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Have a Zombie Party this Halloween with fun Halloween Printables.  Free printable party invites, party poster, wristbands, treat labels, caution signs and soda bottle labels.  Just add games, treats and zombies to complete the party.  Print on heavy card stock works best for most of these Halloween printables.  Try using craft scissors to cut out most of the labels to give it that extra special touch.  Have the kids help cut out and put together the halloween printables.


Zombie Props

Hand out fun wristbands to the kids at the party.  Choose from orange or green wristbands with “Zombie Alert” and “Zombie Parts” messages.  Kids will have fun wearing these cute zombie wristbands.  Use these wristbands to group the guests into teams based on color of wristband.  Have the teams compete in fun party games.  Cut out the wristbands to the size of the child’s wrist and tape ends.


Zombie Labels

Decorate cupcakes and muffins with cupcake wrappers and treat toppers.  Add colorful gummy worms or candy eyeballs to these treats to make them extra creepy.  Fill some treat bags labelled with “Parts Inside” and add halloween candy.  Wrap your favorite large soda bottle with a soda bottle label that displays “Zombie Tonic”.  Orange soda and cream soda looks great with these bottle labels.  Water bottles are a great refreshment to add to parties.  Add zombie tonic labels and watch the kids drink water like never before.  Use tape to attach the labels to the bottles.


zombie water bottle labels Zombie Halloween Printables, Signs, Party, Props

Zombie Water Bottle Labels


Zombie Signs

Display a “Caution Zombie Crossing” or “Danger Zombies” sign for a Halloween party or for the trick or treaters.  Hang up on the door, lamp post or near all the treats.  Great for displaying around the home at halloween parties.  Use craft scissors and tape to cut around the edges and attach.  Laminate the signs or print on heavy cardstock to attach to sticks or dowels.  Place these sticks along walkways or in the ground in front of the house.


Zombie Party

Throw a zombie party with party invites to hand out and a party poster to hang up on the door or wall.  Find special treats and prizes to keep the zombies entertained.  Stage a best costume contest and see who is dressed as the best zombie.  Make ballots and have all the guests fill out the name of the best dressed and place it in a bowl.  Count the ballots and announce the winner.  Have the winner perform their own zombie impression.  Add candy eyeballs to a jar and have the guests fill out their name and number of eyeballs in the jar.  Best guess wins the eyeball jar.  If you can’t find candy eyeballs, try colorful gummy worms.  Ask the kids if they can think of any fun games to play at the party.

zombie party sign Zombie Halloween Printables, Signs, Party, Props

Zombie Party Sign

Keep the zombies happy this Halloween with fun zombie printables.  Easy to print and make party printables for any Halloween party.


Halloween Worksheets for kids of all ages.  There’s symmetry worksheets to complete the missing half, tracing worksheets to trace Halloween words and color the pictures.  Fun Halloween math worksheets to challenge the kids.  Cut and Paste worksheets to make fun Halloween characters.  Halloween worksheets with fun match up characters and paste the missing parts activities.  For those special Halloween or school projects, there’s Halloween ruled paper to print with ghosts, cats, frogs and fun Halloween characters.


Symmetry Worksheets

Fun Symmetry worksheets for kids to do during the Halloween season.  Kids complete the pictures by drawing the matching half of the picture that is missing.  Choose from pumpkins, vampires, spiders, skeltons and ghosts.  Kids can color the pictures after they have completed drawing the symmetry lines.

HalloweenSymmetry 791x1024 Halloween Worksheets, Math, Symmetry, Tracing, Cut and Paste

Halloween Symmetry Worksheet



Tracing Worksheets

Kids trace the Halloween words with pictures.  Trace words with haunted house, witch, pumpkin, trick or treat, dracula, frankenstein, and bat.  Help wanda the witch find her black cat by tracing the line to her beloved cat.  Challenge the kids with a pumpkin tracing path worksheet.  Kids trace the lines to the exact pumpkin character.  Help the Halloween characters find their way by tracing the lines.  Color the pictures after tracing.

frankenstein tracing page Halloween Worksheets, Math, Symmetry, Tracing, Cut and Paste

Frankenstein Tracing Worksheet



Halloween Math Worksheets

Math worksheets with cute Halloween characters to count and add.   Pumpkin count, spider web count, and count Halloween pumpkin characters to find how many is in each group.  Pumpkin and spider web fractions are fun ways for kids to learn their fractions.  Halloween code math is an adding worksheet where kids match the pictures to the numbers to find the answer.

HalloweenCodeMath 791x1024 Halloween Worksheets, Math, Symmetry, Tracing, Cut and Paste

Halloween Code Math



Halloween Printable Paper

Lunch box notes to print and fold in half.  Halloween mini notes with bats and pumpkin borders.  Halloween spooky notes to write something spooky on the back.  Halloween ruled paper for that extra special letter you must write on Halloween!  Choose a variety of ruled paper with Halloween frogs, black crows, a costume juggler, black cat, scary ghost and cute Halloween characters.

halloween ghost ruled paper Halloween Worksheets, Math, Symmetry, Tracing, Cut and Paste

Halloween Ruled Paper



Cut and Paste Worksheets

Cut and paste Halloween characters to mix and match heads and bodies to make that perfect Halloween character.  Mix and match witches, dracula, vampire bat, frankenstein and werewolf.  Cut out spooky characters and paste into a Haunted House scene.  Cut and paste a witch pumpkin to put the pieces together.  Find the missing parts to the ghost and paste them into the correct spots.

halloween cut paste characters page0 791x1024 Halloween Worksheets, Math, Symmetry, Tracing, Cut and Paste

Halloween Cut and Paste Characters



Halloween Worksheets

Fun Halloween worksheets for the preschoolers.  Complete the Halloween Match-up activity by drawing a line to match the Halloween word with the picture.  Color the pictures afterwards.  Kids will enjoy completing this easy Halloween worksheet by printing the correct witch hat number on each pumpkin character on the Halloween Witch Hat match up worksheet.  Help Wanda the witch find her friend by following the alphabet trail from A to Z.

HalloweenAlphabetTrail 791x1024 Halloween Worksheets, Math, Symmetry, Tracing, Cut and Paste

Halloween Worksheets with Alphabet Trail



Kids learn to draw Halloween characters by using a simple drawing technique.   Kids follow each picture square and copy the contents of each square in a similar box. When all squares are completed, they discover that they can draw just like the pros.  Complete Halloween scenes with a pumpkin patches and a Haunted Halloween night.  Draw faces on fun and easy to draw characters such as a dracula, ghost or pumpkin.  Complete Halloween pictures and scenes and color the pictures afterwards.

Learn to Draw, Ghost, Pumpkin, Spider

Kids can learn to draw by copying the pictures inside the squares.  Each picture box has smaller squares that are identical to the picture that they will copy from.  Step by step, draw each square that matches the original.  Draw a ghost, pumpkin or spider with easy to follow squares that you copy from the original picture.  In no time you will have completed your very own drawing.  Easy for most ages.  Color the pictures afterwards.

halloween copy pumpkin drawing 791x1024 Learn to Draw, Halloween Pictures, Bats, Pumpkins, Spiders

Learn to Draw Pumpkin



Complete the Halloween Drawings

Finish off the Halloween Pumpkin witch by drawing a face in the shape of a witch.  Complete a pumpkin by drawing the carved face.  Draw a face on the spooky ghost or creepy spider.

What is wearing this witch hat?  Draw what you think is wearing the hat.  It can be any Halloween character or one from your imagination.  Complete the face that comes with this spooky spider.  Draw a dracula or ghost face.  Color your completed drawings.

complete vampire drawing 791x1024 Learn to Draw, Halloween Pictures, Bats, Pumpkins, Spiders

Learn to Draw Vampire


Complete the Halloween Scenes

Finish off this Halloween scene by adding what you think is missing from this Haunted Halloween night.  Add more pumpkins and leaves to the pumpkin patch scene.  Color your pictures afterwards.

Fun and easy learn to draw Halloween pictures for the kids.




Kids can keep track of the days until Halloween with these Halloween Countdown Calendars.   Choose from a calendar to color each day or a pumpkin page to place stickers for each day until Halloween.  Calendars can help the kids with their counting skills.  Kids can count how many days until Halloween and how many days they colored.  Younger kids can practice writing their numbers by printing each day of the month on the pumpkin calendar.


Halloween Countdown 2014 Calendar

Print this fun Halloween countdown calendar to color each day.  Color pumpkins, witches, ghosts, bats and cats until you reach Halloween Day!  Countdown the days until Halloween by counting the days that do not have any colored characters.  Have the kids count how many witches, ghosts and pumpkins they colored.  Hang up on the fridge or wall at home, daycare or school.

halloween countdown calendar 791x1024 Halloween Countdown, 2014 Calendar, Halloween Pictures to Color

Halloween Countdown Calendar


Halloween Countdown Pumpkin

Use this Halloween countdown pumpkin sheet to place a Halloween sticker on each day.  Kids can choose to color the circles with Halloween colors, black, orange and purple.  Have the kids print the day of the month on each circle for October.  Ask the kids how many circles they placed stickers or colored.  Color the pumpkin picture afterwards.

halloween pumpkin calendar 791x1024 Halloween Countdown, 2014 Calendar, Halloween Pictures to Color

Halloween Pumpkin Calendar

Fun Halloween Countdown calendars to help kids count the days until Halloween.

Kids Halloween Trick or Treat cards with funny greetings, candy cards and Halloween greeting cards  to share with classmates, trick or treaters and friends.  Color your own Halloween cards and make it preschool, class or home project.  Add candy to candy cards to make them extra sweet!  Hand out Halloween trick or treat cards to trick or treaters and surprise them.


Halloween Trick or Treat Funny Greetings

Kids can hand out funny greetings with Halloween Trick or Treat candy.  Attach the candy to the back or front of the cards using tape.  Kids will want to visit next year for Halloween when they receive one of these.  Fun alternative to just handing out Halloween trick or treat candy.


HalloweenTrickorTreatCards page0 791x1024 Halloween Trick or Treat, Cards, Funny Greetings, Candy Cards

Halloween Trick or Treat Cards


Halloween Candy Cards

Kids write a spooky or funny message on these cards and then tape a lollipop or candy to the back.  Fun candy cards to share with the Halloween trick or treat kids or classmates at school.

kids halloween cards 1024x825 Halloween Trick or Treat, Cards, Funny Greetings, Candy Cards

Candy Cards


Halloween Cards to Print and Color

Print and color Halloween cards with ghosts, witches, pumpkins, cats and a haunted graveyard.  Kids can color Halloween cards that they can give to family, teachers and friends.  Halloween coloring cards makes a great class project.


halloween witch coloring card page0 Halloween Trick or Treat, Cards, Funny Greetings, Candy Cards

Halloween Coloring Cards


Halloween Greetings

Kids can hand out Halloween cards with ghosts, monsters, witches, bats, spiders, cats and vampires.  Easy to print one-sided cards that are folded into four squares.  Print double-sided cards that print two cards at a time.  Print the instructions on how to print the Halloween cards for easy reference.


halloween ghost cards 823x1024 Halloween Trick or Treat, Cards, Funny Greetings, Candy Cards

Halloween Greetings


Printable Trick or Treat Cards and Fun Greetings for everyone to put them into the Halloween Spirit.


Spirit Halloween Coupons make fun gifts for Halloween.  Kids can print and cut out fun Halloween coupons to share with family and friends.  Each coupon has the message “This Halloween Coupon Good for:” printed on it.  Place a coupon in kids lunch boxes or school bags to surprise them.


Spirit Halloween Coupons with Gifts of Scary Nights, Frightening Movies, Treat Bag Surprises

Choose from a variety of printable coupons with messages such as “A Scary Night Without the Kids”, “A Frightening Movie with Me”, “A Treat Bag you will never Forget” and more fun messages that will make sharing enjoyable but not too creepy.


spirit halloween coupons Spirit Halloween Coupons, Printable Coupon Gifts, Fun Coupons

Spirit Halloween Coupons



Spirit Halloween Coupons to Write Your Own Scary Messages

Kids can fill out their own Halloween coupon and print a special message for the receiver with the blank Spirit Halloween Coupons.  Think of messages that will keep them wondering.  Make fun coupons for teachers and friends.  How about those trick or treaters you know that come to your door!  Keep them thinking about what the surprise will be when they hand in their coupon to receive their Halloween reward.  Use the coupons for Halloween parties for the kids to hand out.


Print Spirit Halloween Coupons and surprise your guests the next time you see a trick or treater.


Thanksgiving Printables with a Turkey Craft, Banners, Door Knob Hangers, Coloring Pages, Stickers, Games, Puzzles, Mazes and more.


Thanksgiving Printables

Fun Thanksgiving Printables for the kids on Thanksgiving.  Print Thanksgiving Day Stickers, a door knob hanger or a Thanksgiving Day Turkey Craft.  Use the stickers for home or school projects.  Just cut out the stickers and paste them use glue stick.  Hang up a Happy Thanksgiving Day Door hanger on the kids room door.  Kids can complete a turkey craft by coloring the turkey parts and cutting and pasting the turkey back together onto a sheet of paper.


thanksgiving turkey craft Thanksgiving Printables, Banners, Bookmarks, Coloring, Games

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft


Thanksgiving Day Banners

Thanksgiving printables with Banners that say “Give Thanks” or “Gobble” with cute Turkeys.  Choose from two Thanksgiving Banners to decorate the house with.  Print as many banner pages as needed and use string to attach.


thanksgiving turkey banner Thanksgiving Printables, Banners, Bookmarks, Coloring, Games

Thanksgiving Turkey Banner


Thanksgiving Day Bookmarks

Encourage kids to read at Thanksgiving and everyday with Thanksgiving Bookmarks.  Print on card stock works best.   Laminate or cover with clear tape to protect the bookmarks and help them last longer.  Teachers can hand out the bookmarks to students to place in their reading books.  Add the child’s name and year on the back before laminating.


thanksgiving give thanks bookmarks Thanksgiving Printables, Banners, Bookmarks, Coloring, Games

Thanksgiving Give Thanks Bookmarks


Thanksgiving Day Games, Puzzles, Mazes

Fun Thanksgiving Day Games, Puzzles and Mazes for the kids.  Play Thanksgiving Match game where all the picture cards are placed faced down and each player takes turns trying to find a match.  Print Thanksgiving Tic Tac Toe for on-the-go or at home.  Cut and Paste Jigsaw puzzles that kids color, cut and paste back together.  Challenge the kids with Thanksgiving mazes with a Scarecrow, Wagon Wheel, Turkey and Pilgrims.

thanksgiving match game 791x1024 Thanksgiving Printables, Banners, Bookmarks, Coloring, Games

Thanksgiving Match Game


Thanksgiving Day Coloring Pages

Kids can color pilgrims, turkeys and Thanksgiving Day coloring pages.  Have the kids color a picture and display on the fridge or wall to show them your appreciation of their art work.

thanksgiving pilgrim coloring page Thanksgiving Printables, Banners, Bookmarks, Coloring, Games

Thanksgiving Pilgrims Coloring Page


Fun Thanksgiving Day Printables to remind kids to be thankful this time of year.

Halloween Party Ideas to help celebrate the Halloween season.  Pin up a Halloween Poster to let them know about the Party.  Send Halloween invites and keep track of the ghosts and goblins that are attending the party with a printable Halloween party list.  Use our Best Costume ballots to judge the Best Halloween Costumes and award them with our Best Costume Certificates.  Decorate the house with Halloween party printables.  Use these Halloween Party Ideas for home, school and daycare.


Halloween Party Ideas with Posters and Party Invites

Start off the Halloween party right with Halloween Invites to hand out.  Add a Party Poster to the invites or hang it on the party door.  Use our Halloween Party Invite List Poster to record the attendees and their phone numbers.  These Halloween party ideas along with your own ideas will help get the party off to a great start.

halloween party poster 1024x838 Halloween Party Ideas, Halloween Games, Halloween Treat Ideas

Halloween Party Ideas Poster


Halloween Games

Halloween Party Ideas with fun Halloween games to play during the party.  Print the “Halloween Party Teams” sheet to record the names of the players in each team.  Teams will be recorded as the “Witch Team” or “Mummy Team”.  Use these teams to play a variety of group games such as the “Mummy game”, “Spider game” and “Ghost Bowling”.  One game that is fun for all is the “Mummy Game”.


Mummy Game

The Mummy Game consists of each group racing to be first to have a mummy wrapped in toilet paper by the other members of the group.  Choose one member or a stuffed toy to be wrapped.  Each team starts of with a roll of toilet paper.  Before the game begins, each team picks a mummy (one that will get all wrapped up) . When the host says begin, each team using all players will have to carefully wrap the mummy from head to toe or toe to head with the toilet paper.  The team that finishes first is the winner.  The rule of the game is that the group cannot break the toilet paper from the roll before completing.  If they do so, they will have to start over.  The game can be repeated by allowing each team member to be the mummy (you may want to purchase cheap toilet paper!).


Best Costume Game

The Best Costume Game has each guest fill out a Best Costume Ballot to vote on best costume for “Scariest Costume”, “Funniest Costume”, and “Best Costume” categories.  Kids write down one player in each box that they think has the best costume for each category.  Ballots are place in a box or bowl when completed by each player.  When all ballots are completed the host records the ballots on the “Best Costume Winners” poster.  The players with the most votes are recorded.  Afterwards, the host can hand out “Best Costume Certificates” for each of the categories to the winners.  Tape candy to each of the certificates to make them extra special.

halloween best costume ballots page0 791x1024 Halloween Party Ideas, Halloween Games, Halloween Treat Ideas

Halloween Best Costume Ballots

Ghost Bowling Game

For the Ghost Bowling Game, add round large eyes and a mouth using a black marker on toilet paper rolls and line up as you would bowling balls.  Use a soft ball or small pumpkin for the kids to take turn knocking them down.   Place kids in groups to see how many tries it takes for each group to knock down all the toilet paper rolls.  Each group member should have a turn to knock down the bowling paper rolls.


Spider Game

Play the Spider Game by using 2 different colored strings (yarn) with everyone in a circle, use colors such as black and orange if available.  Each team passes their string to each teammate to see who runs out of string first.  What a web they will weave!

Halloween Party Decorations

Our Halloween Party ideas would not be complete without Halloween Decorations and Props.  Decorate the house this year with homemade Halloween decorations.  Pin up a Halloween Banner with each letter of the word “Halloween”.  String them together with black or orange ribbon (colors should be available around Halloween) or plain string (fishing line works well too).  Use these fun Halloween characters shaped as circles to stream around the house.  Punch holes and use string or fishing line to stream and hang up around the house.  Add Halloween labels to water bottles with our Halloween Water Bottle Labels.  Choose from “I’m Watching You” with scary eyes or “A Special Drink for You” with a spooky spider.  Hand out the Halloween Party Thank You Candy Bar Wrappers to thank the guests for coming.  Just wrap up a large chocolate candy bar with the Halloween candy bar wrapper and trip where needed.

halloween banner page0 791x1024 Halloween Party Ideas, Halloween Games, Halloween Treat Ideas

Halloween Banner


Halloween Party Ideas with Halloween Party Printables to keep the kids entertained with fun games and homemade Halloween party decorations the kids can help to put together.



Back to School List to help record all the school supplies and tools needed for Back to School.  Parents and Teachers as well as Students can use these lists.  Add or choose the items from the following lists to complete the school shopping needed for back to school.

Back to School List with School Checklist

Use this School Supplies Checklist to check off what’s needed for school.  Take along while school shopping to check off the items on the sheet that are needed or check off items purchased.  Everyday school essentials are on the list for most grades to get the kids started for back to school.  Most students will find out what they need the first week of school but having a few items purchased will help beat the rush.

backtoschoolchecklist 791x1024 Back to School List, Supplies List, School Tools

Back to School List with School Supplies List

This School Supplies List helps parents and students organize all the items needed for back to school.  Add the items needed for back to school that was supplied by teachers or found at local school supplies stores.  The list is organized by Categories with Everyday Supplies, School Tools, Clothing & Shoes, School Projects, School Snacks & Lunches and a Miscellaneous Category.  Use the Everyday Supplies Category to add pencils, pens, markers, crayons, erasers, paper, ect.  For the School Tools Category add calculator, math sets, electronics, memory stick, ect.  The Clothing & Shoes Category can be used to add gym clothing, outdoor clothing, indoor shoes and gym shoes, ect.  School Projects is where you can record the necessary supplies needed to complete a project such as bristol board, stickers, paint, ect.  Add school approved school snacks and lunches to the School Snacks and Lunches Category.  Anything else that is required for school but does not fit into the above lists can be placed in the Miscellaneous Category.  With all the school supplies listed by category, we hope this year will make school shopping easier with one of our Back to School Lists.


back to school supplies list1 791x1024 Back to School List, Supplies List, School Tools

Back to School List

Back to School Printables with School Paper

Back to School Printables with printable school paper and school labels for the kids.  Easy to print school paper to add to duo-tangs and binders for that first day of school.  Labels to keep the kids organized and supplies labeled with the kids name will help start off the school year right.


Choose from a variety of Back to School Printable paper with school characters.  There’s teachers with blackboards, bookworms, school apples, school bus and blank writing paper with boarders to color.  Print these for home or school and keep some extra for school subjects and art projects.  Printable school paper that is easy to print and always available for free.

back to school writing paper 791x1024 Back to School Printables, School Paper, School Labels

Welcome Back to School Paper


Back to School Labels

School printable labels are great for back to school time.  Print out these fun labels and attach to the kids crayons, pencils, school supplies, duo-tangs, school bags and lunch bags.  Choose from a variety of sizes, colors and styles to fit just about everything.  There’s even labels the kids can color.  Don’t leave home without these labels for the little ones with cute Back to School Left Right Foot Labels.  Print the Back to School Left Right Foot Markers for school and home to stick on the floor for the kids to place their shoes on.   Cut out the Back to School Left Right Foot Labels and laminate to place inside kids shoes before they put their shoes on.  Kids remove the labels from inside the shoes before putting them on.


back to school left right shoe labels Back to School Printables, School Paper, School Labels

Back to School Left Right Shoe Labels


Get the kids ready for school with Back to School Printables for every school day.

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