a light breakfast and use the Place Mat to set her biscuits or muffins on that you make yourself.


Print Treat Toppers that say “Happy Mother’s Day” and tape to a candy stick to place on top of a special treat, insert into a muffin or place inside a small vase.


Make Mothers Day extra special with a handmade gift you place inside a matching Gift box and don’t forget to sign one of our Mothers Day cards for mom.


Place a special Note Card on the Breakfast Bed tray to add that special thought for mom.  Cut out the card that is best for mom and sign the back.


Place a single rose beside a Place Card and write a special message inside to show mom how special she is.


Tape a Cup Wrapper around her glass of juice or cup of coffee to make the setup complete.


Now watch how mom is impressed with your Mothers Day Breakfast in Bed Ideas and how grateful she will be to enjoy her delicious breakfast in bed!



Challenge the kids with Earth Day Crossword and Word Search Puzzles on Earth Day.  Choose from crossword, word search or jigsaw puzzles.  Kids can learn more about what is Earth Day and how we can all participate by recycling, reusing and reducing.


Earth Day Puzzles with Crossword and Word Search

Find all the Earth day words in this word search puzzle and find the answers in the crossword puzzle.  Kids will learn Earth Day activities they can participate in, what the colors are for Earth Day?  What special planting happens?  Why do we have Earth Day?


Earth Day Puzzles

Earth Day Puzzles


Earth Day Jigsaw Cut and Paste

A fun Earth Day jigsaw puzzle with a picture of the earth.  Kids cut up the puzzle following the jigsaw lines and then paste the puzzle back together again to form earth.  Mix up the pieces of the jigsaw well for a greater challenge.

Earth Day Jigsaw Puzzle

Earth Day Jigsaw Puzzle

Help celebrate Earth Day with Peanut Free labels, posters and cupcakes toppers made especially for earth day.  These cute green Earth Day frogs want to show support for a safe and friendly Earth Day celebration with safe snacks and food.  Place the posters on walls, doors or tables.  Use the labels for home and school.  Display safe snacks with cupcake toppers.


Peanut Free Posters

Hang up these Peanut Free posters around the home, daycare and school on Earth Day to show your support for Earth Day Activities especially when food is involved.  Help keep kids safe by displaying Peanut Allergy Aware signs wherever there are children with peanut allergies.  These posters can also be used as signs to tape on a child’s desk on Earth Day or on a a nut free lunch table.


No Peanuts Please Poster

No Peanuts Please Poster


Peanut Free Labels

Peanut Free labels for Earth Day that can be printed as stickers or cut and paste labels.  Choose labels with “peanut free” or no “peanuts please” messages.  Use the labels on lunch bags, school bags, notepaper and more.  Cover with clear tape or laminate to keep the labels longer.


earth day peanut-free labels

Peanut Free Cupcake Toppers

Celebrate Earth Day with Peanut Allergy Aware cupcake toppers.  Print and tape a candy stick or popsicle stick to the back and stick it into a peanut free cupcake or use it on a cake pop stick.  Just place the cake pop stick through the top and botton of the label and center it on the stick.  Making a Earth Day Celebration Cake?   Stick a few in the center.  Try this idea, fill up a sandwich bag with safe treats and staple a cupcake topper to the top of the bag.  Great for safe school snacks and home.

earth day peanut free cupcake toppers

Display allergy aware signs on Earth Day and have a safe and fun Earth Day event.


Earth Day Printables

Kids can show their appreciation for the earth with these Earth Day Printables.  Print Eco-Friendly Straw Friends and place them in your drinks at home or school.  Fun Pencil Eco-Friends that you place on your pencil to show your support for Earth Hour and Earth Day.  Cute pencil and straw frogs with “Go Green”, Eco-Friendly” and “Earth Day” slogans.

Hang up this “Our Class Participates in Earth Day” poster on classroom walls or doors.

Great for teachers to hand out pencil Eco-friends to the students.   Teachers can encourage the kids to write about Earth Day and Earth Hour and why they are so important with our Earth Day stationery paper.

Fun Earth Day Appreciation Awards for kids to show their involvement with keeping the earth clean and recycling.

Hand out Earth Day Bookmarks to the kids.  Challenge the kids with an Earth Day crossword puzzle or Word Search Puzzle to learn more about Earth Day.  Cut and paste an Earth Day jigsaw puzzle for Earth Day.

Color a fun Earth Day placemat with animals, trees and earth.  Laminate after completed and use as an everyday table placemat to remind us how important the earth is and all its living creatures.

Earth Day Printables

Earth Day Printables with Eco-Friends for pencils

Earth day Printables for home, school and daycare activities.

Eco-Kids with Earth Day Certificates

Reward Eco-kids with Earth Day Certificates for their participation and appreciation of Earth Day.  Kids will feel encouraged and proud of their accomplishments that they have achieved for Earth Day.  Parents and teachers can hand out these certificates to kids that want to help out with reducing, reusing and recycling.  We call these kids Eco-kids that want to keep the earth green.


Eco-kids Earth Day Certificates

Eco-kids Earth Day Certificates


Eco-Kids Earth Day Activities

For kids that love helping out with Earth Day activities reward them with Eco-kids Earth Day certificates.  Choose from an Earth Day Participation Certificate or an Earth Day Achievement Award.   Reward the kids that help around the home with planting, reducing, reusing and recycling with an Earth Day Participation Award.  Children that enjoy helping mom or dad out with flower gardening or vegetable planting earn one as well.  For Eco-kids that come up with great ideas about conserving energy, going green or ways to reduce garbage earn an Earth Day Achievement Award.

Eco-Kids Earth Day Achievement Award

Eco-Kids Earth Day Achievement Award


Eco-Kids Class Activities

Children can participate in Earth Day friendly activities at school such as:  cleaning up the school yard, reducing garbage by reusing containers for lunch and by using recycle boxes.   Teachers can hand out these Earth Day certificates when they see students participating in reducing, reusing or recycling.  Challenge the kids at school by having them think of a family event that helps everyone reduce, reuse and recycle.  Encourage kids to think of green solutions to help the planet stay green.  Some suggestions could be:  planting a garden, starting a composter, planting a tree, use re-usable lunch containers, use natural lawn care products, install water-saving faucets and putting up an outdoor clothesline.

class participation award with school bus and kids



Challenge the students this year with keeping the planet clean and give them an Earth Day Achievement Award for their efforts.

Help kids appreciate the earth we live on with these Earth Day Printables for Kids.   Choose from Earth Day awards, bookmarks, writing paper, puzzles, stickers, seed packets, iron-ons, cards, eco-friendly straw friends and more.


Earth Day Activities with Earth Friendly Printables

Have the kids color this fun Earth Day placement with animals surrounding the earth.  Bring along when dining out or visiting friends to keep the kids entertained, don’t forget the crayons!


earth day activities placemat

Earth Day Activities Placemat


Make your own Earth Day seed packet with eco-friendly messages and there’s even one to color.  Place seeds for planting a tree, plants or flowers.  Makes a great Earth Day gift for teachers, classmates, friends and family. Choose from 3 designs and there’s seed packets to color as well.


earth day seed packet

Print an Earth Day bookmark as a great reminder about how important our earth is.  Each bookmark has a message about keeping the earth healthy. Kids can place these bookmarks in books at home or school.

earth day bookmarks

Place these eco-friendly straw friends in drinks for the kids to remind them about how important our earth is.  Each straw friend has a cute frog with an Earth Day message.  We also have eco-friendly pencil friends as well that can be placed on pencils, pens and more.

earth day straw friends

Choose from a variety of printable stickers with eco-friendly characters, going green frogs, fun earth characters, reduce, reuse and recycle stickers.  Use these stickers to place on projects, books, ruled paper and more.

Need extra writing paper for Earth Day projects or everyday? Print Earth Day ruled paper to use for writing information about Earth Day or other earth-friendly projects.

earth day going green ruled paper

Earth Day Activities with Iron-on Transfers

Show how proud you are on Earth day with one of our earth day iron-on transfers.  Choose from 4 designs for dark or light colors.  Our iron-on transfers can be used for t-shirts, pillowcases and cotton bags.  Wear messages with “Celebrate Earth Day”, “Earth Hour”, and “Going Green”.  Make an Earth Day statement with Iron-ons.



Earth Day Activities Cards

Send someone an Earth Day card with a message to celebrate Earth Day.  Remind others about what Earth Day is all about.  There’s even a twitter bird card to tweet about Earth Day!  Color some of our Earth Day cards to make them extra special.


Blue bird sending a earth day tweet


Earth Day Activities Certificates

Show kids the importance of Earth Day by rewarding them for participating in Earth Day Activities.  Hand out an Earth Day Achievement Award or an Earth Day Participation Certificate for helping keep the earth clean by reducing, reusing and recyling.  Award these certificates for helping around the school yard, home or neighbourhood with cleanup, reducing garbage at school by using reusable containers, recycling paper, bottles and plastics.  Kids can write a story about Earth Day and how they think what can be done to help keep the earth clean. Hang it up on school walls and doors to show how much the students care about Earth Day.


Eco-kids Earth Day Certificates

Eco-kids Earth Day Certificates


Earth Day Activities with Puzzles

Have the kids test their knowledge with Earth Day words in our crossword puzzle.  Learn more about what Earth Day is all about.  Can you find all the Earth Day words in our Earth Day word search puzzle?  Print Earth Day jigsaw puzzles that you cut and paste.

Earth Day Crossword Puzzle

Earth Day Crossword Puzzle


On Earth Day help the kids learn more about Earth Day with these Earth Day Activities.


Kids and Family can show their support for Earth Day with these Celebrate Earth Day T-Shirt Iron-ons.  Wear cool T-Shirts with frogs that say “Going Green”, “Eco-Friendly”, “Earth Day”, or “Earth Hour”.  Wear them around the home or at school.  Great for School Field Trips to display the students support.

Easy to print with T-Shirt Transfer papers purchased at local office supply stores.  Choose iron-on transfers for dark or light colors and print the Earth Day design for that color.  Test on plain paper first.

These Earth Day iron-on designs can also be printed on cloth bags or use with specialty iron-on transfer papers for mouse pads, magnetic paper for the fridge, puzzles or any special printable paper.


Celebrate Earth Day Shirts

Celebrate Earth Day T- shirts you can wear proudly to show your support for our Earth on Earth Day.


celebrate earth day April 22, 2017 planet earth


Earth Day with Going Green Frogs Shirt designs

Earth Day Going Green Frogs shirt designs to wear on Earth Day and everyday.


Celebrate Earth Day Going Green Frog


Celebrate Earth Day on April 22 with fun Earth Day iron-on’s you can wear or place on a cloth bag. Wear something green while showing your support for the Earth.


Earth Hour T-Shirt Iron-on

Earth Hour 2016 is on Saturday 19 March between 8.30PM and 9.30PM in your local time zone. The event is held worldwide and encourages individuals, communities households and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights for one hour as a symbol for their commitment to the planet.

Wear your Earth Hour t-shirt proudly and remind your community about this worldwide event.


earth hour frog


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