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Food Worksheets with Cut and Paste Activities

Kids Cut and Paste Food Worksheets with a variety of food choices to cut up and paste. The kids can start off by cutting and pasting together a food pyramid with food choices that they think are best.  They can learn about food and ingredients with cut and paste mealtime, cut and paste salads and cut and paste pizza food worksheets.


Cut and Paste Food Pyramid

Teach kids the Food Pyramid with healthy food choices they cut out and paste into the pyramid to make up a balance daily diet.  Kids cut out all the food items and paste them into the correct food groups on the food pyramid diagram.  The food pyramid consists of 7 groups.


Cut and Paste Food Pyramid

Cut and Paste Food Pyramid

Cut and Paste Fruit

There are two cut and paste fruit shapes food worksheets.  Cut out the fruit and paste them into the correct fruit shapes.  A perfect activity for the younger children.  The cut and paste fruit salad worksheet has a fruit bowl and fruit items that can be colored and then cut out to be pasted into the bowl.  When the food worksheets are done the children can display their fruit salad recipe on the fridge.

cut and paste fruit shapes

Cut and Paste Vegetables

Kids can cut up a vegetable salad and paste the items into a salad bowl.  First they will need to color the vegetables before cutting out.  Print more copies if you need more vegetables for your salad.

cut and paste salad

Cut and Paste Pizza

The kids can make their very own pizza with the ingredients they like by cutting and pasting the food ingredients onto the pizza.  Next, challenge the kids with pizza fractions.  Cut and paste the pizza fourths and paste each fourth onto the pizza.  Each time a slice of pizza is pasted onto the pizza ask the children the fraction equivalent, i.e. what is one slice of pizza pasted? Is it  one-fourth of pizza?  Continue until all the pieces of pizza are pasted to make a whole pizza.

cut and paste pizza ingredients

Cut and Paste Mealtime

Cut and paste mealtime is a fun food worksheet activity for the kids.  With this activity worksheet, the kids can list the food items they would like for breakfast, lunch and Supper.  Kids start off by cutting all the food items they wish to paste under the three mealtime categories.  Remind them to choose wise choices that follows the recommended food guide for daily nutrition.  The kids can color the food items with they have completed the worksheet.  This activity can also be used to help with daily mealtime planning.

Help these chefs cook up some yummy deserts or main entrees by cutting out the menu items and pasting them onto the chefs platters to serve to the guests.  What have the chefs cooked up for us today?

cut and paste food worksheets

Cut and Paste Desserts

Why not prepare an ice cream cone by cutting out and pasting the ice cream scoops onto the cones.  Make a super duper ice cream sundae with one of the cut and paste ice cream layers and don’t forget to put the cherry on top.  Use the same ice cream layers and toppings to make a sundae.  You might forget that the donuts are made out of paper, they look so real.  Have the kids cut up a dozen or half-dozen and paste them into the donut box.  Donuts anyone?

Kids can cut and paste a birthday cake for a friend, family member or a cuddly bear.  First, cut out the number of candles for the cake and the correct birthday number topper.  Second, cut out the cake and paste the candles and birthday number on the cake.  Now hold up the cake and sing the “happy birthday” song.


Cut and Paste Ice Cream



These donuts look so yummy that the kids will think they’re real! Kids cut out six donuts and paste them into the donut box. Which donuts will they choose?


Cut and Paste Donuts

Kids will feel like little chefs with these fun cut and paste worksheets and will learn more about good food choices for everyday meals.



Send Valentine Candy grams to the special people in your class, teachers or family members on Valentines Day.  Choose from a a variety that are sure to please the sweet tooth.


Valentines Day Candy Grams

Kids can give Valentines Day Candy grams to friends, family and teachers that will put a smile on their face.  Choose from ready-made Valentine grams or ones to color and personalize.

Print candy grams that say:

“I’m Stuck on You” bubblegum gram

“You’re a Lifesaver” lifesavers gram

“From your class of Smarties” smarties gram

“Secret Admirer” gram

“You’re Beary Special” gummy bear gram

“Sweetheart” sweethearts gram

“I’m a Sucker for You” lollipop gram

Print the Candy grams on stock paper, tape candy to the Valentine gram and write a special message.


Candy Gram Ideas

Kids can make these cute Valentine grams for friends, classmates and teachers.  Surprise them by placing one on their desk to keep them guessing who their secret admirer is.  Place a candy gram in mom or dads lunch bag or stick one to the front door before they leave for work.  Mail one to grandma and grandpa and put a smile on their face!

Wrap a Valentines day gift with a candy gram on top instead of a card.  Add a candy gram to a flower bouquet or a stick balloon to make it extra special.


Valentine Gummy Bear Candy Grams


Valentines Day Treats

Use lollipops to make colorful Valentines Day Treats.  Cover lollipops with candy wrappers or add labels to lollipop sticks by punching a hole at the top and bottom of the label and weave the stick through.  Search the stores for red heart lollipops to add the labels to or use everyday red lollipops.  Kids can write their name and hand them out at school to classmates.   Make lollipops special this Valentine’s Day with fun covers and labels.


valentines day treats


Valentines Day treats that have special messages for friends and family.  Surprise someone by placing them into school lunches, classmates and teachers desks.




valentine lollipop labels


Easy DIY Valentines Day Lollipops, just print out on card stock or plain paper, cut them out and cover the lollipop or weave them through the stick.  That’s it! Find these and more Treat Ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentines Day!


Valentine’s Day Coupons for Family, Friends and Teachers

Find fun Valentine’s Day coupons that can be printed and handed out to friends, family and teachers.  Mom and dad will love trading in these coupons with “A Night Out Without the Kids”, or “Breakfast in Bed”.


Teachers can be assured class participation with “We will be good listeners today”, or “I will be a good helper today”.  Kids can hand out to the teachers to use when they want to show the class good participation from everyone. Kids will feel proud that they all can make the teacher happy with good deads. Students will feel empowered when they can spend a little time being the teacher and seeing what hard work it is.


valentine's day couponsFriends will hold on to these coupons that say “A Play date at the Park with Me”, or “I will carry your bag for the day”. Friendships will be sealed with “Best Friends Forever Sealed with a Hug”.

Valentine's coupons for friends

Find these cute Valentine coupons and more in our Valentine Activities section.

Preschool Worksheets with Tracing Activities

Preschool Worksheets for Valentines Day is a great way to get kids to practice their tracing.  Kids trace Valentine Words and Letters with cute valentine characters that they can color afterwards.  Kids can trace “L is for love”, “C is for cupid”, and “V is for valentine”.  Kids can practice tracing Valentine words with the Valentine’s Day Words tracing worksheet.

Easy to trace letters helps kids develop their fine motor skills.

valentines day preschool tracing


Valentines Day Cut and Paste Worksheets

Kids can cut out the Valentines day pictures and paste them on plain or colored paper to make a Valentines day scene.  Have them count the hearts before they cut them out to practice their counting skills. Color the pictures afterwards.

valentines day preschool worksheets

Challenge the kids to trace these Valentine’s Day words and see if they can write the words on their own. Ask the kids to sound out the words as they trace each word or have them say the letter after each one is traced.


Valentine words tracing


After the kids have completed their Valentine’s Day worksheets, challenge them with writing the words on a plain paper or have them create their own tracing pages with dots in the shape of the letters. Find these and other fun preschool worksheets at www.kidscanhavefun.com.



Valentines Day Wristbands with Special Messages

Valentines Day Wristbands for kids with hearts and cute messages.  Choose from 5 different heart wristbands.  Messages include “Best Friends”, “Sweet”, “Be Mine”, Sweetheart” and “Love Me”.  Print and cut out, wrap around wrist to size, tape and cut off extra length.  Share with friends and family.  Use these Valentines Day wristbands to hand out to classmates, write a special message inside each wristband.

red/pink valentines day wristbands

Kids can surprise a classmate or friend by placing one on their desk. Mom’s can place one inside the child’s lunch or school bag on Valentine’s Day. Print out enough for everyone and use one as a template to make your very own Valentine wristband with a special message. Teachers can hand out red and pink strips of construction paper for the kids to make their own using words from magazines. Have the students cut out hearts to glue on the wristbands. Using a hole punch to make holes for added styles.



New Year’s Games for the Whole Family

Kids and family will enjoy these New Year’s Games.   Play games such as classic BINGO where the caller calls out numbers and you see if they are on your BINGO card.  Fill any straight row and yell BINGO.

New Year's Games with Bingo


Kids can show off their memory skills with the memory match game where you try to find cute holiday characters that are placed face down.  Each player takes a turn by turning over two cards.  If they match, the player gets to keep the cards, if they don’t, they place them faced down.  Try to remember the cards when it is your turn.  The player with the most cards at the end is the Memory champion.

new years day match gameNow here’s a game to get the whole family involved with the Happy New Year Calendar game.  Print and cut out the Calendar Game and Number 1 stickies. Tape up the Happy New Year Game on the wall. Write a child’s name on the back of each Number 1 sticky. Children are blindfolded with a mask or scarf and handed a Number 1 sticky with tape on the back. Place the children in a line one behind the other in front of the Game. Taking turns each child tries to place their Number 1 sticky on the Happy New Year Calendar red square. The child that has the closest placement is the winner.

happy new year calendar game

Find these fun New Year’s Games for Kids and more to enjoy with family during the holiday season!



Kids New Years Puzzles to do over the holidays. Print and cut out these holiday jigsaw puzzle pictures and put them back together again.  Mix up two jigsaw puzzles and challenge the kids.


New Years Puzzles

Challenge the kids during the holidays with New Years Crossword and Word Search Puzzles.  Solve the answers to New Years questions in our holiday crossword puzzle or find the words in our Word Search.

New Year's Crossword Puzzle

New Years Jigsaw Puzzles

Print and cut along the lines to make fun New Years Jigsaw Puzzles.  Choose from a New Year Baby or Bunny to paste together.  Mix up the jigsaw puzzle pieces to both puzzles for a great challenge.  Paste the puzzle pieces on plain or colored paper.



New Years Jigsaw Puzzles


Fun Holiday Puzzles for the kids to keep them busy and challenged.  Print and take them along when travelling by car, air or train.  Great to bring along for the kids when dining out at restaurants or dinner parties.


Start off the New Year Celebration with party printables for the kids.  Choose from a a variety of party stuff to print and put together for New Years.  Print party props to wear and party decorations for the home.  All of the party props and decorations match for that perfect celebration.


New Year Celebration Party Props

Kids New Years Party Printables with fun party masks, hats, and wristbands for everyone to wear.   The kids will love these firecracker half-masks that are easy to make.  Wear a matching party hat and wristband.  Choose from a variety of colorful wristbands in different sizes to place around the wrist.  Kids can put together a money holder to place a special surprise inside for a family member or friend.


new years party hat

DIY New Years Half Masks

New Year Celebration Party Decorations

The kids can help decorate the home with New Years Party Decorations.  Put up a Banner, hang a Happy New Year door hanger on the door, and add table decorations to the table.  Decorate the table with Treat Toppers, Drink Coasters, Water Bottle Labels, Cupcake Wrappers and even some Candy Bar Wrappers for the guests.  Print the decorations on card stock and laminate the coasters to keep them around for a while.  The party decorations are great for kids having their own little New Years Celebration!  Set the kids up with their own table and chairs and let them decorate.  Add streamers to the chairs with balloons.  Parents can add a surprise inside the money holder for the kids at the table.

new years cupcake wrappers

This year the kids can have a New Year Celebration Party with free party printables and props.  Add stickers, streamers, bells, ribbon and balloons to complete the whole party celebration!

Happy New Year!


New Years Noisemakers to Celebrate the New Year

kids can share in the New Years celebrations with these fun New Years Noisemakers.  DIY  megaphone,  paper plate shakers or paper cup shakers.  Just add dried beans, popcorn kernels, beads or anything that can make some noise.  Fun printouts to place around the cups and paper plates.  Kids will have a blast with these simple to make crafty noisemakers!


New Years Paper Cup Shaker Crafts

These New Years paper cup shakers are so easy to make the kids can have these ready in no time.  Just print out the paper cup wrappers, attach the wrappers with glue or tape, add dried beans, popcorn kernels or beads inside the cup and seal the top with strong tape and your done!  Just hold the cup in one hand and shake.  Make one for each hand to create that perfect beat.

New Years Shaker Cup Wrappers

New Years Paper Plate Shaker Crafts

Make some noise with these fun New Years Noisemakers that parents won’t mind hearing. Kids can make a paper plate shaker for New Years that looks like a tambourine.  Print out the paper plate shaker templates for both sides of the paper plate.  Glue the templates on the bottom of the paper plates with pictures facing upwards.  Staple or tape the paper plates together leaving space between the plates to add dried beans, popcorn kernels or beads (add all types if available) inside the plates.  Staple or tape to close the gap to keep the beans from falling out.  Punch holes around the ends of the plates to add streamers, bells and ribbons.  Now go ahead and shake to celebrate the New Year!

New Years Noisemakers Shaker Plate

New Years Megaphone Crafts

Two New Years Megaphones to make for the New Years Celebration.  Choose from one that can be colored or one that is in color.  Print two templates on heavy card stock for each side of the megaphone.  Tape yellow colored paper around a toilet paper roll (or cut a paper towel roll the same size).  If you don’t have yellow paper it can be colored with yellow markers or crayons.  Glue both megaphone templates on each side of the paper roll.  Add 3 buttons or beads to the top of the tube for finger buttons (valves) that can also be played as a trumpet.


New Years Megaphone Craft

This year the kids can join in on the New Years Celebrations with New Years Noisemakers they make themselves.


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